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* MindScrew: Many of his paintings are rather surreal and abstract.

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* SurrealHorror: In the sense that many of his paintings resemble actual nightmares.

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Takato Yamamoto is a Japanese painter and manga artist. He is most known for developing a unique style that he termed "Heisei aestheticism", which blends influences from Japanese ''ukiyo-e'' painting with Western gothic art to create a singularly dark but beautiful style. His work is highly detailed and surreal, often juxtaposing images of death and sexuality and featuring copious amounts of BodyHorror along the way.

* AmbiguousGender: Many of the people he paints are highly androgynous.
* BodyHorror: His paintings often feature strange constructions of flesh and bone that often take up the majority of the image. That's not getting into the regular violence and mutilation that often appears.
* EyesDoNotBelongThere: There are frequently eyes woven into the backgrounds of his images.
* {{Fanservice}} / FanDisservice: His images often feature rather explicit sex and nudity... alongside heaping helpings of SceneryGorn and BodyHorror. He also frequently portrays men and women tied up or in bondage gear.
* FlowerMotifs: Roses show up quite a lot.
* {{Gorn}}: Some of his paintings, particularly those inspired by history, can be incredibly bloody.
* GothicHorror: A definite influence on some of his work.
* SceneryGorn: He often portrays abandoned and decrepit settings, and has also painted bloody battlefields a few times.

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