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* "You!" [[spoiler:Mary Winchester. First death of the series, too.]]
* "So come home soon, okay? I love you." [[spoiler:Jessica Moore--well, technically a voicemail she left for Sam.]]
* "Sunrise." [[spoiler:Human!Meg's clue to the brothers about where John is.]]
* "Okay." [[spoiler:John Winchester [[DealWithTheDevil letting]] [[ArchEnemy Azazel]] drag him into Hell.]]
* "Not only does this almost definitely help you find your brother, this is--itís huge. So get here. Now." [[spoiler:Ash to Dean over the phone.]]
* "What are you doing? Holy--" [[spoiler:Poor, poor Andy.]]
* "Yeah, Iím sorry, Sam. But itís over." [[spoiler:Ava Wilson]]
* "Dean!" [[spoiler:Sam. He got better.]]
* "Please... don't. Please." [[spoiler:Jake Talley, before Sam shoots him. [[BewareTheNiceOnes Three times]].]]
* "[[EvilGloating I knew I kept you alive for some reason. Until now, anyway. I couldn't have done it without your pathetic, self-loathing, self-destructive desire to sacrifice yourself for your family.]]" [[spoiler:Azazel]]
* "Yeah. I hear you. You know, Gordon, you're right. One last good thing." [[spoiler:Gordon's friend, Kubrick]]
* "I know how it is walking around with something evil inside you. It's just too bad you won't do the right thing and kill yourself. I'm gonna, as soon as I'm done with you. Two last good deeds: [[TakingYouWithMe killing you, and killing myself]]." [[spoiler:Gordon Walker as a vampire.]]
* "I'm sorry, Sam. There's no way outta this one. Not this time." [[spoiler:Dean's crossroad demon]]
* "Now get out of here." [[spoiler:[[InspectorJavert Henriksen]] to Sam'n'Dean before [[BigBad Lilith]] arrives.]]
* "Because just maybe you can kill the bitch." [[spoiler:Bela Talbot about why she's ratting Lilith out.]]
* "So is this your big plan, huh? [[spoiler:Drag me to hell, kill Sam]], and then what? Become queen bitch?" [[spoiler:Dean. He gets better too.]]
* "Because that's life, Wes." [[spoiler:Sam, who comes back again. Jesus, these boys die a ''lot''.]]
* "I can feel what's inside of you. If you think you have good intentions, think again." [[spoiler:Pamela Barnes' final warning to Sam about his powers.]]
* "[[TemptingFate Oh, go ahead. Send me back, if you can]]." [[spoiler:Alastair. For the record, he was challenging Sam to exorcise him back to Hell-right before Sam announced that now he can ''kill''.]]
* "You haven't even met the man! There is no will, no wrath, no ''God''." [[spoiler:Uriel]]
* "It's the archangel! I'll hold them off! I'll hold them all off! Just stop [[spoiler:Sam]]!" [[spoiler:Castiel. He got better.]]
* "You turned yourself into a freak. A monster. And now you're not gonna bite? I'm sorry, but that is honestly adorable." [[spoiler:Lilith]]
* "[[YouAreTooLate You're too late.]]" [[spoiler:Ruby, before Dean guts her with her own knife.]]
* "I..." [[spoiler:Jo Harvelle]]
* "You can go straight back to Hell, you ugly ''bitch''!" [[spoiler:Ellen Harvelle as she blows herself and a pack of hellhounds up.]]
* "[[OhCrap Michael]]." [[spoiler:Anna Milton]]
* "Hear me out. I can explain, okay? Please." [[spoiler:Sam. He gets better, too.]]
* "You go ahead and kill me. But when I get back... I'm gonna be pissed." [[spoiler:Dean. Again, he gets better.]]
* "Michaelís not gonna kill ''me''." [[spoiler:Zachariah]]
* "Dean, help! Dean!" [[spoiler:Adam Milligan, before Michael possesses him and he gets trapped in {{Hell}}.]]
* "No one makes us do anything." [[spoiler:The Trickster/Gabriel before being stabbed by his brother, Lucifer. [[RetCon Later]], it turns out he was [[FakingTheDead faking it]].]]
* "Uh... no?" [[spoiler:Castiel. Again. He got better. Again.]]
* "Oh, he's in here alright. And he's gonna feel the snap of your bones. Every single one. We're gonna take our time." [[spoiler:Lucifer possessing Sam, before Sam takes back control and sends him back to Hell.]]
* "You're gonna have to make me!" [[spoiler:Sam. Again. He gets better shortly afterwards.]]
* "I have to fight my brother, Sam. Here and now. It's my destiny." [[spoiler:Michael possessing Adam, before being sent to Hell with Lucifer.]]
* "[[HeroicSacrifice Run!]]" [[spoiler:[[TheQuietOne Mark Campbell]]]]
* "What are you laughing at?" [[spoiler:The Christian Campbell demon]]
* "[[SurprisinglySuddenDeath What?]]" [[spoiler:Gwen Campbell]]
* "It's alright, Sam." [[spoiler:Samuel Campbell, before Sam shoots him.]]
* "[[SpotTheImposter Bobby, my ass.]]" [[spoiler:Rufus Turner when confronted by possessed Bobby.]]
* "Then neither do I." [[spoiler:Rachel to [[WellIntentionedExtremist Castiel]] saying [[IDidWhatIHadToDo "I don't have a choice."]]]]
* "I can't stop, not anymore. You have to. Please." [[spoiler:FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire Lenore begging the hunters to kill her after she is forced to kill.]]
* "Don't test me." [[spoiler:Eve, the Mother of All Monsters]]
* "I'm sorry, really sorr-..." [[spoiler:Eleanor Visyak]]
* "Cass...?" [[spoiler:Balthazar as he is stabbed by Castiel.]]
* "[[spoiler:Castiel]], please. You let the demon go, but not your own brother?" [[spoiler:Raphael]]
* "''Leviathan''! I can't fight them. Run!" [[spoiler: Castiel. Again again.]]
* "[[spoiler:Idjits]]." [[spoiler:Bobby Singer]], [[CatchPhrase of course]].
* "Here's to running into you guys on the other side. Only--not too soon, alright?" [[spoiler:Bobby Singer's ghost]]
* "Did you really think you could trump ''me''?" [[spoiler:Dick Roman]]
* "Well, hope they're saving a special place for you... wherever it is you come from." [[spoiler:Martin Creaser]]
* "No Cass in the back seat. Your stone is long gone." [[spoiler:Demon!Meg taunting Crowley.]]
* "Go on. It's me they want. Go on. You just make sure you tell Dean I said goodbye. I was never any good up there anyway." [[spoiler:Benny deciding to stay in Purgatory.]]
* "You're not the same. Look, it's been years, and I can't even imagine the things you've been through. But I don't know. You just seem...more focused, confident, like--like you know what you want. You grew up, Sam. I do miss the old haircut, though." [[spoiler: Sarah Blake]]
* "As for you, Castiel, I beg of you--stop this path. [[spoiler:Metatron]] has been neutralized. If you want back in, truly, I will listen." [[spoiler:[[RedemptionEqualsDeath Naomi]]. She gets better.]]
* "It may be unwise to kill me. If my Grace were the key to empowering the spell, I may be key to countering it." [[spoiler: Castiel, once again.]]
* "How are you alive?" [[spoiler: Vesta]]
* "Hey, you noticed anything off about Dean lately? Between you and me I'm a little bit worried about him." [[spoiler: Kevin Tran]]
* "Gadreel... I'm sorry..." [[spoiler: Thaddeus]]
* "So, first, you'll die. Painfully. And then [[spoiler: Crowley]] will watch his son die. Ditto. And then [[spoiler: the king]] himself. And the blade destroyed. It's quite a to-do list!" [[spoiler: Abbadon]]
* "Thank you." [[spoiler: Tessa]]
* "Run, sisterÖ" [[spoiler: Gadreel before committing suicide]]
* "I'm proud of us." [[spoiler: Dean Winchester dies yet again. And again, he gets betterÖ [[CameBackWrong in a way]].]]
* "I will never stop." [[spoiler: Cain]]
* "I can't do that, Dean." [[spoiler: Charlie Bradbury]]
* "It's for family you must proceed, Dean. To be what you are, to become what you've become is a stain on their memory. Do it. Or I will." [[spoiler: ''Death itself'']]
* "Castiel." [[spoiler: Hannah]]
* "Just me." [[spoiler:Rowena. She gets better.]]
* "[[{{God}} He]] meant well. Spare the universe." [[spoiler: [[RedemptionEqualsDeath Metatron]], trying to talk [[TheAntiGod Amara]] out of [[OmnicidalManiac destroying creation]] as revenge against her brother.]]
* "Works for me." [[spoiler: Billie]]
* "[[{{Touche}} Clever, clever boy.]]" [[spoiler: The Alpha vampire.]]
* "[[KilledMidSentence And now I'm choosing to do the right thing-]]" [[spoiler: Mick Davies, standing up for the Winchesters to the other [[KnightTemplar Men of Letters]], [[RedemptionEqualsDeath only]] to get [[BoomHeadshot shot]] for his troubles.]]
* "I know you must be scared." [[spoiler: Joshua, trying to comfort Kelly Kline, only to be killed by Dagon.]]
* "[[ThisCannotBe How?]]" [[spoiler: Dagon, when her attack is blocked by the [[FetusTerrible Nephilim]]-powered Castiel, who then incinerates her.]]
* "I knew you were a killer. Both of you." [[spoiler: Arthur Ketch. He gets better.]]
* "You bastard!" [[spoiler: Dr. Hess]]
* "Bye boys." [[spoiler: Crowley, performing a HeroicSacrifice to seal Lucifer in an AlternateUniverse.]]
* "I love you." [[spoiler: Kelly Kline, as her [[HalfHumanHybrid Nephilim]] baby is born, snuffing out her life force in the process.]]
* "[[FacingTheBulletsOneLiner My people are going to kill your ass.]]" [[spoiler: Missouri Moseley, to the wraith about to kill her.]]
* "You're not strong enough!" [[spoiler: Asmodeus, before Gabriel incinerates him.]]
* "Good try, Dean. I'll give you that, buddy.‬ I'm not just powerful now. I am power. And I don't need a blade to end you, pal. Bye-bye, Dean." [[spoiler:Lucifer]]

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