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[[redirect:Characters/StarWars]]All character tropes should go on '''the ''Star Wars'' [[Characters/StarWars character pages]]'''. The characters from ''Blade Squadron'' are listed below with the character page they are currently on.
!Characters in ''Blade Squadron''

* Rebel Alliance
** [[Characters/StarWarsRebelAllianceAndNewRepublicNavy Rebel Alliance Navy]]: Gial Ackbar
** [[Characters/StarWarsRebelAllianceAndNewRepublicStarfighterCorps Rebel Alliance Starfighter Corps]]: '''Adon Fox''', Braylen Stramm, Gina Moonsong, Fanty
* Galactic Empire
** Imperial Navy
*** [[Characters/StarWarsImperialDeathSquadron Imperial Death Squadron]]: '''Jhared Montferrat''', '''Gradd'''


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