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* HitchhikerHeroes


* HitchhikerHeroesHitchhikerHeroes:Both played straight and inverted.The federation was composed of separate gangs,formed during war times.The plot,on the other side,focuses on Samara trying to fit into one of them decades after said war.

* SpacePirates


* SpacePiratesSpaceAmish:DarthWiki/{{Altarium}}.Justified since their technology isnít advanced enough for space travel,to the point of automatically rejecting outsiders.
* SpacePirates:The Federation.
*VictorGainsLosersPowers:Casual fights within federation members are a fair way to gain supernatural powers otherís [[PowersAsPrograms got from their enemies or victims]].

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''Jubilee Federation for Rock Stars'' is the next DarthWiki/CPCVerse series,taking place after DarthWiki/ElectraHeart.Itís literally being developed at the time this entry is being written,so expect [[SerialTweaker Serial Tweaking]].[[BlatantLies It was]] ''[[BlatantLies not]]'' made as [[Tropers/{{Astriferous}} the authorís]] [[WishFulfillment way to put tropes they've never had the chance to use before.]]
!!Tropes for ''Jubilee Federation'' (for now) are:
*ArtifactTitle:Just the "rock star" part,really.They just call themselves that because [[RuleOfCool it's cool]].
*LegacyCharacter:Jubilee.It even has been taken by two people ''at the same time''.
*LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters:So much that the only recurrent characters are Samara and Jubilee.

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