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* "Take up White Gamon. It's your duty...I leave Raimei to you...Raikou..." [[spoiler:Shimizu Kourin]]
* "Stop...Forgive me! HELP ME!!!" [[spoiler:Shimizu Iroku]]
* "I'm dying because of your naivety. This is how you're going to kill Miharu-kun too. Murderer. You can't protect what's dear to you. Murderer." [[spoiler:Kouichi, to Tobari. Since he's immortal, though, he later comes back to life.]]
** "You too, Raimei-san." [[spoiler:Kouichi's real last words]]
* "As if I'll let you kill me. As if I'll let you kill me! Never. I won't be killed!" [[spoiler:Takasu]]
* "I'm getting tired...It appears I need a little sleep." [[spoiler:Academy Head]]
* "[[TearJerker Your okonomiyaki...They were warm, and made me happy...Yeah...Make them...]]" [[spoiler:Yoite's last words before dying]]
** "Miharu" [[spoiler:Yoite's last words before going to heaven]]
* "I'm counting on you. I will definitely come after you!" [[spoiler:Akatsuki]]
* "Mommy" [[spoiler:Miharu. He gets brought back to life by Asahi.]]
* "Tobari-kun, Black-san, Akatsuki. Akatsuki...Mi-" [[spoiler:Asahi]]
* "Tobari...kun. Ah, you've already...Truly..." [[spoiler:Fuuma]]
* "When I got a human heart, it was all despair to me, but... well, It's not bad. Humans, too. Of course, even as the [[spoiler:cat Shiratama]], I had a meaningful life. Take care of Granny." [[spoiler:Shijima]]

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