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* ''Origins'' has a list of quirky party members, but it's Duncan who's the character that all the fans of the series love. [[spoiler: A big reason for this is because he was TooCoolToLive.]]
* Finn and Ariane, the two companions from the ''Witch Hunt'' DLC, were incredibly well liked by players, probably thanks to their instant mastery of the LikeAnOldMarriedCouple act despite (or maybe thanks to) their vastly different backgrounds and having never met each other before. Sadly, like most DLC-only characters (except Sketch from ''Leliana's Song''), they haven't been spotted since, although the ''[[UniverseCompendium World of Thedas]]'' books reveal that they have been traveling together ever since.
* Cullen, despite only having a few lines of dialogue in the original game, remains one of the most popular characters from it--mostly for the crush he has on the female mage PlayerCharacter. His popularity was so great that he returns in a major [=NPC=] role in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'' and becomes a ([[PromotedToLoveInterest romanceable]]) advisor to the [[PlayerCharacter Inquisitor]] in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeInquisition''.
* Bann Teagan has many admirers in the fandom, as he's one of the few unambiguously heroic characters, never steps on the player's toes, and even flirts with the female Warden.
* Sandal, the simple enchanter son of the camp merchant, is fun and energetic and memetic enough that the fandom very fondly looks on him. There's also the [[InexplicablyAwesome air of mystery that surrounds him]] and his apparently being a supreme badass when no one's looking [[spoiler:considering he's able to wipe out hordes of darkspawn, Templars and abominations]].
* Fellow dwarf Dagna is the rare dwarf that decided to study magic and is downright {{Adorkable}}. She proved to be popular enough to be recruited to the Inquisition.
* The (very) minor character Lilley from the "Inside Job" sidequest (who has about 10 lines of dialogue and [[spoiler:gets killed off halfway through the quest]]) has somehow endeared herself to a lot of fans, some of whom go as far as to suggest she should have been made a permanent party member. This is probably due in largest part to a surprisingly powerful performance from Alix Wilton Regan, though her being a good-looking ActionGirl likely helped a lot, too. There's a possibility that Lilley was supposed to have played a much bigger role in the [[ cut]] [[WhatCouldHaveBeen Coterie questline]].
* Athenril seems to have attracted a similar following, probably for similar reasons, and also the fact that she's one of the elves people will hold up as a sign that the new elf design is good.
* Ketojan. He really gave the feeling that he was going to be a party member, which meant [[DrivenToSuicide his fate]] left a lot of players very disappointed.
* Despite being a relatively minor NPC, Krem has grown quite a sizable fanbase. Being the {{Transgender}} face of the RagTagBunchOfMisfits Chargers helps. Being voiced by Creator/JenniferHale probably helps a little too.
* Another member of the Chargers, Dalish, has a decent fanbase thanks to her BlatantLies, ImplausibleDeniability, and InsistentTerminology about being an "archer" with a "bow" instead of a staff-wielding mage.
* Scout Harding is beloved by the fandom for being one of the few dwarves in the game, and being a badass archer with a dose of DeadpanSnarker, subtle ShipTease, pleasant freckled look, and overall [[FriendlySniper light-hearted demeanor]]. The fact that she isn't romance-able made her more popular, with requests to have her PromotedToPlayable rather common. While a full promotion doesn't happen, the devs acknowledged her popularity by giving Harding almost as many new lines in the first DLC expansion, ''Jaws of Hakkon'', as she had in the entire base game.
* Minor character Ser Delrin Barris, a supporting character should the Inquisitor side with the Templars, has a rather large following. The fans enjoy his KnightInShiningArmor persona, his GoThroughMe dare against corrupted Knight-Captain Denam, his TheMenFirst attitude regarding his fellow Templars and his HumbleHero reaction when you compliment him. Many fans wanted him to be a companion, a romance, or at least able to speak to you outside cutscenes. Even those who side with the mages often wish they could recruit Barris.

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