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Lucas Neff (November 7, 1985) is an American actor best known for ''Series/RaisingHope'' and ''Series/CarolsSecondAct''.

He is married to actress Creator/CaitlinStasey.

!Film Roles
* ''Film/{{Amigo}}'' as Shanker
* ''Film/FearInc'' as Joe Foster
* ''Film/MarriageStory'' as Pablo

!Television Roles
* ''Series/TheBeast'' as Young Agent (1 episode)
* ''Series/RaisingHope'' as James "Jimmy" Chance
* ''Series/DownwardDog'' as Jason
* ''WesternAnimation/BigHero6TheSeries'' as Noodle Burger Boy (recurring)
* ''Series/AmericanPrincess'' as David
* ''Series/CarolsSecondAct'' as Caleb
* ''WesternAnimation/MonstersAtWork'' as Duncan

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