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* ShoutOut: Listed in the online shop as "Professor Charles," he's described as one of the headmaster's of the School of Magic. This is likely a reference to Professor Charles Xavier.



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[[folder:Training Hall / Fighter's Guild / War College]]
''"Young and brash, Theor comes from a long line of skilled warriors. After traveling for a few years he has moved back to the city hearing a band of bandits had raided his village. He is now seeking allies to exact revenge on the bandits."''

Classed as a Fighter. One of the starting heroes, based at the Training Hall.
* DoomedHometown: It's not seen directly, but Theor's personal quests involve tracking down and destroying the bandit gang that pillaged his home village.
* HeroicLineage: He comes from one.

''"Almost a King's knight but not quite, Gauvin is trying hard to become a knight on his own terms. He dreams of the day where he'll save a princess from the claws of a dragon."''

Classed as a Fighter. Unlocked at the Training Hall.
* KnightInShiningArmor: He aspires to be a classic knight [[TheDragonslayer slaying dragons]] to [[DamselInDistress rescue princesses]].
* MommasBoy: When selling things to him, he sometimes mentions having to ask his mother about it. Some of his personal quests are to get her presents.
* TheSquire: He's "almost a King's knight but not quite".
* WellDoneSonGuy: One of his personal quests is to improve his sword-fighting enough to impress his father. By the time this quest is available, he'll probably be fairly high-level already, so it seems that his father takes a lot of impressing.

''"An old warrior of many campaigns, Lancaster has returned to the city to build a new company and take on mercenary contracts."''

Classed as a Fighter. Unlocked at the Fighter's Guild.
* AnAxeToGrind: His best weapon affinity is for axes, although he can also use swords, spears, and hammers.
* BandOfBrothers: One of his skills is called "Brothers-in-Arms", and can grant a boost to heroes in a party he leads.
* OldSoldier: He's a veteran, and is now building a mercenary company of his own. His personal quests relate to this.

''"If there's a fight to be had, you can bet Francesca will be there. She loves fighting and she's good at it. No wonder she enrolled herself in the Fighter's Guild despite her parents' desires."''

Classed as a Spellcaster. Unlocked at the Fighter's Guild (despite her class).
* BloodKnight: Keen enough on fighting to join the Fighter's Guild despite opposition.
* MagicKnight: Her class is Spellcaster, but she's based at the Fighter's Guild. Her art shows her with both a sword and a magic staff, and she can use both although her highest weapon affinity is actually for guns, if you can provide them.

''"Probably the fiercest warrior there is, it is said that Alicia was raised by dragons. It's not so hard to believe it once you see her fight." ''

Classed as a Fighter. Unlocked at the War College.
* BandagedFace: Only partially, but she has bandages around the top of her head (including across one eye).
* CoolHelmet: She's shown in artwork with a distinctive horned helmet, although it differs a bit from the classic style used by HornyVikings.
* RaisedByWolves: If she really was raised by dragons, it didn't leave her with the lack of social skills which normally accompanies the trope she's actually quite polite.

''"Mojian is a scary man. Banned from his homeland he came to take revenge here and rumor has it he's plotting against the King himself!"''

Classed as a Spellcaster. Unlocked at the War College.
* TheCoup: His vehement denials that he's plotting to overthrow the king [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial indicate that the rumors are probably right]]. His personal quests, he insists, are absolutely not advancing such a scheme.
* TheExile: He was banished from his homeland and vengeful about it.
* PowerFloats: He begins to levitate from time to time as a sort of IdleAnimation.
* ShockAndAwe: His final skill is a very powerful Thunderbolt.
* YouHaveNoIdeaWhoYoureDealingWith: He gives a line like this if you increase your prices on him.

[[folder:Temple / Cathedral]]
''"Earning his priestly robes during the past year, Minh has developed into a well known figure around the city. He is reliable and well liked amongst citizens."''

Classed as a Spellcaster. One of the starting heroes, based at the Temple.
* DropTheHammer: Although he's depicted with a staff, his highest equipment affinity is actually for hammers/maces.
* SacredScripture: His last personal quest is to retrieve some of these from orcs.
* WhiteMage: A spellcaster priest who has two skills relating to healing (one of which shortens healing time; the other of which revives fallen comrades).

''"The life of a city guard is not an easy one, but it suits Clovis just fine. He knows the city needs to be protected and if it weren't for him who knows if it would still be standing as it is."''

Classed as a Fighter. Unlocked at the Temple.
* CityGuards: He's a city guard, although seems to be [[OneHourWorkWeek free to pursue his own affairs]] regardless.
* TheLeader: One of his skills increases the strength of any team he leads, and his personal quest involves leading a troop against orcs.
* ReligiousBruiser: Although a city guard, the fact that you raise his level through the Temple suggests that he (like Edward and Fiora) falls into this category.

''"Generous and naive, Fiora was the ideal candidate for the Order. She serves in the Cathedral as one of the most selfless paladins."''

Classed as a Fighter. Unlocked at the Cathedral.
* DropTheHammer: Her best weapon affinity is for maces and hammers.
* FindTheCure: Her personal questline involves a long trip to find a cure for a sick child.
* ThePaladin: She's referred to as such by the game (although it's not an in-game class), and she has a skill that allows her to revive fallen comrades.

''"Edward is a pious man. He has been serving the Gods ever since he was a child. Sometimes he even helps those that would turn against him."''

Classed as a Fighter. Unlocked at the Cathedral.
* ThePaladin: Like Fiora, he fits the archetype, being a devout warrior with a skill that allows him to revive fallen comrades.
* ReligiousBruiser: He's highly religious.

[[folder:Thief's Hideout]]
''"A mysterious figure around the city, Garreth is a man of few words. No one knows where he comes from or what he is doing in these parts, and no one dares to ask."''

Classed as a Rogue. One of the starting heroes.
* InTheHood: Wears a big hood coupled with a high collar, leaving not a lot of his face visible.
* MysteriousStranger: To the public at large, anyway.
* ShoutOut: His name may be a nod to Garrett from the ''VideoGame/{{Thief}}'' series.
* ThievesGuild: His personal quests involve him joining a gang of thieves called the White Tigers. To do this, he has to pass an initiation test and then, when that isn't enough, he proves his abilities by stealing something from their leader.

''"Stealthy and with quick hands Mila will relieve anyone of their troubles, if by troubles you mean gold pieces that is!"''

Classed as a Rogue.
* BackhandedCompliment: She'll tell you that "you're not as stupid as you look" if you're not willing to pay full price for an item she's trying to off-load on you.
* FiveFingerDiscount: Besides the obvious fact that she's a thief, she mentions this by name when she's given a more conventional discount. It's also implied if you overcharge her for something, as this prompts her to say that she'll "be back later...".
* MulticoloredHair: Her hair is mostly white/grey (though not obviously through age), with a bit of purple at the front which matches her eyes.
* TreasureMap: Her personal quests involve looking for buried treasure, with the first step being to retrieve a treasure map.

''"A shadow in the night, she is rarely seen in the daylight. Rumor has it she's actually a princess fled from an eastern land, but her skillset does not seem princely."''

Classed as a Rogue.
* ElectiveMute: She never speaks when visiting your shop. If you do her personal quests, however, it turns out that she can speak if she wants to.
* {{Ninja}}: One of two heroes to fit the typical ninja image (the other being Kuro Shobi).
* RebelliousPrincess: She's rumored to be runaway royalty from a distant kingdom.
* StockNinjaWeaponry: Odette can be equipped with projectile weapons (a category which includes shuriken and darts), although unlike Kuro Shobi, she doesn't have to be.

[[folder:School of Magic]]
''"First of her class at the School of Magic, Melina is set to become on of the best students in years. She is very outgoing and inquisitive by nature."''

Classed as a Spellcaster. One of the starting heroes.
* GenkiGirl: She's particularly cheerful and enthusiastic in her interactions.
* MagicStaff: Her highest affinity is for staves, although she can use other weapons as well (including [[ArcherArchetype bows]]).
* WizardingSchool: She's top of her class at one of these.

''"Being a teacher at the School of Magic, Nya has trained many spellcasters in her short time there, but rarely have they become as powerful as she is."''

Classed as a Spellcaster.
* NoSocialSkills: She's rather odd in her interactions for example, an unsuccessful attempt at complementing her causes her to talk about your disturbing aura, and even a successful compliment still causes her to think you're strange.
* MagicStaff: Her highest affinity is for staves, and her art shows her with one.
* SupernaturalIsPurple: Her outfit leans heavily towards purple (as do those of two magic-using shop employees you can hire, suggesting that the colour might be associated with magic generally, although it's certainly not a universal rule).
* WizardingSchool: She's an instructor there. One of her quests involves bringing along Melina, suggesting that Melina is one of her students.
* WorthlessYellowRocks: One of her eccentricities seems to be a mild version of this; when given a discount, she says "This gold, does it matter so?"

''"This mysterious woman comes from a distant village where she was the shaman. Spirits have guided her path with enigmatic prophecies and have led her to the city where she now resides."''

Classed as a Spellcaster.
* TheProphecy: She came to town based on spirit-delivered prophecies.
* ProverbialWisdom: Much of what she says takes this form, although some of her proverbs are more mystical-sounding than others.
* SoulPower: A shaman who is guided by spirits. Her personal quests start when those spirits give her a direction to an alley in town.
* WitchDoctor: She has healing among her skills.

[[folder:Hunter's Lodge]]
''"Karal hails from the plains. She appears simple minded because she does not speak our language and it seems to suit her just fine."''

Classed as a Fighter.
* AnAxeToGrind: Her artwork shows her with a large axe, and in gameplay terms, it's the piece of equipment for which she has the highest affinity.
* BarbarianHero: She comes from a plains tribe (possibly the same one as Kurul). She's a lot more cheerful than a lot of barbarian heroes, though.
* ExposedToTheElements: Like a lot of barbarian heroes, she doesn't wear very much but one of her quests is still to go and kill an animal from which she can make something warmer for the winter.
* YouNoTakeCandle: Her sentences all tend to be very simple and often, she just cheerfully announces her name ("I am Karal!") as an all-purpose response. However, she may be using a form of ElectiveBrokenLanguage, given that it "seems to suit her just fine" to be thought simple-minded.

''"Fearsome hunter of beasts, Palash traveled from a far away land in order to hunt a beast that can only be found on this continent, the mythical Grandicus."''

Classed as a Rogue.
* ArcherArchetype: His best weapon affinity is for bows, although he can use other weapons as well. He's the hunter variant of this trope rather than a ForestRanger he's in town specifically to hunt a rare beast.
* TheQuietOne: He's pretty terse in most of his interactions, although he has more to say when introducing his personal quests.

''"This monster of a man puts fear into the hearts of his opponents just by staring at them. Kurul wants to become King of the Plains, but he needs to find his ancestor's weapon first."''

Classed as a Fighter.
* AncestralWeapon: He wants to find the weapon of his ancestors in order to become King of the Plains.
* BarbarianHero: Another plains barbarian like Karal. He's rather grimmer than her, though, and probably fits the image of the typical barbarian hero more closely.
* {{Hulkspeak}}: He always shouts and often talks about smashing things.

[[folder:Fountain / Theater]]
''"Albert is a man of many talents; he can sing a song to put the most fearsome beasts to sleep, as well as entertain an inn full of revelers."''

Classed as a Spellcaster. Unlocked at the Fountain.
* TheBard: Although there's no full Bard class (he's classed as a spellcaster), this is definitely his archetype.
* MagicMusic: He "can sing a song to put the most fearsome beasts to sleep", and he can be equipped with a musical instrument.
* SerenadeYourLover: He wants to do this as part of his personal quests.

''"Tread lightly around Irene as she does not give way easily. This swashbuckling lady will not leave anyone indifferent."''

Classed as a Rogue. Unlocked at the Fountain.
* HairTriggerTemper: Gets angry easily, and is probably the most demanding customer.
* {{Swashbuckler}}: She looks like a hero out of this genre, although her personality is more abrasive than normal.

''"Captain of the mighty caravel ''Le Voyageur'' Darthos has sailed many seas. His seafaring days have been cut short by the grounding of his ship 5 years ago."''

Classed as a Rogue. Unlocked at the Theater.
* ShoutOut: Given his resemblance to the ''Literature/TheThreeMusketeers'', his name might well be a portmanteau of "d'Artagnan" and "Porthos".
* {{Swashbuckler}}: Like Irene, he looks like he would fit this genre.

''"A voice like no other, Oneira has quickly rose to be the number one attraction at the Theatre, but that might only be a diversion as to her true motives."''

Classed as a Spellcaster.
* TheBard: She's based at the theatre, and she can be equipped with a musical instrument although in fact, she has just as much affinity for magical pendants, which occupy the same inventory slot.
* FavorsForTheSexy: She seems to be used to this sort of thing she greets you with "Finally, someone to attend to me", and when offered a discount, says that "I always get what I want".
* MeaningfulName: Her name looks to be derived from the Greek word for "dream" (ὄνειρος), which could be read both positively (a dream come true) or less so (an illusion).
* {{Paparazzi}}: In her first personal quest, she describes the person following her as this.

''"People have often seen Louca bring strange devices in and out of her warehouse in the port. It's not clear what her genius mind has concocted this time!"''

Classed as a Rogue.
* WrenchWench: She's mechanically inclined (and is depicted holding an actual wrench), although this doesn't actually have much bearing on gameplay.

!!Kuro Shobi
''"From a land far East, Kuro Shobi is an elite agent from an ancient empire. Better not get in her way if she wants something or else you might disappear."''

Classed as a Rogue.
* MeaningfulName: Kuro Shobi's name is probably from the Japanese 黒 (black) and 薔薇 (rose), although "shobi" is a [[AlternateCharacterReading less common reading]] for the latter than the alternative "bara" (as is used in the manga ''Manga/KurobaraAlice'', for example).
* StockNinjaWeaponry: One of her equipment slots is for projectile weapons (which includes shuriken and darts), and unlike Odette (another ninja-ish character), there aren't any alternatives which can be substituted.





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