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* ''ComicBook/{{Bloodshot}}'' (with Jeff Wadlow, 2020; also producer)


* ''ComicBook/{{Bloodshot}}'' ''Film/{{Bloodshot|2020}}'' (with Jeff Wadlow, 2020; also producer)

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Eric Andrew Heisserer (born 1970) is an American writer, director, and producer.

Heisserer is best known for his work in {{science fiction}}, most notably writing the 2016 film ''Film/{{Arrival}}'', which received an UsefulNotes/AcademyAward nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. He'd previously written the [[Film/{{A Nightmare on Elm Street|2010}} 2010 remake]] of ''Film/{{A Nightmare on Elm Street|1984}}'', ''Film/FinalDestination5'', ''Film/{{Lights Out|2016}}'', and his directorial debut ''Hours'', starring Creator/PaulWalker in one of his final performances.

His follow-up to ''Arrival'', the [[Film/BirdBox film adaptation]] of Josh Malerman's 2014 novel ''Literature/BirdBox'', was released on Creator/{{Netflix}} in 2018. Within its first week of availability, ''Bird Box'' was reportedly viewed by upwards of 45 million accounts, making it Netflix's most-watched original film in the entire existence of the service.

Heisserer is also known for his association with [[Creator/ValiantComics Valiant Entertainment]]. He wrote the 2017 reboot of their ''ComicBook/SecretWeapons'' title, and was originally attached to the 2018 event series ''ComicBook/HarbingerWars2'', but pulled out after only completing a prelude issue. In addition to writing comics for the company, he will also write and produce a live-action filmed based on the ComicBook/{{Bloodshot}} character, intended to launch a Valiant {{shared universe}} for Creator/{{Sony}}.

!! Selected filmography:
!!! '''As writer'''
* ''Film/{{A Nightmare on Elm Street|2010}}'' (with Wesley Strick, 2010)
* ''Film/FinalDestination5'' (2011)
* ''Film/{{Lights Out|2016}}'' (2016; also producer)
* ''Film/{{Arrival}}'' (2016)
* ''Film/BirdBox'' (2018)
* ''ComicBook/{{Bloodshot}}'' (with Jeff Wadlow, 2020; also producer)
* ''Anime/YourName'' (live-action remake; TBD)
!! Selected bibliography:
!!! '''Creator/ValiantComics'''
* ''ComicBook/SecretWeapons'' vol. 2 (2017)
* ''ComicBook/HarbingerWars2: Prelude'' (2018)

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