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* BadassCape: Green Ghost wears an impressive looking cape.
* MeaningfulName: Green Ghost has abilities that include levitation, astral projection, and turning invisible. That, and he has a green colour.
* PublicDomainCharacter: Green Ghost was a superhero existing in the Golden Age of Comics, and he wasn't the only character to end up in the public domain.

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Ghost is a superhero, who is also a magician and occult investigator. His real name is George Chance. He was created by Nedor Comics back in April 1940. However, he fell out of use on February 1946 and became a public domain character. However, Creator/AlanMoore revived him and many other Nedor Comics characters in his ''ComicBook/TomStrong'' story. In this storyline, he takes on the name Green Ghost.

!!This comic book character provides examples of:


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