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* ''FanFic/AceCombatEquestriaChronicles'': Many, many examples:
** The first story has griffon soldier Greyback getting fried by the Burning Talon's laser, ''reducing him to a charcoal statue'' that crumbles to dust as it falls from the sky. Also, [[spoiler: Blueberry's death]]. Another [[RedShirt (unnamed)]] pegasus gets his wings ''ripped off'' mid-air and falls to his doom, spraying blood all the way down.
*** The sequel doles out even more, fitting the [[DarkerAndEdgier bleaker tone]] compared to the original. One scene even has the Princesses [[spoiler:[[MookHorrorShow annihilate an Exile army closing on the Crystal Empire]]]] with their magic. [[KamehameHadoken Celestia's spell]] ''vaporizes'' much of the Exiles as they all scream in terror and pain, not even leaving ashes behind. [[KillSat Luna's attack]] slams the survivors into mountains.
* The second-to-last episode ''Fanfic/ChildrenOfTime'' ends with the murder of 17-year-old [[WesternAnimation/SherlockHolmesInTheTwentySecondCentury Beth Lestrade]]: shot twice and then crushed to death by Professor Moriarty. (The other two deaths of the three-part finale are also shootings, with the horror of it implied but not described in detail as Beth's is.)
* [[LightNovel/AnotherNote Beyond Birthday's]] victims in ''FanFic/ConstantTemptation'' tend to die horribly since Beyond is canonically rather fond of taking people ToThePain first and experimenting with new ways to torture people.
* In the first installment of the ''Fanfic/DeliverUsFromEvilSeries'', [[TheHero Dr. Watson]] shoots a prisoner criminal in the heart, then burns the corpse and stays there until it's burnt down to ashes so that he can scatter them on the Thames.
* [[ Doctor Who: Plastic Murder]] features a variant Auton known as a Seducer. Its preferred method of killing? [[CruelAndUnusualDeath Drowning its victims in molten plastic as it kisses them]]. Its predecessor, [[ Plastic Nightmare]], STARTS OFF with a girl [[DisneyDeath falling into a vat of plasmatically charged plastic]] and being [[AFateWorseThanDeath ripped apart, molecule by molecule]]. [[spoiler: She's eventually reborn as a living, non-Auton mannequin.]]
* ''FanFic/{{Downfall}}'' [[spoiler: Rukia's epic showdown with Aaroniero. In the course of the battle Rukia is burnt, impaled on a sword, and nearly disembowled. Aaroniero himself is stabbed through one of his heads, given just enough time for his other head to ask 'What?- Wh' before Rukia ripps her sword out through it too. Then Rukia herself [[TearJerker succumbs to her injury.]]]]
** Of course, this happens in [[Manga/{{Bleach}} the original]] as well
* In ''FanFic/TheEndOfEnds'', Beast Boy gets killed and we see a picture of his corpse, in which there's been a hole blown through his chest. There's also Galfore, who gets blown to ashes ([[SpecialEffectsFailure or rather Windows Movie Maker Shatter effected to death]]).
** The ''Fanfic/FriendshipIsFailure'' version of this story [[BloodierAndGorier includes these by the gallon]], namely to the cast of ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'', but the most infamous of the lot is when [[BigBad Count Logan]], the result of [[spoiler:Beast Boy's aforementioned death]], [[spoiler:[[OffWithHerHead outright decapitates]] [[WouldHurtAChild Flurry Heart]]]] because the author wanted [[spoiler:Princess Cadence]] to suffer [[DisproportionateRetribution for being]] [[spoiler:HappilyMarried]].
* ''Fanfic/HellsisterTrilogy'': During "The Apokolips Agenda" story arc, ComicBook/DoctorFate blows Satanis' head into chunks. This action happens right after ComicBook/TheSpectre rams his arm through Trigon's chest, blowing the giant demon up.
* The ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' fanfic "If You Can't Beat 'Em, Eat 'Em" is said to have a particularly gruesome fate for the big bad in the works. It hasn't been written yet, but has been confirmed to several close friends. If you don't want spoilers, look away now. [[spoiler: Champagne, the former eating champion is exposed for a set of murders and after he tries exposing Josh, Rainbow Dash, and Meowth as the true murderers with doctored video, Josh snaps and chases Champagne towards his awaiting plane. The unicorn stops in his tracks to laugh at them.... only for the jet engine to start up and suck him in, turning him into Pink Mist right in front of all 3 and leaving the grisly remains for the rest of the town to find. Dash and Meowth's reactions are to projectile-vomit and Josh collapses as the town approaches him for an explanation.]]
* The first indication as to the true extent of {{Fanfic/Imperfect Metamorphosis}}'s MoodWhiplash comes at the [[PlotTriggeringDeath end of the first chapter]], when Rumia is graphically consumed and dissolved by [[spoiler: Rin Satsuki]], the BlobMonster.
* The Anime/{{Pokemon}} fanfic Fanfic/LatiasJourney is a particularly gory and brutal story with a vast majority of the cast being killed extreme ways. Some particularly brutal deaths include [[spoiler: most members of Team Rocket being devoured by undead monsters with Vicious' face chewed off by his own mask, the superhero-fied Drew's head explodes, Deoxys massacres all of the world's leaders including Professor Oak in a giant spiked crusher, Meowth is eaten by the mutated Chimecho and visibly digested before Pikachu and Wobbuffet, the extremely graphic deaths of Lord and Lady Ho-Oh (though the latter deserved it), both Bayleef and May are murdered by a zombified Latias with their brains and heart destroyed, Gary's Umbreon goes mad till her body bursts, Zorro and his team succumb to Deoxys' manipulation over time and space, and eventually the whole world dies - until Squirtle performs a big CosmicRetcon.]]
* The author makes no secret that ''Fanfic/{{Equestrylvania}}'' is meant as a horror story, but at the same time, it kept a number of characters from actually dying... right up until [[CreepyMortician Dirt Nap]] [[KillItWithFire gets burned to death by a demon he sold his soul to.]] Of course, before that, Applejack and Rarity [[FamilyUnfriendlyViolence crushed a few mad dogs underhoof.]]
* By the bucket load in ''Fanfic/MyBravePonyStarfleetMagic''. [[spoiler: Discord, Titan and Nightmare Moon get blown up. The deaths of Titan`s henchponies get handwaved with the excuse that they were just artificial beings. Worst example is probably in ''My Brave Pony: Star Fleet Magic II'', where Cadance's brother [[BigBad Fratello]] gets killed by her and then blown up, because [[MoralEventHorizon the author wanted to make her suffer]].]]
** On the heroes' side, [[spoiler:Twilight Sparkle gets shot/stabbed through the heart and explodes because the author hates Twilight for [[ThePowerOfFriendship what she teaches]] (and also to [[TheChewToy punish Cadence more]]). As if that weren't enough, [[DesignatedHero Starfleet]] and [[OutOfCharacter Celestia]] [[UsefulNotes/VictimBlaming proceed to blame]] ''[[RoyalsWhoActuallyDoSomething her]]'' [[SpeakIllOfTheDead for her own death]], so it's family-unfriendly on a post-mortem level as well.]]
* In ''Naruto Vengeance Revelations'', Taliana is killed off by being beaten up, set on fire and torn limb from limb. According to the author, [[RealLifeWritesThePlot it was caused by the girlfriend she was based off of breaking up with him]].
* ''FanFic/ThePiecesLieWhereTheyFell'': [[spoiler: The battle between the new Bearers and Sharp Point's gang is ''full'' of these, including multiple cases of SlashedThroat (via a sword), GuttedLikeAFish (also via a sword) and one ImpromptuTracheotomy when Night Blade ''rips out'' a pony's throat with his teeth.]]
* ''Fanfic/PokeWars''. Where to begin? For sheer {{gorn}}, there's the entirety of ''Poké Wars: The Exigence''. For sheer terror and [[NauseaFuel grossness]], there is Officer Jenny being graphically dissolved by a Muk.
* The ''Fanfic/PonyPOVSeries'' has a few, though the majority are in the past or in the BadFuture.
** G1 Mimic was killed by Discord turning her bones to glass and slamming her into the ground as supersonic speeds until she wasn't anything that could be identified as her. [[spoiler:Discord drove the Flutterponies into extinction by turning them into a butterfly collection while they were still alive. He also ate his own brother Destruction alive.]]
** [[spoiler:Strife killed nearly all the surviving G3 Mane Cast (though they were going to fade away into the new world anyway, she just wanted to give them a chance to be DefiantToTheEnd) in this fashion, impaling Wysteria, followed by electrocuting Spike. Thistle Whistle shatters ''all'' her bones in a HeroicSacrifice against her and finally Star Catcher/Celestia is impaled on a spear made of chaos (though this only killed her mortal form).]]
** Due to the abundance of BodyHorror in the BadFuture of Dark World, this is obviously the case, but of note is the fact [[PsychopathicManChild Fluttercruel]] is a SerialKiller who takes after Fanfic/{{Cupcakes}}!Pinkie in how she kills her victims. [[spoiler:Fluttercruel herself dies (the second time) by being blown in half by an accidental YinYangBomb.]] Ironically, [[spoiler:Discord himself meets his (mortal) end in this fashion after being impaled by his sister Rancor's Concept Killing Spear. He eventually ''implodes'' into his wound.]]
** Sweetheart's sister Cream suffered from [[ locked-in syndrome]] as a result of the [[ApocalypseHow disaster that ended G2 society]], and as such was unable to defend herself when [[spoiler: a pack of mutants created by the disaster tore her apart. Applebloom's CosmicRetcon [[SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong undoes this due]] to Sweet Heart now having [[HealingHands healing powers]] due to being [[{{Mutant}} mutated by the disaster]] and curing the locked-in syndrome, averting this fate.]]
** When [[ActionGirl Patch]] left [[EvilOverlord Film Critique]] to his KarmicDeath [[DoWithHimAsYouWill at the hooves of his formerly brainwashed harem]], they proceeded to hack him to death with swords (Thankfully, offscreen).
* ''Fanfic/RiseOfTheGaleforces'': [[spoiler:The BigBad, Mr. Ludlow, incites the wrath of the tyrannosaur triplets by [[EyeScream shooting their well-meaning father's eye,]] and later [[MoralEventHorizon shoots Violet in the back]] when she thinks she's disposed of him. [[SicEm Violet gives the baby T.rexes the green light to kill Ludlow,]] [[{{Gorn}} and they promptly and brutally rip him to shreds, spilling his innards all over the place.]]]]
* [[spoiler: Takato's death]] in the ''FanFic/TamersForeverSeries''. Not because it's super violent, but because of how long the author [[TearJerker draws it out and makes the readers desperate for]] [[spoiler: Takato]] [[TearJerker to survive by making it clear exactly what he has to live for]].
* ''Fanfic/TheLionKingAdventures'' has quite a few of these.
** [[AxCrazy Scar]]'s murder of [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness the hyenas]] in ''Friends to the End''.
** Hago being stabbed in the chest with [[HoistByHisOwnPetard his own staff]] in ''The Return of Hago''.
** Tara's [[LudicrousGibs guts exploding]] in ''My Immortal''.
** [[OurVampiresAreDifferent The Family of Blood]] [[BodyHorror melting to flesh and organs]] in ''The Blood Line''.
** Wafu's head being bitten off by the creatures and Binamu being impaled in ''Survival''.
** Aibu getting eaten in ''The Chase''.
** The [[TheCorruption corrupted]] Tojo being stabbed by Tama with Hago's staff in ''Tojo's Tyranny''.
** Nyoka being stabbed in ''The Evil Serpent''.
** The slaughter of the hunters by [[HeWhoFightsMonsters Simba]], and Tama's head being bashed in with a rock by a [[FreakOut freaked out]] Haiba in ''The Lost World''.
** ''The End'' features multiple gruesome deaths at the hands of [[spoiler: [[UltimateEvil the Writer]]]]. Though with the exception of [[spoiler: Ugaidi]], they all [[BackFromTheDead come back]]:
*** [[MadOracle Ugaidi]]'s soul is burnt by [[spoiler: [[UltimateEvil the Writer]]]]'s arrival.
*** Zazu has all the bones in his body crushed.
*** Sarafina's soul is burnt.
*** Haiba is impaled.
*** Nala's neck is snapped.
* ''FanFic/SonicXDarkChaos'' has ''[[{{Gorn}} loads]]'' of them.
** Cosmo's older sister Galaxina has her head shoved into a [[KillItWithFire ruptured fuel line]] by Tsali in a flashback
** [[spoiler: Venus]] commits suicide by [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice impaling herself]].
** Tsali graphically tears Molly's limbs off with his powers and then shoots her in Episode 68.
** [[spoiler: Tails]] gets the [[BodyHorror worst]] [[AndIMustScream one]] [[NightmareFuel of them all]] at the end.
* ''Fanfic/TheSevenHunters'': Chapter 37 sees three members of the gang brutally slaughtering threehorn children in order to use their screams as a distraction to save Dein.
* ''Fanfic/StruggleForDreamIsland'': Before The Final Conflict's happy ending, most of our beloved inanimate characters get these. A list also shows the details below.
** In The Beginning of the End, the original BFDI contestants have unknowingly died in an unpleasant way during the 10 year gap.
** In Investigation, Remote gets killed in Bomby’s explosion after trying to dissolve the fire on his fuse.
** Tree got burned alive by a flamethrower in A Desertic Occasion.
** The masked person mercilessly kills Grassy with a chainsaw until he becomes a pile of grass.
** When the missiles and the nuke hit the city in An Old But Dangerous City, Cloudy and Pie might have perished in there.
** In Struck Out, an anvil came out of nowhere and hit Basketball in the head while she was explaining about Lollipop. In a disturbing moment where she begins developing large cuts in her black stripes, she deflates after the impact.
** Eggy got vaporized by a laser in The Fight Before The Storm.
** In Base Attack, Gaty got devoured in the hands of Lollipop and Donut. Donut also got his body ripped apart by the masked person as purple liquid begin to squirt out in the inside.
* Sadie's in ''Fanfic/TotalUndeadDrama''. Storm tries to drain her normally but due to her physique had trouble taking all of her blood. So he hangs her upside down from the cave ceiling like a hunk of meat to drain the rest out. This and blood loss lead to her human death.
* In crossover fanfiction ''Fanfic/TheVampireOfSteel'', ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} throws [[EldritchAbomination M'Nagaleh]] into an {{Antimatter}} planet. Upon contact with the anti-matter atoms, M'Nagaleh's whole body falls apart and explodes.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Redwall}}'' canon is pretty violent, but fanfics take it to a new level. ''Vengeance Quest'' has the MercyKill of a character about to be raped to death, let's not get into ''Fanfic/WhatLiesBeyondTheWalls'', and ''It Makes Me Happy That I'm Not Them'''s point-of-view character is sent to Hell and [[IronicHell forced to live through what he did to his many victims, over and over and over, in detail]].

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