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[[caption-width-right:318:He was savage. He was truly wild.]]

''The Savage'' is a piece of YoungAdult graphic novel written by Creator/DavidAlmond and illustrated by Creator/DaveMcKean. It's a story about a boy named Blue, who in an effort to cope with his father's death starts to write and draw a story about a boy in the woods, simply known as the savage. [[spoiler:Unknown to him the savage is real.]] It was first published in 2008.

!! This book provides examples of:

* AffectionateNickname: Blue calls his mother "Mam".
* AnAxeToGrind: Aside from some old Kitchen knives The Savage's weapon of choice seems to be an ax stolen from Franky Finnigin.
* GoodOldFisticuffs: Instead of killing Hopper like he originally planned The Savage proceeds to punch him.
* GoodParents: By all accounts Blue's Dad and Mam are shown to be caring parents.
* ImAHumanitarian: The Savage is stated to kill and eat people in Blue's story. [[spoiler:It's not truly known if he's this in reality, but considering everything else seen of him follows Blue's story he likely is.]]
* [[spoiler:RealAfterAll]]: [[spoiler:The Savage is revealed to be real at the end of the story.]]
* WildChild: The Savage is openly acknowledged as being completely feral.


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