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This page is for the characters that are from ''Machinima/SodorTheEarlyYears''. Any characters that were from the Railway Series and Televsion series can be seen [[Characters/TheRailwaySeries here]] and [[Characters/ThomasTheTankEngine here]].




One of the original engines of the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway. She taught Thomas how to run branchlines before he took over his own.

Sometime during 1934, the railway was desperate for money and needed to present a modern image to the world. It was believed that she had been scrapped along with the other Wellsworth and Suddery engines. [[spoiler: It was later revealed that she was saved from scrap by her crew, courtesy of the Fat Director. She was planned to be sent to Scotland along with Neil, but her ship sank during a storm. Luckily, Lily was found by a diver many years later and the current controller restored her so she can work on Thomas' branchline.]]

* CharacterTic: Lily calls other engines by their full names instead of their more common nicknames. Eg: she calls 'The Works Diesel', Geoff, by Geoffery.
* {{Expy}}: Was originally developed as being ''Sodor the Early Years''[='=] answer to Lady.
* FishOutOfWater: Because she was underwater for a long time, she had to get used to the modern world Sodor had become.
* ProperLady: Lampshaded by Gordon at one point.
-->'''Gordon:''' She's always been a proper lady.
* RejectedApology: She blames Henry for indirectly causing Colin's accident with the houses back in 1923, and had Henry came out of the tunnel, all of this would've been prevented. Despite Henry's apology and explaining his change, Lily refused to listen to reason, and still holds a grudge against him.


A visiting diesel from BR, who Henry helped get to Crovans Gate (He takes up Bear's spot in the story). Since then, he had visited the railway on many occasions when the workload was high. During 1985, when Barry came to be restored, he was bought to Sodor to help with the goods traffic [[ and to escape]] [[RealLifeWritesThePlot being withdrawn like his brothers]], and now he mostly works alongside Peter.

* ReplacementGoldfish: He took up Bear's place in 'Super Rescue'. This was because there was no model of Bear at the time.

!! Sheffield

* CanonCharacterAllAlong: [[spoiler: He's really 16 from Wilbert The Forest Engine, and is also meant to be the Austerity Engine that the Fat Controller mentioned at the end of the same book.]]
* GreenAndMean: [[DownplayedTrope Downplayed]]
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: He's rough and blunt but still a good engine.
* PerpetualFrowner: He's always seen frowning when he first came to Sodor, but later on, he does show a slight smile every now and then.



A B12 locomotive who came to the Island of Sodor before. He was sent away due to bad behavior, but despite this, came back as a spare engine on a few occasions.

* AscendedExtra: You see, Alfred was 98462 from the original Railway Series and is one of the engines were very rude to Edward in the first book, but was never seen again after that. Around 2009, a Website/YouTube user named Skarloey123 created a fan series called ''Machinima/SodorDarkTimes'', which was a [[AlternateUniverse alternative reality]] take if the series went dark. The main antagonist was Alfred, who was a mad bomber psychopath who wanted revenge on the engines of Sodor, and later reveled to be 98462. Alfred in this series is depicted as he was in before. However, the creator changed him into someone who was just a jerk to Gordon.
* ForeverWar: Had this with Gordon since his arrival. It started out when he overhead the Fat Director talking with Nigel Gresley that he'll take an engine from his railway as an exchange for Gordon.


A recently built A1 Peppercorn who came to helpout with Gordon's passenger trains until he was finished being repaired.

* ReplacementGoldfish: He was like this to Gordon for a few episodes.


[[folder: Humans]]

!! Mervyn Burns
* BigBad: Of Season 5 of ''Sodor the Early Years''.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: [[spoiler: He's the head of Sodor Road freight who also runs a contraband smuggling operation between Sodor and Ireland.]]
* DirtyCoward: [[spoiler: When he realizes that the police are onto him, he flees in his car.]]

!! Norman Spencer
* BigBad: Of ''Winds Of Change''. He planned to modernize the North Western Railway by sending every steam engine off to heritage railways, museums, or scrapyards, and replacing them all with diesels.
* NotEvilJustMisunderstood: When he realises he doesn't understand the railway, he resigns and takes a job with a bank in Copenhagen.
* PutOnTheBus: Left in ''Winds of Change'' with a couple of fleeting mentions since.
** TheBusCameBack: [[spoiler: is returning in the mini series, ''Couriers and Concerns'']]

!! Emily Helen Hatt
* TeamMum: Even before she [[spoiler: became the fat controller]], Miss Hatt has maintained a gentle and caring influence on the NWR engines.


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