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* ''The Banks'' by Creator/RoxaneGay and Ming Doyle


* ''The Banks'' by Creator/RoxaneGay Roxane Gay and Ming Doyle

* ''The Banks'' by Roxane Gay and Ming Doyle


* ''The Banks'' by Roxane Gay Creator/RoxaneGay and Ming Doyle

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[[ TKO Studios]] is an American comic book publisher founded in 2017 by Tze Chun and Salvatore Simeone. The difference between them and other comic book publishers is the way they release their comic books in different formats all at the same time (they refer to this as "binge releasing"): a trade paperback collection, a box set of single issues, and digitally in single or collected editions. For their first wave of books, they released the first issues for free digitally.

!!First wave of books (2018):
* ''Sara'' by Creator/GarthEnnis and Steve Epting
* ''The 7 Deadly Sins'' by Tze Chun and Artyom Trakhanov
* ''The Fearsome Doctor Fang'' by Mike Weiss, Tze Chun, and Dan Mcdaid
* ''Goodnight Paradise'' by Joshua Dysart and Alberto Ponticelli

!!Second wave of books (2019):
* ''Sentient'' by Creator/JeffLemire and Gabriel Walta
* ''The Banks'' by Roxane Gay and Ming Doyle
* ''Eve of Extinction'' by Sal Simeone, Steve Simeone, Isaac Goodheart, Maria Nguyen, and Nik Virella
* ''Pound for Poud'' by Natalie Chaidez and Andy Belanger

!!Third wave of books (2020):
* ''Lonesome Days, Savage Nights'' by Salvatore Simeone, Creator/SteveNiles, and Szymon Kudranski
* ''The Pull'' by Creator/SteveOrlando and Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
* ''Redfork'' by Alex Paknadel and Nil Vendrell
* ''Blood Like Garnets'' (Illustrated Prose) by Leigh Harlen and Maria Nguyen
* ''TKO Short 001: Seeds of Eden'' by Joe Corallo, Liana Kangas, and Paul Azaceta
* ''TKO Short 002: Father of All Things'' by Sebastian Girner and Baldemar Rivas
* ''TKO Short 003: Night Train'' by Steve Foxe and Lisandro Estherren


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