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John Doman Turner (October 25, 1871-January 3, 1938) was a deaf British painter known for his works like ''In The Grand Circle'' and ''Elizabeth II at Brighton''.

He died of pneumonia in 1938.

* ''Duncan and Godfrey in "The Coster's Courtship''
* ''Elizabeth II at Brighton''
* ''In the Grand Circle''
* ''Brighton Shelters''
* ''Walberswick''
* ''HMS- Sheerness''
* ''St. Valery-S-Somme''
* ''The Sound of Kerrera and Kerrera Island, Oban''
* ''Eastbourne''
* ''Canal Boats''
* ''The Fair Green, Mitcham''
* ''Mitcham Common''
* ''Ferry Road Scroll''
* ''Walberswick Scroll''
* ''Trinity Fiar Scroll''
* ''Fairground Frieze''

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