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Dark Valentine, otherwise known as "D.V." or DV'84", is a MUGEN Stage creator, who first got started in April 2008, with a Web site known as D.V.'s MUGEN Works. Since then, it has blossomed into [[ D.V.'s MUGEN Works 2.5 a.k.a. Generation Now Forums]]. He is also popular on Website/YouTube as a video director. Responsible for MUGEN Visual Fanfictions such as, [[ The invitation to join Team DV]], in the words of Dark Valentine himself, is "A tribute to Streets of Rage & Final Fight. The video series, contains 10 whole episodes, and a few shorts. As it's about Rock Howard, and his trials against his nemesis, Ryuji Yamazaki. However, when Satsujinki came in, and tore Metro City apart, it's up to Rock, The Team DV & W.O.V. Metro crew, and a slew of allies. To take the city back, to its rightful owners & heroes." The Team DV series is currently on hiatus, until further notice.

His other series, which is his currently longest running series titled ''[[ City Lights]]'', is a written fan fiction come to life, with the assistance of the MUGEN engine, a slew of editing tools, and as DV himself put it, "his wild & vivid imagination". The series itself has spanned a total of 3 chapters, in its run of more than two years on [=YouTube=]. And it is the sole reason thousands of people around the world have looked up to D.V. for making such a grand series that is one of a kind. It currently has 22 episodes. The story is a mix of Melty Blood storylines, which is supposed to take place exactly one year after the Tsukihime/Melty Blood story. This fan fiction series was made before the newer Melty Blood games came about, but all taking place long after the Melty Blood universe was over. The main protagonist of the series, is a female daemon hunter named Aner Rolange. Who is a person seeking the elimination of one of the dead apostles, Warachia. In the first chapter, it consisted of where Melty Blood was ending, and City Lights itself was actually beginning. Which it did not officially begin, until Episode 8 of the series. Where Aner Rolange made her debut.

This masterpiece that Dark Valentine has created, along with the Team DV series, has made many other Website/YouTube users & MUGEN users alike, begin to create their own works of art. in the form of Fan Fiction story telling. Seeing that D.V. himself has made use of something that was once thought to be a dead concept in this day & age. And that is his imagination.

His original series, "The Ode to Violence", which was first done on [[ Cyberfanatix Forums]], is a fan fiction concept created by both Dark Valentine & Vice Vecta. In which the hero was Dan Hibiki, who turned violent in a quest to redeem himself and save the world. All while finding out much about his once-presumed-deceased father. This series, unlike the Team DV & City Lights series, debuted when Dark Valentine first signed up to [=YouTube=] in 2006. This was his first series, which also was a joint project with Vice Vecta, in his early days of video making. Which did not have as verbose editing tools then, as he does now with Team DV & City Lights. The Ode to Violence series has come to a close at 33 episodes.

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