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* ''Series/LabRats'':
** "Goodbye, my bionic friends! And good riddance!" [[spoiler:Victor Krane]]
** "NOOOO!" [[spoiler:Giselle]]

** "And thank God, Mr. Blake Lively is not. I--oh God, I don't feel well. Oh, what the [[SoundEffectBleep ***]], [[Film/AvengersInfinityWar Thanos]]?! You don't have the budget for this, Colbert!" [[spoiler:Film/{{Deadpool}}]]


** "And thank God, Mr. Blake Lively is not. I--oh God, I don't feel well. Oh, what the [[SoundEffectBleep ***]], [[Film/AvengersInfinityWar Thanos]]?! You don't have the budget for this, Colbert!" [[spoiler:Film/{{Deadpool}}]][[spoiler:Film/{{Deadpool|2016}}]]

** "The dream of Mars isn't dead. It's about to be writ large." [[spoiler:Ashford's Maritan prisoner]]


** "The dream of Mars isn't dead. It's about to be writ large." [[spoiler:Ashford's Maritan Martian prisoner]]

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** "Careful, Earther. Day ain't over yet." [[spoiler:Coop]]
** "Get out! Get out now!" [[spoiler:Scotty]]
** "What the fuck?" [[spoiler:Eugene]]
** "I can't let you do that." [[spoiler:Chandra Wei]]
** "Got it, that's it. Let's go, let's go." [[spoiler:Josephus Miller, this time for good.]]
** "The dream of Mars isn't dead. It's about to be writ large." [[spoiler:Ashford's Maritan prisoner]]
** "There's no need for this!" [[spoiler:Esai Martin]]
** "To the execution block, I have come. Tili I go. To the execution block, for to sail. I was sick and nigh to death, but I vow with my every breath, for go with wisdom says. When I sail..." [[spoiler:Klaes Ashford]]

** "I can't... you're [=SkyVolt=] now... [[spoiler:Tess/[=SkyVolt=], InUniverse on ''Voltage'']]


** "I can't... you're [=SkyVolt=] now... " [[spoiler:Tess/[=SkyVolt=], InUniverse on ''Voltage'']]

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* ''Series/LivAndMaddie''
** "I can't... you're [=SkyVolt=] now... [[spoiler:Tess/[=SkyVolt=], InUniverse on ''Voltage'']]

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* ''Series/{{Jessie}}''
** "I told you not to touch anything, but, noooooo." [[spoiler:I.V.A.N.]]

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* ''Series/HenryDanger''
** "Quit your job!" [[spoiler:Invisible Brad. [[NotQuiteDead Turns out]] [[FakingTheDead he faked it.]]]]
** ""NOOOOOOOOooooooooo!!!" [[spoiler:Halley]]

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* ''Series/JustRollWithIt''
** "Wow, that was a lot of fun. But now it's time for me to say goodbye, the only way I know how." [[spoiler:T.O.T.]]




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* ''Series/{{Emmerdale}}''
** "Don't... please..." [[spoiler:Gennie Walker]]
* ''Series/{{ER}}''
** "My wife [[spoiler: Neela's]] a [[KilledMidSentence doc-]]" [[spoiler: Dr. Michael Gallant]]
* ''Series/TheExpanse'':
** "We're on it. Stay off this channel!" [[spoiler:Captain [=McDowell=]]]
** "Jim, there's something you should know..." [[spoiler: Ade Nygaard]]
** "Trust me, we're all going to be just [[KilledMidSentence fi—]]" [[spoiler: Shed Garvey]]
** "I didn't think we could lose." [[spoiler: Capt. Theresa Yao]]
** "It would have been nice to see an ocean on Mars." [[spoiler: Lt. Lopez]]
** "A man's got to stand." [[spoiler:Mateo Harari]]
** "You don't think I'll shoot-" [[spoiler:Sematimba]]
** "Done." [[spoiler:Antony Dresden]]
** "I don't know. We die, maybe. But if we don't die that'll be interesting. Whatever happens, happens to both of us. It's going to be okay." [[spoiler:Joe Miller, although he (or something taking his form) returns later.]]
** "You belong with me." [[spoiler:Julie Mao]]
** "I can't believe we're doing this." [[spoiler:Lieutenant Sutton]]
** "We made the protomolocule to do what we wanted. We made it it in our own image. And there's... a lot more where she came from." [[spoiler:Doctor Umea]]
** "We can't evolve past that?" [[spoiler:Defense Minister Khorshunov]]
** "Work... finish... soon... soon... soon... work finish [[MadnessMantra SOON! SOON! SOON! SOON! SOON!]]" [[spoiler:Katoa Merton, before his mind is overtaken by the protomolocule and he turns into a Hybrid.]]
** "I am ordering all UNN ships to take any action neccesary if the ''Agatha''-" [[spoiler:Admiral Souther]]
** "No!" [[spoiler:Doctor Strickland]]
** "Well, Charanpal, I guess this makes us even. [[LampshadeHanging You know, I always thought I'd have something clever to say in this moment. Something pithy, maybe even ironic, but memorable.]] But I can't think of a fucking thing. Oh well." [[spoiler:Cotyar Ghazi]]
** "You're welcome to stay with me, Martian. I'm good company." [[spoiler:Admiral Nguyen]]
** "Melba--" [[spoiler:Ren]]
** "Ole dusters! Today, I make history! Me! [[spoiler:Manéo! Jung! Esp]]--" [[spoiler:Manéo Jung Espinoza]]
** "You're really good at this." [[spoiler:Tilly Fagan]]

* ''Series/{{Fargo}}'':
** "[[TemptingFate Oh, you gonna hit me? That's a lau --]]" [[spoiler: Pearl Nygaard]]
** "This is [[spoiler: Chief Thurman]], I'm at 613 Willow Creek Drive, requesting backup, 613 Willow Creek --" [[spoiler: Chief Vern Thurman]]
** "''WAIT!''" [[spoiler: Don Chumph]]
** "Fargo!" [[spoiler: Mr. Numbers]]
** "You're sweet." [[spoiler: Linda Nygaard]]
** "His hands are taped." [[spoiler: Agent Budge]]
** "This ''is'' a dream." [[spoiler: Agent Pepper]]
** "And?" [[spoiler: Lorne Malvo]]
** "[[OhCrap Oh, crap.]]" [[spoiler: Judge Mundt]]
** "You don't have to." [[spoiler: Simone Gerhardt]]
** "Where is this eggplant that can't stop shitting the bed?" [[spoiler: The Undertaker]]
** "Jesus Christ, you mongrel, just shoot these two and take me to a goddamn hospital." [[spoiler: Dodd Gerhardt]]
** "Hey, you ever been to Baltimore?" [[spoiler: Ricky G]]
** "Emmit... Em... Emmit..." [[spoiler:Raymond Stussy]]
* ''Series/{{Farscape}}'':
** "Kiss me..." [[spoiler: Gilina.]]
** "Go on, kill me! Well, there are thousands just like me! We will find another Leviathan to make our light and when we do, we'll spread like a plague! We'll rise from our dormancy and kill you all!" [[spoiler:T'raltixx. His threats never come up again.]]
** "I insist you reverse the control collar anesthetic and reawaken this Leviathan at once!" [[spoiler: Moya's original pilot, before being executed.]]
** "Ready." [[spoiler: Stark, while being "dispersed" by the Plokavians.]]
** "When I am finished with you, Dominar, death himself will pray for you!" [[spoiler: Selto Durka.]]
** "That's right - I'll ''explode'' if you shoot me! Good-bye, Zhaan. This is not your fault... I always knew it had to end like [[HeroicSacrifice this]]." [[spoiler: Teurac.]]
** "My female! My female! D'Argo, you must go back to her! You must tell her..." [[spoiler: Rorf.]]
** "Oh, [[GroinAttack what a waste...]]" [[spoiler: Zelkin, after getting shot in the groin.]]
** "Crichton! Cri-" [[spoiler: Aeryn Sun.]]
** "I have never before released my bristles to kill. [[ApologeticAttacker Your forgiveness.]]" [[spoiler: Pathfinder Neeyala.]]
** "Peace of mind, peace of spirit, peace of soul... Goodbye, my love." [[spoiler: Pau Zhaan, speaking telepathically to Stark after her long FinalSpeech to the others.]]
** "Do you think that neural clones go to heaven? Well wherever I wind up, when I see your momma, I'll be sure to give her your regards." [[spoiler: The "Crichton" neural clone, to Scorpius.]]
** "Officer Sun, next time... be more decisive. Shoot... quicker... A soldier must not be weak. Weakness means defeat." [[spoiler: Harvey (Talyn version) while being erased by Jack.]]
** "This is the only chance we have to keep the Scarrans from-" [[spoiler: Jack the Ancient.]]
** "Don't worry about me... I've never felt better." [[spoiler: John Crichton (Talyn version).]]
** "Let me fall, Aeryn. Do it. Let me go... I died a long time ago. You live... for me." [[spoiler: Xhalax Sun.]]
** "Talyn... ''Starburst!''" [[spoiler: Bialar Crais.]]
** "Too bad you can't save yourself!" [[spoiler: Yal Henta.]]
** "Without hesitation." [[spoiler: Harvey (Moya version).]]
** "You pompous little Dominar of nothing... I'm gonna rip your tiny little heart out!" [[spoiler: Bioloid Stark.]]
** "Emperor, the crystheriums are intact: the matriarch plant has not been harmed. [[TemptingFate Our fears were completely groundless.]]" [[spoiler: Captain Jenek.]]
** "What is that?" [[spoiler: Rahzaro, before being disintegrated by Crichton's fission bomb.]]
** "Emperor! Crichton has turned the wormhole against us. We will not-" [[spoiler: Pennoch.]]
** "Scarran vessel, please respond." [[spoiler: Jool.]]
** "And if that fails? No, I will not be remembered by history as the commander under whom Peacekeeperdom fell." [[spoiler: Grand Chancellor Maryk.]]
** "It is... the proper course of action." [[spoiler: Hierarch Yondalao.]]
** "At least you die." [[spoiler: War Minister Ahkna.]]
** "I'm your daddy!" [[spoiler:Ka D'Argo]]
** "Goodbye, John. Thanks for your memories." [[spoiler: Harvey. This time KilledOffForReal]]
* ''Series/FatherTed''
** "Mwuhahahaha, oh yes. You messed with the wrong milkman, [[spoiler:Father]]. Well, if you don't mind, I'm off. Better get out the earplugs, [[spoiler:Father,]] because [[StuffBlowingUp when that milk float goes up,]] you'll hear it… all the way to the North [[HoistByTheirOwnPetard Po-]]" [[spoiler:Pat Mustard, ''Speed 3'']]
* ''Series/{{Firefly}}''
** "Anyone makes so much as a --!" [[spoiler:Dobson. He gets better.]]
** "Keep the money. Use it to buy a funeral. It doesn't matter where you go, or how far you fly. [[WeWillMeetAgain I will hunt you down,]] and [[TheLastThingYouEverSee the last thing you see will be my blade.]]" [[spoiler: Crow, right before Mal changes his mind about letting Crow go and kicks him into the engine.]]
** "This is the plan." [[spoiler:Stitch Hessian.]]
** "Much as I did." [[spoiler:Agent [=McGinnis=], in response to a Blue Hand's question of whether his men spoke to River.]]
** "Guess I did at that..." [[spoiler:Tracey, in response to Mal's "find someone to carry you" line.]]
** " I am." [[spoiler:Jubal Early. Jury's out on whether or not he'll be back.]]
*** WordOfGod said he was intended to survive, but unfortunately the series was [[ScrewedByTheNetwork cut short]]. That means this line is also the FamousLastWords of the TV Show ''Series/{{Firefly}}''.
* ''Series/TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir''
** "HILARY BANKS... WILL YOU MARRY ME-" [[spoiler:Trevor, Hilary's fiance]]
** "Oh-ho, he's got my vote!" [[spoiler:''Ex''-Superior Court Judge Carl Robertson, mocking Will's attempts to defend his uncle's name, before he [[DieLaughing laughed himself to death]] after Will [[TemptingFate told him to drop dead.]]]]


* ''Series/{{Hannibal}}''
** "See? ''See?''" [[spoiler: Gareth Jacob Hobbs]]
** "I was looking forward to that." [[spoiler: Tobias Budge]]
** "Oh my god." [[spoiler: Beverly Katz]]
** "My compliments to the chef." [[spoiler: Abel Gideon]]
** "I didn't know what else to do, so I just did what he told me." [[spoiler:Abigail Hobbs]]
** "Ah, you're dead, Dr. Bloom!" [[spoiler: Mason Verger]]
** "Watching the film, will be wonderful. But not as wonderful as the act itself." [[spoiler:Francis Dolarhyde]]
** "See? This is all I ever wanted for you, [[spoiler:Will.]] For both of us." [[spoiler:Hannibal Lecter. [[UncertainDoom Maybe.]]]]
** "It's beautiful." [[spoiler:Will Graham. [[UncertainDoom Maybe.]]]]
* ''Series/HellOnWheels''
** "How do you know about Meridian?" [[spoiler: Col. Prescott]]
** "Head for the trees. Don't look back." [[spoiler: Robert Bell]]
** "Shut your mouth." [[spoiler: Willie]]
** "Well, it hardly matters now." [[spoiler: Daniel Johnson]]
** "I can prove it." [[spoiler: Sgt. Harper]]
** "Hey, Johnny Reb! Time to wake up! You better start singin' Dixie, cause you're next!" [[spoiler:unnamed prisoner]]
** "You're not going to kill me. Everybody would hear. Yes, I killed the bitch." [[spoiler: Dieter Schmidt]]
** "Was ist loss? Gott im himmel!" [[spoiler: Bauer]]
** "Yeah.... I do. You're a coward, Bohannon. You're yella and I always knowed it. You betrayed your country, son, and everyone in it. I know something was squirrelly when you let this here nigger get the drop on you, but... I ain't never figured you for no nigger lover." [[spoiler: Hawkins]]
** "Behold... Your legacy!" [[spoiler: Reverend Nathaniel Cole]]
** "You be strong, son. You be strong." [[spoiler: Doc Whitehead]]
** "Forgive me, father." [[spoiler: Mr. Toole]]
** "You okay?" [[spoiler:infirmary guard]]
** "Cullen will kill you." [[spoiler: Lily Bell]]
* ''Series/HomicideLifeOnTheStreet''
** "I'm okay." [[spoiler: John Lange, "Subway". Not a recurring character, but boy, does this one rate.]]
* ''Series/{{House}}''
** ''(to the question why isn't she angry)'' "That's... not... the last feeling I want to experience." [[spoiler: Amber Volakis]]
* ''Series/HouseOfCardsUS''
** " ..think about…something…" [[spoiler:Peter Russo]]
** " I want to believe you, [[spoiler:Francis]], I-" [[spoiler:Zoe Barnes]]
** " I just can't talk anymore." [[spoiler:Michael Corrigan]]
** " My name is [[spoiler:Cassie Lockhart]]." [[spoiler:Rachel Posner]]
** " Everything's secure, sir." [[spoiler:Edward Meechum]]
** " Okay." [[spoiler:Elizabeth Hale]]
** " Help... help... h..." [[spoiler:Tom Yates]]

* ''Series/InspectorMorse''
** "Thank ... Lewis for me." [[spoiler:Morse]]
* ''Series/TheITCrowd'':
** "I see. Could you make me a cup of tea please Stephanie?" [[spoiler:Denholm Reynholm]]

* ''Series/{{Jekyll}}''
** "Yeah, I am -- explicitly and directly and empathically threatening the lives of Dr. Jackman's family." [[spoiler:Benjamin Lennox]]
** "Mr. Hyde, I waited a long time to do this." [[spoiler:Carver]]
** "Tom, please don't let him... Tom...." [[spoiler:Peter Syme]]
** "Here it comes. Tickles." [[spoiler:Hyde]]
* ''Series/{{Justified}}''
** " This is supreme bullshit." [[spoiler: Tommy Bucks.]]
** " I love you Mindy." [[spoiler: Rolly Pike.]]
** " You gon' pull the trigger or you gon' talk me to death?" [[spoiler: Bo Crowder.]]
** " You're dead, girl." [[spoiler: Coover Bennett.]]
** " After Arlo gives you back whatever it is he took, what are you gonna do then?" [[spoiler: Helen Givens]]
** " This bullet's been on it's way for twenty years." [[spoiler: Doyle Bennett]]
** " Put an end to my troubles. Get to see my boys again. Get to know the mystery." [[spoiler: Mags Bennett.]]
** " WAIT!" [[spoiler:Devil]]
** " What message do you want me to give to Raylan?" [[spoiler: Gary Hawkins]]
** " The righteous man knows his only true protection comes from the Lord!" [[spoiler: Billy St. Cyr]]
** " Where you hear that?" [[spoiler: Agent Barkley]]
** " Kiss my ass." [[spoiler: Arlo Givens]]
** " I guess I'll quit today." [[spoiler: Colton Rhodes]]
** " We're just waiting for the plane, I'll be back in Detroit before breakfast, and I'll take care of it when I get back there." [[spoiler: Nicky Augustine]]
** " Yeah, I want it." [[spoiler: Sammy Tonin]]
** " Mr. Crowder-" [[spoiler: Lee Paxton]]
** " You just shot me in the hand!" [[spoiler: Al the Canadian]]
** " We should get something to eat so it looks less suspicious." [[spoiler: Sheriff Mooney]]
** " Hahaha, good luck getting that shit out of Mexico-" [[spoiler: Johnny Crowder]]
** " Remember I gave you that tip? Turned out to be a DEA sting. You didn't even know what your own office was doing." [[spoiler: Rodney " Hot Rod" Dunham]]
** "Let's see." [[spoiler: Danny Crowe]]
** "Shit'll kill you." [[spoiler: Picker]]
** "Can't even see their eyes." [[spoiler: Dewey Crowe]]
** "No. No, no. No, not just money. No." [[spoiler: Ty Walker]]
** "What chaos?" [[spoiler: Carl]]
** "Oh, for god's sake." [[spoiler: Katherine Hale]]
** "Will you hold me?" [[spoiler: Mike Cosmatopolis]]
** "Go to hell, Crowder." [[spoiler: Zachariah Randolph]]
** "You think I am, hillbilly?" [[spoiler: Avery Markham]]
** "Guess I saved you the trouble then." [[spoiler:Boon]]


* ''Series/TheLastManOnEarth'':
** "Oh, neato! Got it!" [[spoiler: Karl. The "it" is the booby-trapped Rubik's Cube that explodes.]]
* ''Series/TheLateShowWithStephenColbert'':
** "And thank God, Mr. Blake Lively is not. I--oh God, I don't feel well. Oh, what the [[SoundEffectBleep ***]], [[Film/AvengersInfinityWar Thanos]]?! You don't have the budget for this, Colbert!" [[spoiler:Film/{{Deadpool}}]]
* ''Series/TheLeagueOfGentlemen'':
** "I will not lie to you. In all honesty, in the sight of God, this epidemic is over. There are no more, I repeat no more, nosebleeds." [[spoiler:The Mayer of Royston Vasey. Guess what he dies of.]]
** "[[spoiler: Edward]]? Will Heaven be like Swansea?"
** "Yes, [[spoiler: Tubbs]]. Only bigger." [[spoiler: Subverted. They both survive.]]
** "Lines and lines and lines and lines and-" [[spoiler: Tubbs Tattsyrup, for real]]
** "I am just a queen." [[spoiler: Herr Lipp, before becoming a vampire in the ChristmasSpecial]]
** "Perfect...I'm perfect..." [[spoiler:Lance Longthorne, regaining his lost arm as he ascends to Heaven.]]
** From ''[[TheMovie Apocalypse]]''
*** "You're TheHero, Geoff." [[spoiler: [[RedemptionEqualsDeath Hilary Briss]]]]
*** "Can you be killed by your own creation? [[spoiler: Reece Shearsmith]]
*** "Oh, fuck." [[spoiler: Erasmus Pea]]
* ''Series/{{Leverage}}''
** "You said you didn't like guns." [[spoiler: [[TheDragon Chap]][[SmugSnake man]]]]
** "Tell them .. tell them .. tell them how much [[spoiler: Jimmy Ford]] [[{{Tearjerker}} loves his son]]." - [[spoiler: Jimmy Ford]]
* ''Series/LostTapes''
** "Come on, honey." [[spoiler:Bartolemo Ramirez]]
** "Carefully." [[spoiler:Juanita Ramirez]]
** "Let go of me! Get away, you hairy- aaahh!" [[spoiler:the Poacher]]
** Tom! Anybody! [[spoiler:Sharon Novak]]
** "Goodbye, losers!" [[spoiler:Tylor Shuman]]
** I don't see him! Do you see him, guys? [[spoiler:Bruce Delroy]]
** "Oh my God! No! Get me outta here?" [[spoiler:Ruthie Simple]].
** "Hey, Catherine. It's not how I expected to... you tell Maria that I love her... and take care of her... I love you both." [[spoiler:Tim Akron]]
** "The reason the creature wants the little girl is because she's young and vulnerable... and so is an old woman." [[spoiler:Hazel]]
** "Something's down here with me." [[spoiler:Corporal Latrell Wade]]
** "It's that noise again!" [[spoiler:Corporal Derek Sawyer]]
** "I think I can see the crates from where we came in." [[spoiler:Scott Sumner]]
** "It's my lucky day." [[spoiler:Ken Tobar]]

* ''Series/MadMen''
** "OhCrap!" [[spoiler:The original Don Draper.]]
** "It ain't gonna rain." [[spoiler: Archie Whitman.]]
** "Bravo." [[spoiler: Bertram Cooper]]
** "The moon belongs to everyone. The best things in life are free!" [[spoiler:Bertram Cooper's ghost, giving one last gem of wisdom to Don.]]
** "[[spoiler:Sally]], I always worried about you because you marched to the beat of your own drum, but now I know that's good. I know your life will be an adventure. I love you. Mom." [[spoiler:Betty Francis, in a letter to Sally meant to be opened posthumously.]]
* ''{{Series/The Mentalist}}''
** "[[ArcWords Tiger tiger]]..." [[spoiler: Todd Johnson]]
** "Patrick... thank you." [[spoiler:Dr. Steiner]]
** "Gra--" [[spoiler:Craig O'Laughlin]]
** "Tyger... Tyger..." [[spoiler:Brett Partridge]]
** "Just do it here." [[spoiler:Robert Kirkland]]
** "Hey w--" [[spoiler:Gale Bertram]]
** "Yes." [[spoiler: Sheriff Thomas [=McAllister=], in response to being asked if he's afraid to die.]]
** "You bitch! When I get free, I'll kill you! YOU HEAR ME?" [[spoiler: Francisco "Paco" Perez, before the villian of the week shoots him in the head.]]
** "My... dog..." [[spoiler: JJ [=LaRoche=]]]
* ''Series/{{Misfits}}''
** "What'd you do to my phone? Man, I'm telling you, I'm going to come out there and I'm gonna mash you u..." [[spoiler: Gary.]]
** "CHAAAAAAV!" [[spoiler: Tony Morecombe the probation worker.]]
** "[[spoiler: Simon]], you don't owe them anything." [[spoiler: Sally the probation worker.]]
** "You ''idiot!"'' [[spoiler: Rachel.]]
** "Save me, Barry!" [[spoiler: Nathan Young; thanks to his newfound immortality, he came back in the next series.]]
** "Lick my salty balls, you cock-loving ball-sucking bitch!" [[spoiler: Shaun the probation worker; [[SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong almost immediately undone by Curtis]].]]
** "Don't worry about me. I'll just... die... ''again..."'' [[spoiler: Nathan Young; again, he got better.]]
** "It's you falling in love with him... that makes him become ''me...'' it's all coming together..." [[spoiler: Simon Bellamy, AKA: Superhoodie.]]
** "Who's there?! You don't wanna mess with me, man! I do that cage-fighting shit- I've killed a Chinese man with my bare hands! Oh yeah, who's scared now, huh?" [[spoiler: Nathan Young. Again.]]
** "Do you understand now? I just wanted to be human. It was all worth it, to be with you." [[spoiler: Bruno the Gorilla.]]
** "There's something dripping from the ceiling! [[KilledMidSentence I dunno wha-]]" [[spoiler: Kelly Bailey. Thanks to Curtis, she got better.]]
** "And now, for your viewing pleasure, I will blow my brains out, live on national television! Enjoy!" [[spoiler: Nathan Young; not only does he get better, but thanks to Curtis, this death didn't even happen.]]
** "Oh shit..." [[spoiler: Nikki. Thanks to time travel, she got better.]]
** "If the mountain won't come to Mohammed..." [[spoiler: The False Jesus.]]
** "Jesus!" [[spoiler: Charlie]]
** "What is it?! Tell me!" [[spoiler: Tanya]]
** "A superhero has to be prepared to die for what he believes in..." [[spoiler: Peter]]
** "[[TakeUpMySword Take the power.]] I'm too weak to do anything with it. [[SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong You have to put it right...]] take it!" [[spoiler: Friedrich Hirsch. As part of the Nazi timeline, this was undone.]]
** "Don't do it." [[spoiler: Curtis Donovan. Like in Friedrich's case, this death was undone.]]
** "[[UsefulNotes/AdolfHitler Hitler]]... get... the phone..." [[spoiler: Seth. Like in the two above, his death was undone by Kelly.]]
** "I can't believe I never picked up on it! You bunch of dicks- fucking superheroes..." [[spoiler: Shaun The Probation Worker. KilledOffForReal.]]
** "You bastard." [[spoiler: Shannon Speers.]]
** "Seriously? Where's the fun in that?" [[spoiler: Psycho Rudy]]
** "Can someone tell me, what the hell is going on?!" [[spoiler: Jake]]
** "Curtis?" [[spoiler: Lola]]
** "There are no happy endings. It's zombie noir, ain't it? It's better this way. Take care of yourself, yeah?" [[spoiler: Curtis Donovan. KilledOffForReal.]]
** "You'd really do that? You'd all die for me? ... I'm really glad I met you." [[spoiler: Nadine]]
** "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't shoot you both down." [[spoiler: Tim]]
** "Any more bright ideas?" [[spoiler: Sarah]]
** "Get off of me!" [[spoiler: Sam]]
** "You killed [[spoiler: Sam]]... You killed [[spoiler: Sam]]!" [[spoiler: Karen]]
** "You're a fuckin' idiot" [[spoiler: Helen]]
** "I think I'm gonna be alright." [[spoiler: Rudy Wade]]
** "Hi. It's me..." [[spoiler: Jess. Her death forces [[{{Yandere}} Luke]] to turn back time and undo her death, along with Sam's, Karen's, Helen's and Rudy's.]]
** "We'll always be together" [[spoiler: Luke]]
* ''Series/MissionImpossible''
** Let me be your fuehrer! ''Let me be your fuehrer!''" [[spoiler:Friedrich Rudd, after the team leaves him to the mercies of his "allies".]]
* ''Series/TheMonkees'' [[note]]There are two episodes total where characters actually die.[[/note]]
** ''Season 1, Episode 11: "Monkees A La Carte"''
*** "You heard me good!" [[spoiler:Red O'Leary, who is later killed by Fuselli.]]
*** "Yeah!" [[spoiler:Fuselli, Rocco, Paddy the Fix, and Big Flora each before they kill each other off.]]
*** "You d-d-d-dirty rat!" [[spoiler:A NotQuiteDead Benny the Book, [[TakingYouWithMe shooting Fuselli dead before succumbing to his own bullet wound.]]]]
** ''Season 2, Episode 35: "Everywhere a Sheik, Sheik"''
*** "It's poisoned! ... And...a little rare..." [[spoiler:The Nahudian Shazar, unwittingly tasting poisoned meat meant for Peter.]]
* ''Series/{{Mongrels}}''
** "Ironic." [[spoiler:Kieran]]
** "Tastes kinda funny. A bit like baking pow-" [[spoiler:Dean]]
** "I guess this is fucking goodbye" [[spoiler:Sandra]]
** "I don't want your brains, I just wanted your heart, but love has quite literally torn me apart!" [[spoiler:Riff Raff]]
** "I thought we were all doing it." [[spoiler:Penny]]

* ''Series/{{NCIS}}''
** "Wow, I thought I'd die before I ever heard-" [[spoiler:Kate Todd]]
** "Sorry to spoil your-." [[spoiler:Ari Haswari]]
** "I'll go." [[spoiler: Jenny Shepard]]
** "Gibbs, I know I screwed up at Kertek Computers, but I'm--" [[spoiler:Paula Cassidy]]
** "It's not the danger. It's the fun." [[spoiler:Jonathan Cole]]
** (wordlessly, [[spoiler:from Gibbs' view]]) "Do it." [[spoiler:Michelle Lee]]
** "'Will you walk into my parlour?' said the spider to the fly... Do you know that poem... Gibbs?" [[spoiler:Paloma Reynosa]]
** "For once, can't you just ''die right?''" [[spoiler:Riley [=McCallister=]]]
** "Ain't you smart enough to get out of the rain? Me neither, [[spoiler:Jonas]]. My name is [[spoiler:Mike Franks]]. I figure I got one more fight left in me. You want it?" [[spoiler: Mike Franks]]
** "Liar." [[spoiler: Jonas Cobb, aka Port-to-Port Killer]]
** "What? Why? Why?" [[spoiler: Diane Sterling]]
** "[[RapidFireNo No no no no no no]]!" [[spoiler: Ned Dorneget]]
** "Did you enjoy the rush? The power?" [[spoiler: Daniel Budd]]
** "It was nothing personal. Strictly business." [[spoiler: Trent Kort]]
** "''Don't!''" [[spoiler:Clayton Reeves]]
* ''Series/NCISLosAngeles''
** "And that is your weakness, Sam Hanna. Your mercy is what killed your wife." [[spoiler: Tahir Khaled]]

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