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Rex Taylor Reed (born October 2, 1938) is an American film critic, who writes the film column for ''The New York Observer''.

Reed has also been an occasional actor in a few films, most prominently in ''Film/MyraBreckinridge'' (1970) and ''Film/{{Inchon}}'' (1981).
!!Films with pages on TV Tropes:
* ''Film/HurrySundown'' (1967) as Farmer [[invoked]] ({{uncredited|Role}})
* ''Film/MyraBreckinridge'' (1970) as Young Man
* ''Film/SupermanTheMovie'' (1978) AsHimself
* ''Film/{{Inchon}}'' (1981) as Longfellow
* ''Film/IrreconcilableDifferences'' (1984) as Entertainment Editor
!!TV series with pages on TV Tropes:
* ''WesternAnimation/TheCritic'' (1994-1995) AsHimself (voice, two episodes)

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