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* In the FiveEpisodePilot, Snake Eyes is thought to be fatally irradiated. Major Bludd keeps the Cobra troopers from firing on him for this, and has a brief twinge of sympathy as he said he wouldn't wish what happened to Snake Eyes on his worst enemy, adding "Poor blighter."
* One of the more notable examples in the series is Cobra's opposition to selling drugs. In real life, narcotics are a major source of revenue for a number of terrorist groups. Moreover, in one episode involving a G.I. Joe/Cobra [[EnemyMine temporary alliance]] against a drug lord, a high-level Cobra officer has a [[ItsPersonal personal grudge]] against said drug lord, and he gets Cobra Commander's support by explaining that they would be able to steal a large amount of money from the defeated drug lord's headquarters.
* A comic book revival featuring said drug lord was portrayed in that version to actually ''be'' a member of Cobra, in charge of their drug-running operations, likely having to do with the fact comics!Cobra is much more ruthless and competent.
* There's also Zanzibar, the self-titled Dreadnok Pirate. His profile claims he dabbled in river piracy, stock fraud and smuggling before being taken in by the villains, failing at them because they were "too much like real work". Regardless, his selfishness, knack for stealing from comrades, and awful hygiene make even his teammates hate him. And they suspect that his eyepatch is simply for show. (Zartan only keeps him on retainer to keep an eye on him.)

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