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* Characters/{{Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Champions From I-V}}
* Characters/{{Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Champions From VI-X}}
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* CoatCape: In his alternate costume, Zenos wears a military jacket over his shoulders in this style. This same jacket was worn by [[spoiler:Elidibus after he had taken Zenos's body]].

* CoolHelmet: His skull like, horned helmet is an extra costume free to download as a promotion with the release of the ''Shadowbringers'' expansion of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIV''.

* EmpoweredBadassNormal: Garleans lack the ability to use magic of any kind, so to empower himself, he researched how to create an artificial Echo, successfully doing so by the end of the expansion. Beyond that, he is probably the most "normal" of all the antagonists, as all his feats are just raw power and skill or that of katana that are already themselves and {{magitek}} as a go between.


* EmpoweredBadassNormal: Garleans lack the ability to use magic of any kind, so to empower himself, he researched how to create an artificial Echo, successfully doing so by the end of the expansion. Beyond that, he is probably the most "normal" of all the antagonists, as all his feats are just raw power and skill or that of katana that are already themselves magical and {{magitek}} as a go between.

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** His alternate weapons are player obtained Katanas, ones from trials with significance to Zenos such as Susanoo, Shinryu and Omega.

** In his introduction trailer, he is standing over a fallen Y'shtola. In ''Stormblood'', Zenos mortally wounded Y'shtola at the start of the expansion, removing her from the entire storyline.


** In his introduction trailer, he is standing over a fallen Y'shtola. In ''Stormblood'', Zenos mortally critically wounded Y'shtola at the start of the expansion, removing her from the entire storyline.

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* BlastingTime: As Vaan's quickening animations are inspired by baseball and softball pitches, Red Spiral, White Whorl and Pyroclasm feature Vaan winding in order to execute the magic.

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* DifficultButAwesome: Zenos is limited to having the same attacks while on the ground and in the air (a set of slashes, a charge, and throwing out a projectile), which means he can often miss his targets because he has no way of attacking in different directions against a target. His EX skill is also tricky to land as well because of the player needing to manually choose which attack to use. If the player plans their attacks better and adjusts to this however, Zenos is an imposing fighter who can catch the enemy off guard with the buffs the different EX skills give him, along with being able to use a EX HP attack that can help him catch his target off guard as well.

* InstantRunes: The Concurrences activate through energy runes much like in their home game.


* InstantRunes: The Concurrences activate through energy runes much like in their home game. Calamitous Orb also fires a rune that fires magic shots from it.

* Fireballs: Fire is of course a barrage of up to four fireball attacks that can be fired in sequence.

* LimitBreak: Her EX Skill is her signature [[DeflectorShields Aetherial Pulse]] skill, which rapidly heals the bravery and health of her teammates while it is being channelled. She also has her ''second'' Limit Break in Spiritual Ray, as an actual HP attack.


* InstantRunes: Spiritual Ray conjures one when the damage portion of the spell activates.
* LimitBreak: Her EX Skill is her signature [[DeflectorShields Aetherial Pulse]] skill, which rapidly heals the bravery and health of her teammates while it is being channelled.channeled. She also has her ''second'' Limit Break in Spiritual Ray, as an actual HP attack.

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* PainfullySlowProjectile: Aero fires spheres of wind that stalk enemies critical to the zoning and trap oriented conjurer skills.

[[caption-width-right:350:''[[LightningBruiser The Flash]]'']]


[[caption-width-right:350:''[[LightningBruiser [[caption-width-right:350:''[[MeaningfulRename The Flash]]'']]

* AnIcePerson: Frigid Strike, Icy Uppercut, Earthward Blow and Blizzaga all conjure ice magic


* AnIcePerson: Frigid Strike, Icy Uppercut, Earthward Blow and Blizzaga all conjure ice magicAnimalMotifs: His Wild Bear costume will dress him with his original outfit from ''XIII'', complete with his default weapon the Wild Bear emblem, fitting for a gentle yet protective giant such as himself.

* AnIcePerson: Frigid Strike, Icy Uppercut, Earthward Blow and Blizzaga all conjure ice magic

* EvilWeapon: Ame-no-Habakiri glows with a [[RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver red and black aura]] and is the most powerful of Zenos's three swords, its said to have recieved its power when the kami Susano used it to slay a powerful demon and the blade itself became cursed by its blood.


* EvilWeapon: Ame-no-Habakiri glows with a [[RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver red and black aura]] and is the most powerful of Zenos's three swords, its said to have recieved received its power when the kami Susano used it to slay a powerful demon and the blade itself became cursed by its blood.

** He has one that the effect of is dependent on which sword he currently has drawn, The Storm has Soul of the Storm an EnergyBall made of lighting, The Swell has Soul of the Swell a RazorWind with a large vertical hitbox and Ame-no-Habakiri has Soul of the Sword, multiple energy bullets.
** The Earth Veinsplitter version of his Veinsplitter HP Attack has him throw a [[DishingOutDirt shockwave through the earth]].
** Lightless Spark is a fairly standard horizontal energy wave that [[ChargedAttack can be charged]]


** He has one that the effect of is dependent on which sword he currently has drawn, The Storm has Soul of the Storm an EnergyBall made of lighting, The Swell has Soul of the Swell a RazorWind with a large vertical hitbox powerful knockback and Ame-no-Habakiri has Soul of the Sword, multiple energy bullets.
a MagicMissileStorm.
** The Earth Veinsplitter Vein Splitter version of his Veinsplitter Vein Splitter HP Attack has him throw a [[DishingOutDirt shockwave through the earth]].
** Lightless Spark is a fairly standard horizontal energy wave that [[ChargedAttack can be charged]]charged]] to increase its range.

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A character sheet for the characters that appear in ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy2015'' Be aware that there may be '''unmarked spoilers''' from each character's respective games.



!!From VideoGame/FinalFantasyXI
!!!'''Voiced by:''' Music/MegumiHayashibara (Japanese), Creator/CandiMilo (English)
->''"I will dispense with the greetings since your lives will be fleeting."''

[[caption-width-right:350:''[[ChristmasCake The Matron]]'']]

A popular NPC from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXI''. A veteran from the Crystal War, retired Minister of Windurst, and a BlackMage without equal, Shantotto spent her days in [[RetiredBadass retirement]] researching magic and tasking adventurers to aid her in her studies in exchange for training in magic and staff-fighting... when she wasn't [[{{Curse}} cursing]] them for petty slights. \\
Shantotto is a Marksman-type fighter that bombards enemies with slow but high powered spells from a distance. Her unique gimmick is that when her HP is reduced to a certain threshold, she goes into [[TurnsRed Engraged]] mode which allows her to fire much faster and more plentiful, but weaker, spells. Her EX Skill, Collosal Shantotto, is a high-powered homing ranged attack used for nuking a large portion of the opponents' Bravery; it also makes her invincible to both HP and bravery attacks while in use.
* ActionPolitician: Shantotto's alternate outfit has her in the coat she must have worn during her tenure as a minister of Windurst.
* AntiHero: Despite fighting on Materia's side, Shantotto has quite a large ego and a violent streak to boot.
* AttackOfThe50FootWhatever: Her EX Skill is the aptly named Colossal Shantotto where she becomes gigantic and attacks with a very powerful [[CastingAShadow dark flame]], likely as a reference to her cameo in Final Fantasy XIV, where she summoned a giant copy of herself as a FATE boss.
* BlackMage: Shantotto thinks [[WhiteMage White Mages]] are pansies and [[RedMage Red Mages]] are barbarians.
* BlackMagicianGirl: An older version of what this trope normally entails, but Shantotto has the haughty, brash and loudmouthed personality down pat.
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: In the original ''Dissidia'' she represented ''XI'' as a whole, with her various outfits being famous armor pieces from that game and her attacks being the standard Black Mage spells. Here she's more based on her own role from the ''A Shantotto Ascension'' expansion, with her attacks and outfits being based on herself and those of her counterparts in that game.
* ElementalPowers: Shantotto's main attacking spells cover ''XI's'' main six elements with [[PlayingWithFire Fire]], [[MakingASplash Water]], [[ShockAndAwe Lightning]], [[DishingOutDirt Earth]], [[BlowYouAway Wind]] and [[AnIcePerson Ice]], and she rounds out the arsenal with [[CastingAShadow Dark]] and [[HolyHandGrenade Holy]] HP attacks as well.
* EvilCounterpart: Referenced with her alternate outfits, where she dresses as Domina Shantotto and Belle Shantotto, her doppelgangers from the ''A Shantotto Ascension'' expansion for ''XI''.
* {{Fireballs}}: Flare and Fire are both fireball attacks, Flare being one large one while Fire is several small ones.
* FragileSpeedster: When in her Enraged mode Shantotto's spells are faster, more plentiful and she move while casting them but she is far easier to kill with her lower HP.
* HolyHandGrenade: She has Belle Shantotto's signature attack Divine Malison, a downpour of holy {{Energy Ball}}s falling on the enemy.
* KillerRabbit: Shantotto is a tiny, adorable, munchkin-like magician that is far more powerful then she appears, Firion and Tidus treat her with caution and are easily cowed by her threats.
* LadyOfBlackMagic: Shorter and more brash than most, she compensates with powerful elemental spells, ladylike manner, and the prideful, haughty demeanor. She even does an aristocratic NobleWomansLaugh.
* LongRangeFighter: Shantotto lacks any sort of keep away moves.
* MagicStaff: True to Final Fantasy XI, Shantotto's staff will remain [[SticksToTheBack firmly]] on her back when casting her bravery attacks which are spells but will see actual action when using HP Attacks which are Weapon Skills.
* MightyGlacier: She is a magical version of this in her normal mode, having slower more powerful one hit spells and the inability to move while casting.
* MythologyGag: When defeated, she turns into a doll. This is a reference to a special boss battle against Shantotto in FFXI, where Shantotto has the player fight against a puppet she brought to life.
* NobleWomansLaugh: Shantotto still does this at regular intervals, even as a selectable pre battle chat option.
* OlderThanTheyLook: She's a middle-aged Tarutaru, a race which maintains a child-like size and appearance their whole life. Her title of "Matron" lampshades this trope.
* PowerFloats: Shantotto will actually do the running for quickmoves but she floats when attacking and posing.
* PrecisionGuidedBoomerang: Retribution is a boomeranged staff throw which is liable to hit enemies with the BoomerangComeback if they let their guard down from dodging the initial toss.
* RhymesOnADime: Shantotto tends to speak like this; a chance to rhyme she'll never miss. [[UpToEleven Nor is it restricted to Shantotto's own speech]] - her ranked-match trophy also rhymes, as does her character brief.
* SinisterScythe: She brings has Domina Shantotto's Salvation Scythe skill which has her actually using a scythe to [[SwordBeam fire blades]] of [[CastingAShadow darkness]].
* SmartPeopleWearGlasses: In her Federation Minister costume she wears a pair of glasses, presumably to look more professional in her government position.
* SnarkToSnarkCombat: Shantotto and Ultimecia's mudslinging has got to be the greatest example of this trope in ''Final Fantasy''.
* SphereOfDestruction: Vidohunir is one where the enemy gets suctioned into it.
* StandardStatusEffects: Vidohunir inflicts a very powerful DamageIncreasingDebuff that only works for Shantotto's own attacks, Divine Malision inflicts the enemy with a DamageOverTime, a guard duration debuff and a defense down and Salvation Scythe inflicts a DamageOverTime and reduces damage dealt.
* TinyTyrannicalGirl: And how
* TornadoMove: [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Tornado predictably]] launches a tornado at enemies.
* TurnsRed: When Shantotto's health reaches a certain threshold she goes into ''Enraged'' mode which makes her attacks far faster but weaker as a trade off.
* UniversalPoison: Shantotto's Dash Attack is the Bio spell which gives the enemy a DamageOverTime effect.
* VocalEvolution: While her voice actress from the original ''Dissidia'' returns, she gives Shantotto a higher pitch and this time around, and she talks a bit faster, making her rhyming come more fluidly.

!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/SatoshiMikami (Japanese), Jeff Schine (English)
->''"I am one step closer to Paradise."''

[[caption-width-right:350:''[[AristocratsAreEvil The Sovereign]]'']]

A villain from VideoGame/FinalFantasyXI, in the original game, Kam'lanaut was one of the two royal princes of the [[{{Precursors}} Zilart race]]. Long ago he and his race experienced a vision of Paradise and dedicated themselves into opening the [[TowerOfBabel "Gate of the Gods"]] by using the five Mothercrystals only for sabotage to cause their dangerous experiments to go awry [[HumanPopsicle freezing Kam'lanaut and his brother in time]]. Awakening during the Crystal War because of the actions of the Shadow Lord, Kam'lanaut used [[TechnologyUplift his knowledge of crystal synthesis]] to amass power among the people and establish the Grand Duchy of Jeuno, uniting the great nations together to wipe out the Shadow Lord. Twenty years later Kam'lanaut and his brother began their plan anew resuming their dangerous experiments to open the gateway to paradise.\\
Kam'lanaut is a Specialist type fighter who can wade into the front lines with punishing sword attacks. His unique Magic Sword system gives him a unique buff every time he lands a bravery attack allowing him to execute a more powerful version of that same attack by delaying the second button input. His EX skill is Esoteric Scrivening, which creates a trap sphere which will debuff enemies who blunder into them, Kam'lanaut's buffs will also last longer for each Esoteric Scrivening placed on the field with a maximum of 4.
* ArmorIsUseless: His default costume is in his battle armor from XI but his alternate costume is his Archduke robes, which he takes the same amount of damage in.
* BarrierWarrior: His Intervene HP Attack will block enemy attacks using his shield as a medium for barrier magic before striking them.
* BrightIsNotGood: Kam'lanaut wears a suit of armor which is dominantly white and gold in color and has light elemental attacks.
* CoolSword: He wields a longsword known as the Sublime Estoc in his left hand.
* ElementalPowers: His sword is enchanted with a different element for each attack including [[PlayingWithFire Fire]], [[MakingASplash Water]], [[BlowYouAway Wind]], [[DishingOutDirt Earth]], [[AnIcePerson Ice]],[[ShockAndAwe Lightning]] and [[LightEmUp Light]].
* EvolvingAttack: Kam'lanaut's Light Blade attack gets more and more powerful the more you use it, not unlike Vaan's HP Attacks.
* FacialMarkings: He has two magenta stripes on his cheeks.
* FlamingSword: His aptly named Flame Blade/Ignition attack will enchant his sword this way.
* FlyingWeapon: His shield hovers next to his arm rather than being mounted on it.
* GroundShatteringLanding: The Savage Blade attack upends the earth on impact much like it did in ''XI'' proper.
* HighCollarOfDoom: In his Archduke costume where he has tall sinister collar flaring out.
* ImmortalityBeginsAtTwenty: He's about 53 years old not including the time he spent in stasis, but remains preserved as a beautiful young man due to being a Zilart.
* KnightlySwordAndShield: A villainous example, the treacherous prince of the Zilart uses a sword and shield as is be fitting for a nobleman such as himself.
* LagCancel: He can cancel the ending lag of his bravery attacks into his Esoteric Scrivening EX Skill.
* LightEmUp: His signature Light Blade attack, the only of his elemental spellblades not to be a bravery attack, Spirits Within will also cause an explosion of light at the enemies location.
* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: He wields a [[FlyingWeapon floating shield]] on his right arm. Using it with his Shield Bash dash attack and Intervene HP Attack, he can plow through enemy attacks, defending and attacking at the same time.
* MagicKnight: One of the truest examples in Dissidia, all of Kam'lanaut's bravery attacks combine his swordplay with magic.
* MythologyGag:
** The way Kam'lanaut is introduced in his debut trailer is identical to how he enters the battle with the player in ''Final Fantasy XI'' complete with the change of costume from his archduke outfit to his battle armor.
** Savage Blade, Spirits Within, Intervene and Shield Bash are not skills Kam'lanaut uses but are instead weapon skills and SP abilities a players can learn.
* PimpedOutCape: In his Archduke costume his hair is shorter but he wears a long cape tied in a similar manner to his hair.
* PowerFloats: Kam'lanaut moves entirely with levitation rather then by foot.
* RageAgainstTheHeavens: A subtle version. When Onion Knight observes that he must have been summoned to World B by Spiritus, Kam'lanaut retorts that it was more like he was ''dragged'' to World B. He also shows no interest in fighting Materia's champions until it's mentioned that battle creates power in this world.
* RapunzelHair: He has a long ankle length ponytail in his default costume. Its averted in his alternate outfit however which has hair at a more reasonable length.
* ShieldBash: He can clobber enemies with his shield with the aptly named Shield Bash attack.
* ASinisterClue: He's a very evil lefty.
* SpellBlade: His blade is enchanted with a different element for each attack with his unique magic sword gimmick. After striking with an attack Kam'lanaut gets an enelement buff which means attacks of that same element are buffed and can do more damage by delaying the second input of that attack.
* StandardStatusEffects: His Esoteric Scrivenings will inflict enemies that blunder into them with Silence, Attack Down and Defense Down.
* SwordBeam: He can fire a arc water with his Water Blade/Liquefaction attack, his Thunder Blade/Electrification also launches a bolt of electricity from the tip of his sword.
* WarriorPrince: An evil version, he was the younger prince of the Zilart race and the Archduke of Jeuno.
* WhatsInItForMe: Kam'lanaut chaffs under the thankless burden of being a God's lackey and believes that it is the duty of a ruler to compensate servants for their service. Of course as a quest giver in ''Final Fantasy XI'' we know he does put his money where his mouth is. When he mentions this to Golbez, the warlock suggests that he mention as much to Spiritus, and the cutscene description suggests that Kam'lanaut did indeed.
* WildCard: As a newbie to the cycles he has no real attachment to the world where the game takes place and makes his own schemes rather then acting as a proper champion.
* WindIsGreen: His Wind Blade/Vaporization attack enchants his sword in a green aura.
!!From VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII
!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/KenshoOno (Japanese), Bobby Edner (English)
->''"Now... how do we get their goat?"''

[[caption-width-right:350:''[[SkyPirate The Sky Pirate]]'']]

The SupportingProtagonist of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII''. Vaan was a StreetUrchin from the [[TheEmpire imperial]] occupied nation of [[LandOfOneCity Dalmasca]]. After sneaking into the palace to steal treasure, Vaan's life became entangled in his nation's [[OccupiersOutOfOurCountry struggle for independence]] when he saved Princess Ashe and stole the [[MineralMacGuffin Goddess Magecite]], one of the Dynast King's [[AncientArtifact relics from a bygone era]].\\
Vaan is a Specialist-type fighter that focuses on whittling down an opponents HP with a plethora of HP Attacks. His unique gimmick is that he has, and can equip, more HP Attacks in exchange for having fewer Bravery attacks. The more HP Attacks Vaan lands, the more powerful they become. His EX Skill, Dreadnought, allows him to freeze his current Bravery count, allowing him to unleash devastating barrages of HP Attacks without needing to recover.
* AttackDrone: His Calamitous Orb attack throws a magickal bit which fires lasers at the enemy as it travels.
* AwesomeButImpractical: Dreadnought on paper sounds like an amazing game breaker for Vaan, but due to his meager bravery attacks he usually does not have bravery to spare and most Breaks he inflicts are because of Luminescence or Black Hole and immediately use the bonus bravery up. But on the off chance Vaan does get 3500 Bravery to spare, he is liable to dish out a TotalPartyKill in seconds.
* BarrierWarrior: With his Earthen Eruption skill, Vaan creates a barrier made of stone and counters enemy attacks with an earth element sword strike.
* BattleAura: When Vaan's Quickening Chain is high enough to inflict Luminescence he glows with a white one and when its high enough to use Black Hole he glows with a [[PurpleIsTheNewBlack purple]] one.
* BlitheSpirit: He is called one by Y'shtola, it shows as his casual personality is often used to contrast more serious or cautious characters.
* CoolSword: Vaan only wields his default weapon, one handed swords like the Mythril Sword, Demonsbane and Zwill Blade rather then his vast arsenal from the last game.
* CounterAttack: Earthen Eruption's damage will only activate after blocking an attack.
* ElementalPowers: Vaan wields [[PlayingWithFire Fire]] and [[ShockAndAwe Thunder]] magic, uses [[AnIcePerson Ice]] and [[DishingOutDirt Earth]]-themed attacks, has the Fire and [[BlowYouAway Wind]] elements for his Quickenings, and the [[LightEmUp Luminescence]] and [[CastingAShadow Black Hole]] Concurrences.
* EvolvingAttack: The more HP Attack's Vaan lands the more powerful they become, when Black Hole's conditions have been met they will do a massive shot of bravery damage before dealing the HP Damage.
* {{Fireballs}}: Both Pyroclasm and Fire are fireball throwing attacks.
* TheGadfly: Vaan is full of glib comments and quips for his enemies.
-->"Now... how do we get their goat?"
* GlassCannon: Vaan's reliance on his extremely powerful HP Attacks means he is often vulnerable to Bravery break.
* TheHeart: Because of Vaan's cheerful personality and boundless confidence, other heroes point out that others naturally rally to his side.
* HeroicBuild: Vaan is absolutely shredded, compared to the other more wiry heroes.
* InstantRunes: The Concurrences activate through energy runes much like in their home game.
* {{Irony}}: From a gameplay standpoint. Vaan in ''Dissidia 012'' was a MultiMeleeMaster[=/=]MultiRangedMaster who could switch between different kinds of weapons at will to dish out a wide variety of Bravery attacks but also had one of the lowest HP attack pools in the game, having only four of them. In this game, it's reversed; he's limited to only using a sword, limiting the amount of ways he can rack up his Bravery points, but he also has the most HP attacks out of any character in the game, two of which he can use in a match whereas other characters can only use one of four.
* LimitBreak: Vaan's Quickenings from his home game are three of his six HP Attacks.
* MagicKnight: Vaan's bravery attacks are split between magick and sword fighting but his HP Attacks are overwhelmingly magickal.
* MythologyGag:
** Dervish is one of Vaan's abilities from ''Revenant Wings'' while its kicking animation is based on one of his unarmed attack animations from ''Final Fantasy XII'' proper.
** Vaan's Summoning animation is taken directly from the one he uses when summoning espers in his home game.
* NobleMaleRoguishMale: Vaan is used as the roguish male to contrast the three noble males Ramza, Cecil and Noctis.
* OddlyShapedSword: His Demonsbane sword has a unique double helix design compared to the Zwill Blade and Platinum Sword's more standard arming sword and the Mythril Swords cutlass.
* PillarOfLight: Red Spiral is a large beam of light descending down on the enemies.
* SkillGateCharacter: Because Vaan can equip two HP Attacks he is very popular for beginners because his HP Attacks reward being used as {{Spam Attack}}s and since he often inflict the lions share of HP Damage he is easy to receive the top score with. He however remains a popular pick for experts for his ability to either take both a long range and close range HP move or his ability to use have a guard and counter HP Attack while still having one for offense at the same time.
* SkyPirate: A fledgling Sky Pirate but one with a very promising career ahead of him.
* SpamAttack: Vaan's unique system encourages this because the more HP Attacks he lands the more powerful they become.
* SpellBlade: His Azure Torment attack uses his sword to create an arc of [[AnIcePerson ice]] before stabbing it causing it to shatter while Earthen Eruption strikes enemies with the flat of the blade while its coated in [[DishingOutDirt rock]].
* StandardStatusEffects: Azure Torment inflicts enemies with a combination of Debrave, Deshell and Heavy along with a Dash penalty.
* StraightManAndWiseGuy: The less then serious Vaan is the wise guy to the Onion Knight's straight man.
* SwordAndFist: When using his Dervish DashAttack, he does a lunging stab before kicking the enemy away.
* ThemeNaming: Vaan's HP Attacks either follow a ColourfulThemeNaming (Red Spiral, White Whorl, Azure Torment) or a disaster theme naming (Pyroclasm, Calamitous Orb, Earthen Eruption). Interestingly in Japanese Pyroclasm instead follows the color naming being called Melt Crimson while White Whorl follows the disaster naming being called Deep Hazard.
* ThreeStrikeCombo: The aptly named Steel Trinity and Steel Triumvirate are three strike sword combos.
* TornadoMove: White Whorl is a [[ShockAndAwe lightning]] charged cyclone that can draw enemies in and be used as a barrier to deter attackers.
* UnexplainedRecovery: Vaan was one of several fighters who were killed by the Manikins in the previous game, which have the power to permanently kill the fighters they defeat. Despite this, Vaan is somehow revived with no explanation.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: Shirts are evidently not very fashionable in Rabanastre, though Vaan naturally averts this in his Conflicted Hero costume, which gives him a fancy shirt to raise his pirate cred.
* WeaponTwirling: Vaan gets some very fancy sword twirls for his opening and victory pose.
[[folder:Vayne Carudas Solidor]]
!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/NobuoTobita (Japanese), Elijah Alexander (English)
->''"Today's victor shall emerge to rewrite history."''

[[caption-width-right:350:''[[ActionPolitician The Consul]]'']]

The archvillain of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII''. He was the [[TheEvilPrince third son of Emperor Gramis]] of [[TheEmpire Archades]] and a [[TheConqueror ruthlessly skilled general and politician]]. Secretly in league with the [[FallenAngel rogue occuria]] Venat, he made a bid for the nethecite with the intention of [[RageAgainstTheHeavens stripping control]] of humanity away from the gods and giving mankind stewardship to its own destiny with himself at the helm as [[TheHighKing Dynast King]].\\
Vayne is a Vanguard type fighter who uses martial arts to attack with swift and brutal blows. His unique system allows him to change the finishing blow of his neutral attack to become a strike from any angle, allowing him to position his enemy in any direction he would like. His EX Skill, Writ of Conquest, allows him to apply buffs to all the teammates in radius around him, the amount of buffs are dependent on how long Vayne charged the skill before releasing.
* AntiVillain: Vayne bears no ill will to the Warrior of Light, Cecil and Noctis when he encounters them and encourages them to fight for their own purpose rather then that of the Gods.
* BadassBack: With his martial arts skills he can strike enemies with tieshankao with Dominance.
* BarefistedMonk: Like in the initial phases of his boss fight, Vayne doesn't bother with wielding weapons and prefers to fight with martial arts. His swords, the Sephira are instead controlled independently with magick.
* BlingOfWar: Vayne's highly ornamental armor is fitting for the son of an Emperor.
* TheConqueror: Vayne is an esteemed general and conqueror of many nations in ''XII'' proper, in Dissidia this is referenced in his EX Skill Writ of Conquest.
* CulturedWarrior: Vayne is impeccably well groomed, without a hair out of place in fancy armor and white gloves... But will still break your ribs with his bare hands.
* DeathFromAbove: The Tree of Sephira attack has Vayne vanish and then divebomb the enemy from above with a stab with one of his Sephira.
* DivingKick: Vayne's Undertow attack smashes enemies lower then he is with one of these.
* ElementalPunch: The final blow of Vayne's Force of Will HP Attack causes a [[PlayingWithFire fiery explosion]].
* FieldPowerEffect: Vayne's EX Skill, Writ of Conquest gives status buffs to allies who are within range of him when activated.
* FlashStep: Vayne's special system is done by flash stepping to whichever side you choose before blindsiding the enemy.
* FlyingWeapon: His weapons are the Sephira, magickal swords that are summoned to attack his enemies while Vayne uses his bare hands.
* HighClassGloves: His pristine white gloves help his high ranked military motif and contrast nicely with his monk-fighting style
* HulkingOut: Vayne's alternate costume is his Vayne Novus form, which he took after the first battle in his SequentialBoss fight. In this form he has become HadesShaded and grotesquely over-muscled.
* JackOfAllStats: His power is lower for a Vanguard type, but his ability to maneuver in the air and his attack speed is higher.
* KiAttacks: His Mach Wave ability throws a wave of ki through the earth.
* KungFuWizard: He primarily fights with martial arts, but he also has an arsenal of magickal swords for impaling enemies upon.
* LauncherMove: Vayne's Concealed Dragon finisher will knock enemies into the air for him to follow up.
* MagicMissileStorm: Vayne's Inviolable Will attack rains a bunch of lasers down on him from a magic circle.
* MagicPants: Vayne Novus's codpiece and trousers remain mercifully intact despite the massive increase of muscle mass.
* MeteorMove: Vayne's Descending Phoenix finisher will knock enemies down into the ground with a diving stomp.
* MilkingTheGiantCow: His summoning animation has him making grandiose gestures while speaking, taken directly from his speech in Rabanastre in ''Final Fantasy XII'' proper.
* MythologyGag: Most of his attack animations are taken directly from his bossfights from ''Final Fantasy XII'' such as his Kick ability and basic attack from Earthrive and Skyshear, Battering Ram is his Lunge ability, Eminence is basic attack as Vayne Novus and his summoning animations are both taken from cutscenes in ''XII''.
* TheQueensLatin: He retains the Received Pronunciation accent that Archadian citizens used in ''Final Fantasy XII''.
* PunchedAcrossTheRoom: His primary gimmick with his neutral combo (ground or midair) third input finisher, where any direction inputted will result in a wall-rushing knockback in several varying directions, even upward on ground or downward in the air.
* ReverseArmfold: Vayne will do this in a very militaristic manner when he uses his Inviolable Will HP Attack.
* RoundhouseKick: The initial strike of his Skyshear is one, based on his aptly named Kick attack from ''Final Fantasy XII'' proper.
* {{Shoryuken}}: Vayne's Eminence ability is a rising uppercut which knocks enemies higher or strikes enemies above him
* SlideAttack: His Battering Ram attack is based on his Lunge ability from ''Final Fantasy XII'' which is a sliding shoulder tackle.
* StatusBuff: Vayne's EX Skill Writ of Conquest will apply buffs to his entire team, the longer you charge the skill the more buffs it will apply.
* SpeedEchoes: When attacking an enemy from a different angle, Vayne {{Flash Step}}s to the proper position leaving behind these as he does so.
* StormOfBlades: All of the final blows of his bravery attacks are punctuated by his Sephira swords striking with his fists. He can also use his HP Attack Contempt or his Steel Fusillade bravery attack to launch them at enemies.
* SwordAndFist: Fights chiefly with martial arts, but also magically manipulates swords in many of his attacks.
* SwordPlant: Vayne descends on his enemy sword first with his Tree of Sephira HP Attack, the only attack where he will actually physically wield his swords rather then launching them at enemies like projectiles.
* ThreeStrikeCombo: Earthrive and Skyshear are both three strike combos starting with a kick then a punch then a variable final strike.

!!From VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII
!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/MaayaSakamoto (Japanese), Creator/AliHillis (English)
->''"You're flying awfully close to the sun."''

[[caption-width-right:350:''[[LightningBruiser The Flash]]'']]

The hero of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII''. Lightning was a [[SergeantRock soldier]] serving in the [[WorldInTheSky floating world of Cocoon]]'s military when her [[CynicismCatalyst sister]] was branded as [[TheChosenOne a servant of the fal'Cie]] from the surface world below. En route to save her, Lightning and her companions were also branded and began a [[RageAgainstTheHeavens revolution against Cocoon's own godlike keepers]].\\
Lightning is an Assassin-type fighter that can attack either from close range with her sword or long range with magic by using her Paradigm Shift ability to switch between Commando or Ravager. Her EX Skill, Army of One, is a close-range bravery attack that saps an opponent's bravery as well as restore Lightning's health by the damage given.
* TheAgeless: Lightning's age is given as 21 but the game points out this is only the age she stopped aging at; [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII2 her time in Valhalla]] stopped her from aging until [[VideoGame/LightningReturnsFinalFantasyXIII Etro's death]] did the same to the rest of the world.
* ArmorIsUseless: Lightning's Knight of Etro and Equilibrium outfits are much more armored then her Guardian Corps uniform, but offer no extra protection.
* BadassCape: A half cape, signature to Lightning's custom variant of the Guardian Corps uniform. Her Equilibrium costume also has a white split cape.
* BattleAura: Lightning has one matching the color of whatever paradigm she is in at the time.
* {{BFS}}: Odin's Gagnrad serves for her HP attacks; each blade is almost as tall as Lightning is.
* BladeSpam: Lightning's Army Of One attack is a long barrage of sword strikes.
* ChainmailBikini: Lightning's Knight of Etro armor looks surprisingly practical... until you notice she's only wearing a [[LeotardOfPower leotard]] under the armor.
* CoolSword: She has her gunblades the Blazefire Saber, Omega Weapon and Overture, as well as her single-edged Crimson Blitz longsword and the Femme Fatale [[RoyalRapier rapier]]. Her HP attacks use Gagnrad, the [[{{BFS}} massive]] [[DoubleWeapon dual bladed]] sword of Odin, which can [[BifurcatedWeapon divide into two]] for DualWielding.
* CustomUniform: Her default Guardian Corps outfit is "considered acceptable wear during times of peace". The third palette shows the more-or-less standard uniform, although it lacks the hat it had in ''012''.
* ElementalPowers: She has a primary focus on [[ShockAndAwe lightning]] and [[BlowYouAway wind]], but she can also use [[AnIcePerson Blizzara]], [[PlayingWithFire Fire]] and [[MakingASplash Watera]].
* {{Fireballs}}: Lightning's Fire spell is several slow moving fireballs.
* FlowerMotif: Lightning has a distinct rose motif borrowed from ''XIII''[='=]s Odin, which is mainly shown by [[PetalPower scattering rose petals]] whenever she summons or dismisses Gagnrad during an HP Attack.
* FluffyFashionFeathers: She has a whole sash made from them in her Knight of Etro outfit.
* JackOfAllStats: Lightning is good but not great at both close and long range.
* LadyOfWar: She fights using graceful acrobatics and quick sword slashes. Using an HP attack even leaves [[PetalPower rose petals]], adding to her grace in battle.
* LeotardOfPower: Both her Knight of the Goddess and Equilibrium costume are armored variants of this.
* LifeDrain: Lightning's Army Of One restores her HP with every successful blow, much like it does in ''Lightning Returns''.
* LightningBruiser: [[AccidentalPun Puns aside]], her Commando attacks come out fast and rack up damage very quickly, and Lightning Strike's initial hit comes out blindingly fast.
* LimitBreak: Her signature Army of One is her EX Skill, while her HP Attacks are made up of her Gestalt Mode attacks.
* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: In addition to armor, the Knight of Etro costume also gives her a shield known as the "Goddess's Grace". In the intro cutscene, she is also using the "Night Lotus" shield from ''Lightning Returns'' but in the game proper her Equilibrium costume doesn't have it.
* MagicKnight: Uses physical attacks and magic in equal measures with her two Paradigm roles.
* MeaningfulName: Lightning's name is quite meaningful given her magic specialty.
* MinidressOfPower: A military issue minidress in her Guardian Corps uniform. Lightning is sensible enough to wear ModestyShorts or pantyhose depending on the skin.
* MythologyGag:
** Her first alt outfit recolors her uniform primarily black and red with a white cape, the color scheme of her Equilibrium garb in ''Lightning Returns''. Later she gets the garb itself as an alternate costume.
** Due to having Crimson Blitz and Femme Fatale as weapon options, she no longer has any gun-mode attacks, and the holster on her Guardian Corps uniform goes unused. Her gunblades and holster had the same behaviour in ''Lightning Returns''.
* OddlyShapedSword: Lightning's Omega Weapon has a strangely shaped blade resembling a gnarled tree branch. The Femme Fatale rapier also looks more like a large needle rather then a standard rapier.
* OneHandedZweihander: The Crimson Blitz is narrow enough to keep it out of BFS territory, but it's still long enough to qualify for this trope. [[YourSizeMayVary It looks smaller in gameplay]] in order to sub for her gunblades, but the FMV fight scene renders it in all its glory, and it doesn't look outmatched when she keeps crossing it against Sephiroth's Masamune.
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: When she and Squall arrive in Eden, Leonhart ''immediately'' realizes something is wrong when Lightning reacts to Snow's presence.
* PetalPower: Lightning's HP Attacks all generate a flurry of rose petals after attacking.
* RageAgainstTheHeavens: Has shades of this when she finds out that Materia summoned the heroes, against their will, to fight amongst themselves just to fuel the continued existence of the realm. Understandable, as [[ContinuityNod she's dealt with this kind of behavior]] from [[JerkassGods the fal'Cie and Bhunivelze]] before.
--> '''Lightning:''' Leave it to a god to just do as they please.
* RazorWind: The aptly named Razor Gale HP attack sends a slicing, yet slow-moving, blast of wind at opponents.
* SliceAndDiceSwordsmanship: Lightning's attacks are primarily done by slashing. Her gunblades and Crimson Blitz ''are'' primarily built with slashing blades, but the trope takes effect with her Femme Fatale alternate weapon, which is a rapier.
* SpellBlade: Lightning Strike generates a cluster of lightning bolts by slashing Gagnrad.
* SpinAttack: Blitz like in Final Fantasy XIII is a wide area spin attack.
* StanceSystem: Lightning's main gimmick is to switch between her sword wielding Commando stance and her magic using Ravager stance.
* SticksToTheBack: In one cutscene, she carries Crimson Blitz this way.
* UnexplainedRecovery: Lightning was one of several fighters who were killed by the Manikins in the previous game, which have the power to permanently kill the fighters they defeat. Despite this, Lightning is somehow revived with no explanation.
[[folder:Snow Villiers]]
!!!Voiced by: Creator/DaisukeOno (Japanese), Creator/TroyBaker (English)
->''"May the best brawlers win!"''

[[caption-width-right:350:''[[TheChampion The Patron]]'']]

The male lead of VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIII, in the original game he was the fiancé of Lightning's sister Serah. When she was branded by the fal'cie of the surface world of Pulse, [[UnderstandingBoyfriend he led his gang, NORA, in a rebellion]] with the intent of saving her from Sanctum's PSICOM anti-Pulse military. In ''Lightning Returns,'' Snow later [[AsskickingEqualsAuthority ruled over Yusnaan]] as its [[TheChampion Patron and protector]], distracting his subjects from the encroaching chaos that signaled the end of days with [[BreadAndCircuses lavish feasts and parties]]. He did this while his [[MarkOfTheBeast brand]] advanced to its [[DeathsHourglass final stages]] and the despair over his [[TheLostLenore lost love]] threatened to turn him [[WasOnceAMan Cie'th]].\\
Snow is a Vanguard fighter who focuses on aggressive attack maneuvers. Snow's unique mechanic will increase his power the lower his HP becomes, increasing his damage at 2500 HP and below and then changing his attack strength and speed at 1500 HP and below. His EX Skill, Chaos Geyser, is a chargeable wave attack where the damage and properties change depending on how low Snow's HP is as well as how long it is charged. At base, it will silence generic EX Skills on hit; at Cie'th stage 1, it will become Sanctify increasing in damage and also silence exclusive EX Skills on hit; at Cie'th stage 2, it becomes Damnation and deals even more damage and has a slow effect; finally, a fully charged Chaos Geyser at Cie'th stage 3 becomes Annihilation adding on HP damage and force enemies struck to lock on Snow.
* AnIcePerson: Frigid Strike, Icy Uppercut, Earthward Blow and Blizzaga all conjure ice magic
* AntiVillain: Or rather not even a real villain. Snow opposed Lightning simply because he believed she was the only one left able to take him down and protect his people from himself when he became a Cie'th. He's part of Spiritus' crew and gets a black background to his game's logo like the other villains, but his only actual act of antagonism in Dissidia is to summon Odin so Lightning and Squall can defeat him and obtain his power.
* BadassesWearBandanas: Snow's alternate costume has him wearing his signature black do-rag.
* BadassLongcoat: His alternate costume has him wear his longcoat, enhanced with advanced technology to grant him greater strength.
* BadassInANiceSuit: In his default costume he's in a very handsome double-breasted suit, cut low enough to show off his bare chest.
* BareFistedMonk: He is a bruiser who relies primarily on [[GoodOldFisticuffs brute strength rather then any martial arts skill]].
* BladeBelowTheShoulder: Snow's Cie'th arm has a large spike on it that he can use for gouging enemies with Impact Driver.
* BodyHorror: He is in the process of becoming Cie'th, which means his body is mutating into a shambling crystalline monstrosity.
* CastingAShadow: Chaos Geyser, Brutal Bash, and Fist of Destruction all assault the enemy with chaos energy, a shadowy force of entropy from the ''XIII'' games.
* DeathSeeker: His status as such in ''Lightning Returns'' is referenced in his defeat quote, where he expresses relief that "it's all over now". Also, the title obtained for getting Snow to Lv. 10 is "Finding a Final Resting Place".
* DrawAggro: Annihlation will force enemies that survive the attack to lock onto Snow.
* ElementalPunch: He has a few with the [[AnIcePerson ice]] and [[CastingAShadow chaos]] enchanted punches in his arsenal.
* EnhancedPunch: He has his signature Sovereign Fist as an HP Attack.
* FanDisservice: Shirtless Snow? MrFanservice. Shirtless Snow [[BodyHorror as a late-stage Cie'th]]? Not so much.
* FlashStep: For his Fist of Destruction HP Attack, he warps forward before striking enemies with a chaos enhanced punch.
* GlassCannon: To be in his strongest state, Snow must reach low HP first. He maintains the strength boost even if he heals afterwards, but with the limited HP healing methods available, this trope is usually the result.
* GroundPunch: He has several downward pounds, generating chaos with Chaos Geyser, ice with Earthward Blow, or just a shock-wave with Sovereign Fist.
* GoodOldFisticuffs: Snow fights like a bruiser rather then a monk proper.
* {{Hunk}}: Snow's beefcake physique is on full display when he's powered up.
* KungFuWizard: For a certain value of [[GoodOldFisticuffs kung fu]], but Snow's fighting style is inclined to ice magic as well as brawling.
* LuckilyMyShieldWillProtectMe: Snow's arms are called "Guards" and are shield-like in structure. His guard animation has him hold it in front of him like a shield and the final blow of Frost Strike is a ShieldBash.
* MarkOfTheBeast: Snow's l'Cie brand glows through his Cie'th arm, and is also shining in Story Mode when Lightning and Squall find him.
* MeaningfulName: A man named Snow that favors [[AnIcePerson ice]] elemental magic.
* MeteorMove: Malefic Flow uppercuts enemies into the air then throws them back down into the ground.
* MythologyGag: The last effect of Snow's EX move hearkens back to his default role of FFXIII; the sentinel; which provoked the nearby enemies and forced them to attack him.
* PermaStubble: Snow's facial hair never seems to grow beyond this stage.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: His normally blue eyes turn red as his Cie'th condition progresses.
* RoundhouseKick: The second blow of Froststrike is one, this of course is one of Snow's combo animations in the ''XIII'' games.
* TheRightHandOfDoom: In battle, he transforms into his Cie'th form with a grotesque crystalline left arm (which counts as his weapon).
* ThreeStrikeCombo: Froststrike and Hollow Clash both are basic three hit combos but are some of the most powerful attacks in the game when Snow's CriticalStatusBuff is active.
* TurnsRed: As with his boss fight in ''Lightning Returns,'' Snow's Cie'th transformation will spread and and make him more powerful the more his HP dwindles.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: As he powers up he loses his shirt, as his Cie'th features begin to spread.
!!From VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIV
!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/AiKayano (Japanese), Robyn Addison (English)
->''"These summons... their powers are much unlike the Primals."''

[[caption-width-right:350:''[[HopeBringer The Scion]]'']]

A supporting NPC for ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIV''. A Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te conjurer from island nation of [[ProudScholarRaceGuy Sharlayan]], Y'shtola Rhul served as an Archon for the Scions of the Seventh Dawn representing the state of [[NotSoSafeHarbor Limsa Lominsa]]. She aided the Warriors of Light of her world in defying the menace of the [[TheEmpire Garlean Empire]], as well as the Ascians, who pulled on the strings of the beastmen and their godlike Primals. \\
Y'shtola is a marksman-type fighter that can switch between the trap and zoning oriented Conjurer class and the more direct bombardment style of the Thaumaturge class. While Y'shtola can change between classes at will, she will suffer a 25 second penalty to her unique EX Skill when doing so. Her EX Skill in Conjurer mode is Aetherial Pulse, which rapidly heals the Bravery and HP of allies within her range as long as the button is held down; it also makes her impervious to bravery attacks. Her EX Skill while in Thaumaturge mode is Foul, which will create a powerful zone of dark magic that rapidly drains the bravery of enemies within its vicinity.

* BadassArmfold: Rather than brandish her weapon, her intro animations (provided she's not being played) all have her confidently crossing her arms towards her opponents. She folds her arms when confronting Summons and Shinryu as well.
* BadassLongcoat: In her Scion's Healer outfit, she exchanges her simple dalmatica for a fancy white longcoat.
* BerserkButton: She does ''not'' take well to heartless, wanton destruction.
-->'''Y'shtola (to Kefka):''' ''Have you no morals? To revel in the destruction of another's homeland... that shall serve as ample enough reason to strike you down.''
* BigDamnHeroes: She pulls one in the opening for ''Dissidia 2015'', arriving with the other heroes to rescue and heal the Warrior of Light when he is staggered by the enemy he was fighting.
** She does it again in the opening movie for ''Dissidia Final Fantasy NT'', protecting Terra from Ultimecia and Cloud of Darkness's onslaught.
* BlatantLies: Her age is given as 23 years old, but in brackets it's pointed out that her younger sister is 26. Her actual age is around 31 years old.
* CatGirl: ''Just don't call her that''. She is a Miqo'te, a race of [[CatFolk feline]]-[[LittleBitBeastly like people]] that have very few men. Specifically, she's a Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te, a diurnal sub-race with feline like slit shaped pupils and more human skin tone range.[[note]]The other subset of miqo'te are Keepers of the Moon, a nocturnal sub-race with rounded pupils, CuteLittleFangs and more exotic skin tones.[[/note]]
* DifficultButAwesome: Prior to her refresh, anyway. Her bravery attacks focused on slowing the enemy down with long-range magic spells that were relatively weak and mainly focused on debuffing the enemy, of which she had no really strong up-close spells. However, if mastered, she could become a freighting team-player who can enable her teammates to reek havoc on the other team. In addition,she could heal her allies when needed and her debuffs could be very debilitating.
* {{Druid}}: The conjurer class in Final Fantasy has very strong druidic flavor drawing its power from the land and using the life giving elements of [[LandSeaSky Earth, Water and Air]] as opposed to its opposite the thaumaturge which uses the entropic FireIceLightning. In her Conjurer stance, she only utilizes earth, water, and wind magic.
* ElementalPowers: She wields the power of [[DishingOutDirt Earth]], [[BlowYouAway Wind]], [[MakingASplash Water]] and [[HolyHandGrenade Holy]] with her Stone, Aero, Fluid Aura and Holy spells while also cross classing the [[BlackMage Thaumaturge]] spell Blizzara for [[AnIcePerson Ice]] and the Arcanist spells [[EnergyBall Ruin]] and Virus for NonElemental. This, of course, matches what a player-character Conjurer could do in ''FFXIV''! (Prior to the replacement of Cross-Class skills with Role Skills in Stormblood at least). Her style was then overhauled to focus between switching between her two modes, with Conjurer focusing on LandSeaSky and Thaumaturge on FireIceLightning as they do in XIV.
* FacialMarkings: She has a pair of horizontal stripes on each of her cheeks, and various markings around her eyes, a racial trait of the Miqo'te. Worth noting that the markings are in fact natural skin patterns, not tattoos or paints.
* ForceField: Y'shtola's SignatureMove Aetherial Pulse is in the game, although it functions as a healing field for gameplay purposes rather than a barrier. She, however, uses it as a barrier like in ''XIV'' proper for the battle cinematic as well as during a skirmish with Kam'lanaut.
* GogglesDoNothing: Its unlikely she will be using her Aether viewing goggles in Dissidia.
* HandicappedBadass: Her alternate costume (which she wears throughout story mode) has her blinded. She's still an aetherial artillery all the same.
* HealingHands: Y'shtola's Vivifying Lance attack could heal allies and her Aetherial Pulse EX Skill rapidly restores Bravery and HP to team-members inside its barrier. Post rework, the same healing effect that was on Vivifying lance is now applied to her new Pulse of Creation HP Attack instead.
* LimitBreak: Her EX Skill is her signature [[DeflectorShields Aetherial Pulse]] skill, which rapidly heals the bravery and health of her teammates while it is being channelled. She also has her ''second'' Limit Break in Spiritual Ray, as an actual HP attack.
* LongRangeFighter: Most of Y'shtola's spells are meant for attacking at a distance. Her Conjurer stance personifies this.
* MagicWand: Her weapon is a Budding Wand, which is a branch of unworked wood complete with leaves; her alternate weapons Alkalurops, Thyrus, Truth Seeker, and the Shire Crook are full length [[MagicStaff Magic Staves]].
* MinidressOfPower: Her white dalmatica is more like a long shirt or tunic (and she also does wear ''[[SkirtOverSlacks pants]]''), but the effect is still basically the same, her alternate outfit plays it straighter giving her a GoldenThighRatio with a more traditional minidress under her coat.
* MysticalWhiteHair: Y'shtola has white hair, which, while not uncommon for a Miq'ote and highly likely the color she's had her entire life, does mark her as a magic user.
* MythologyGag:
** One of Y'shtola's intro quotes, as seen above, contrasts this game's summons to the her own realm's Primals. In the world of ''FFXIV'', Primals are a darker take on SummonMagic, being godlike entities with terrifying powers that threaten to drain the land of life.
** Post-update, Y'shtola can switch between Conjurer and Thaumaturge stances with an ability called "Cleric Stance", so named after a Healer-class ability that swapped healing ability with damage output. Y'shtola herself switched jobs from Conjurer to Thaumaturge in the Shadowbringers expansion of ''XIV''.
* OhMyGods: Regularly makes references to the Twelve (Eorzea's pantheon of Gods) in her attack calls.
* OnlyOneName: Like in her home game, Y'shtola is only ever addressed with her given name. Her surname, Rhul, remains unused despite everyone else's being used.
* PlagueMaster: Y'shtola used to be able to cast Virus, much like a White Mage could who crossed classes in her home game.
* PowerCrystal: Her Spiritual Ray attack summons earth, water and wind crystals to generate a powerful attack. Her second EX Skill, Foul, also uses a crystal as a base for the sphere of dark magic it radiates.
* ProphetEyes: She has them in her alternate costume because she has since [[HandicappedBadass gone blind]] and must rely on aether to see things.
* PurpleProse: Even more than Cecil, Y'shtola uses flowery language that is common in her home game.
* TheQueensLatin: She speaks with a British accent and with many archaic word choices, a holdover from her home game where all Eorzeans speak with similar accents.
* SphereOfDestruction: Foul will conjure a crystal that radiates dark magic in a big sphere like shape that will rapidly drain the bravery of enemies inside it.
* StanceSystem: Post update, Y'shtola's Cleric Stance will switch her between her Conjurer and Thaumaturge modes.
* StandardStatusEffects: Y'shtola's spells used to be littered with them. Aero added a DamageOverTime,
Stone reduced speed, Blizzara and Fluid Aura bound the enemy in place, Holy stunned and Virus inflicted weakness.
* TrapMaster: She is not The Emperor but she can still set traps using many of her spells such as Blizzara, Aerora and Stonera as well as Holy Snare set traps to catch enemies off guard. Post update, she now only has Stone III, Aero III and React for traps when in Conjurer mode (compared to the larger amount from before).
* WeakButSkilled: Y'shtola's damage output was a bit on the meager side prior to her refresh. Her spells had low priority and she could not move while casting. To seemingly make up for this, her spells were quick to cast, inflicted ailments on enemies, and she could set traps. She also had high movement for a Marksman-type, which let her pick enemies off systematically.
* WindIsGreen: Her Aero spells are green much like they are in her home game.
* WhiteMage: In her home game she is merely a Conjurer (the base class for White Mage), but in this game she had access to Holy, a White Mage exclusive. She seems to stick solely to the offensive options of her job for the sake of being a fighting game character. Post update, Y'shtola is only WhiteMage for half the time and can instead switch to the more direct damage focused Black Mage which is something Y'shtola did for the Shadowbringers expansion.
[[folder:Zenos yae Galvus]]
!!!Voiced by: Creator/KosukeToriumi (Japanese), Luke Allen-Gale (English)
->''“Let us embrace violence together!”''

[[caption-width-right:350:''[[EmpoweredBadassNormal The Resonant]]'']]

The villain of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXIV : Stormblood''. He is the [[WarriorPrince crown prince]] of [[TheEmpire the Garlean Empire]], the [[FourStarBadass Legatus]] of the [=XIIth=] Imperial Legion, and the [[TyrantTakesTheHelm appointed Viceroy]] of the annexed nations of Ala Mhigo and Doma. A [[WorldsStrongestMan peerless warrior]] who cares little for politics, Zenos incited a reign of cruelty in order to [[INeedYouStronger foster warriors]] that could challenge [[TheJuggernaut his might]], thus bringing him into conflict with [[TheChosenOne the Warrior of Light]], the only one [[WorthyOpponent worthy enough]] to test his mettle against.\\
Zenos a Specialist fighter who crushes the opposition with excessive force, Zenos wields three katanas [[ShockAndAwe The Storm]], [[BlowYouAway The Swell]] and [[EvilWeapon Ame-no-Habakiri]] which change the properties of his ranged attack. Zenos's EX Skill Iaijutsu has four forms, ''Art of the Storm'' a wide lightning charged swing, ''Art of the Swell'' a forward charging wind powered slash and ''Art of the Sword'' a powerful overhead diving attack. Each EX Skill will grant Zenos Sen and will change his currently equipped sword. By accumulating all three Sen, Zenos gains a powerful Aetherial Resonance StatusBuff giving him increased SuperArmor and attack priority. During this time his EX Skill changes to ''Storm, Swell, Sword'', a three hit HP Attack which will end Aetherial Resonance on use.
* BattleAura: Zenos glows with a crimson one when he has Aetherial Resonance activated.
* {{Bishonen}}: Zenos has a comely face that does not match his [[FaceOfAnAngelMindOfADemon bloodlust]] or [[TheGiant bodytype]].
* BloodKnight: Zenos only truly feel alive in combat and reacts to most other things with dry boredom.
* ChargedAttack: Bloodletting can be charged to increase its range and damage. Concentativity and Lightless Spark can also be charged for boosted range.
* CooldownManipulation: His melee combos reset his EX Skill if it strikes an enemy in full.
* DefeatMeansRespect: In defeat pose Zenos grins with menace, happy to have found a WorthyOpponent
* ElementalWeapon: The Storm is enchanted with [[ShockAndAwe lightning]] and The Swell with [[BlowYouAway wind]].
* EmpoweredBadassNormal: Garleans lack the ability to use magic of any kind, so to empower himself, he researched how to create an artificial Echo, successfully doing so by the end of the expansion. Beyond that, he is probably the most "normal" of all the antagonists, as all his feats are just raw power and skill or that of katana that are already themselves and {{magitek}} as a go between.
* EverythingsBetterWithSpinning: When selecting a sword for his EX Skill, the gun barrel mechanism on Zenos's sheath will spin while he selects a sword.
* EvilWeapon: Ame-no-Habakiri glows with a [[RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver red and black aura]] and is the most powerful of Zenos's three swords, its said to have recieved its power when the kami Susano used it to slay a powerful demon and the blade itself became cursed by its blood.
* HelmetsAreHardlyHeroic: Or villainous in his case, Zenos does not wear his helmet much like he did for the final battle with him.
* HuntingTheMostDangerousGame: Zenos views himself as a hunter, and powerful foes are his prey, this is referenced by his bravery attack names Easy Prey and Hunter's Waltz as well as several of his voice lines and emotes.
* {{Guyliner}}: Zenos's has a distinct smokey eye style makeup.
* IaijutsuPractitioner: For his EX Skill [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Iaijutsu]], Zenos will draw one of his three swords and slash the enemy this way to use Art of the Storm, Art of the Swell or Art of the Sword.
* InvulnerableAttack: Nothing short of death can stop Zenos from executing Storm, Swell, Sword.
* KatanasAreJustBetter: Invoked, Zenos once wielded a gunblade- the NationalWeapon of his people, but when he took down the Doman rebellion, he took a liking to the far eastern katana for its more artful approach to swordsmanship. On his person he carries three at a time and each is enchanted with great power.
* LongHairedPrettyBoy: His hair is remarkably well kept for a cruel and vicious man.
* MightyGlacier: Zenos does powerful damage but his dash speed is quite lacking.
* MechanicallyUnusualFighter: His EX Skill lacks a traditional cool down and will reset itself when he attacks with bravery attacks instead, with his ranged attacks only restoring a third of the cooldown and his melee strikes restoring it to full.
* MythologyGag:
** In his introduction trailer, he is standing over a fallen Y'shtola. In ''Stormblood'', Zenos mortally wounded Y'shtola at the start of the expansion, removing her from the entire storyline.
** He uses the same Iaijustsu and Sen system as player samurai, only using the theme Lightning, Wind and Spirit for his Sen instead of Snow, Moon and Flower. All three of his Sen skills are based on the mechanics of the fight against him as well, complete with the same pose and visual effects.
** His EX skills HP Attack is based off the end mechanic of his fight where he drops his swords, charges an attack, and then attacks by dashing and swinging with each sword.
** His BattleThemeMusic "The Worm's Tail" does not come from his boss battle, but rather [[spoiler:the final battle with Shinryu after he has possessed it]].
** Most of his bravery attacks are named after recurring katana in the series.
** His Summoning animation is the same pose he takes before [[spoiler:fusing with Shinryu]].
** His defeat animation is exactly the same as when defeated in Ala Mhigo.
* NoChallengeEqualsNoSatisfaction: A BloodKnight though he may be, Zenos is also a firm believer in VictoryIsBoring and finds no joy in defeating weak opponents.
* PublicDomainArtifact: His sword the Ame-no-Habakiri is the name of the sword the God of Storms, Susanoo used to slay the Orochi. In the context of ''XIV'' this sword was a LegendaryWeapon that the kami Susano once used to slay a mighty demon, and the [[ThePowerOfBlood blood]] soaked into the blade [[EvilWeapon cursed it with dark power]]. The sword was hoarded by Susanoo's followers and presented to him as a gift by an [[YouHaveFailedMe underling who had failed him and wanted to save her own skin]].
* ShouldersOfDoom: They may not be quite as large as Golbez's but are still on the large side.
* SphereOfDestruction: Concentrativity is one of his HP Attacks, generating a sphere of energy and ChunkyUpdraft around Zenos when he thrusts his sword downward.
* SwordBeam:
** He has one that the effect of is dependent on which sword he currently has drawn, The Storm has Soul of the Storm an EnergyBall made of lighting, The Swell has Soul of the Swell a RazorWind with a large vertical hitbox and Ame-no-Habakiri has Soul of the Sword, multiple energy bullets.
** The Earth Veinsplitter version of his Veinsplitter HP Attack has him throw a [[DishingOutDirt shockwave through the earth]].
** Lightless Spark is a fairly standard horizontal energy wave that [[ChargedAttack can be charged]]
* TechnicolorBlade: Ame-no-Habakiri has a [[RedAndBlackAndEvilAllOver crimson blade]], The Storm has a [[YellowLightningBlueLightning blue lightning charged]] one and The Swell is a [[WindIsGreen green wind charged]] one.
* ThirdEye: As a Garlean, he has a third eye on his forehead which gives him heightened spatial awareness.
* ThreeStrikeCombo: His Unmoving Troika HP Attack is large three hit combo with his swords, his ultimate EX Skill Storm, Swell, Sword attack will attack enemies with a three hit combo, one slice with each of his swords.
* TinTyrant: Zenos is a giant of a man in an imposing suit of armor.
* UnblockableAttack: All of Zenos's EX Skills are unblockable.
* UnorthodoxSheathing: Zenos's swords are kept in a gigantic scabbard that resembles a cross between a gun barrel and a golf bag, which rotates to the sword of his choosing and even comes with a kickstand. This scabbard itself is an experimental piece of {{Magitek}} known as a electro-rotary scabbard.
* WesternSamurai: He is a blond-haired blue-eyed Garlean man that uses Doman style swords.
!!From VideoGame/FinalFantasyXV
[[folder:Noctis Lucis Caelum]]
!!!'''Voiced by:''' Creator/TatsuhisaSuzuki (Japanese), Creator/RayChase (English)
->"''I don't need any royal guard!''"

[[caption-width-right:350:''[[WarriorPrince The Heir]]'']]

The protagonist of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXV''. Noctis was the [[WarriorPrince crown prince]] of the nation of Lucis. While en route to [[ArrangedMarriage his wedding]] to the Oracle, his kingdom was conquered by the Empire of Nifelheim, and the royal families' sacred [[MineralMacGuffin crystal]] was stolen, forcing Noctis to [[YouCantFightFate face his destiny]] as the [[TheChosenOne King of Light]] and save his kingdom and the entire world from being plunged into [[TheNightThatNeverEnds eternal darkness]].\\
Noctis is an Assassin-style fighter who excels in high mobility through teleportation magic and using a variety of different weapons for versatile attacks, giving him the ability to attack and evade from many different angles. When his HP is 1500 or lower, his Armiger arsenal will awaken and power up his attacks. Noctis's EX Skill, Warp, allows him to throw his sword and then instantly teleport to it. This skill can be charged and aimed to change the warp trajectory, giving him versatility for both attacking and fleeing.
* AudienceSurrogate: Being the newest character game wise to appear in ''Dissidia'', Noctis serves as something of a viewpoint for newcomers who have never played the previous games, as his questions and confusion are meant to simulate how newcomers would feel about the story.
* BadassCape: Noctis's Kingly Raiment costume has him wear a PimpedOutCape over a suit.
* BadassInANiceSuit: Noctis can kick ass in the very formal Royal Raiment suit which is a DLC outfit just like it was in his home game.
* ButtMonkey: Noctis is a powerful warrior and a prince but he is also a callow newbie to the cycles and the scenarios constantly poke fun at this.
* CooldownManipulation: Whenever he successfully attack after utilizing Warp EX Skill, his exclusive EX Skill cooldown will decrease greatly.
* CrystalWeapon: When his Royal Arms surround him in Armiger mode, they appear to be made of crystal.
* DeathFromAbove:
** The aptly named Shooting Star HP Attack has Noctis throwing his spear into the air and teleporting to it before divebombing the enemy from above.
** Heavy Hand likewise dives straight down on enemies with his greatsword and forces them down into the ground.
* EnhancedArchaicWeapon: Noctis's default weapon is his signature Engine Blade. He also has the Drain Lance in his Armaments II and the Force Stealer and Plunderers in his Armaments IV, which are similarly outfitted with Lucian machinery.
* FlyingWeapon: Noctis's Armiger will activate after his HP hits a certain threshold, surrounding him with the Royal Arms which will fly out an attack enemies when he does.
* {{Foil}}: Serves as a subtle one to Lightning.
** Noctis is new to the cycles of war, as Lightning was implied to be in ''012''. However, while Lightning reacted poorly to the conflict and still has a less-than-pleased opinion of World B, Noctis is much more accepting of the necessity of battle and his consequent role as a Champion of Materia.
** Both spent time alongside the Warrior of Light (Lightning in ''012 Prologus''). While Lightning accepted his assistance with TeethClenchedTeamwork, Noctis openly accompanies the Warrior and Cecil by choice.
** Lightning appears in her Equilibrium garb, indicating that she is returning to the war near or after the end of her most recent journey. In contrast, Noctis appears in his Prince's Fatigues, indicating that he is arriving at the war near the beginning of his first journey.
** In gameplay terms, although both are Assassins with the ability to keep the opponent off-guard, Lightning's Ravager role allows her to engage the enemy at range, while Noctis' warping allows him to control his position relative to his opponent.
* GoodMorningCrono: Noctis wakes up in the opening cutscene believing he had just [[{{Sleepyhead}} dozed off in his car, as he is apt to do]].
* HyperspaceArsenal: Like in his home game, Noctis can [[SummonToHand summon his weapons]] from thin air when he needs them.
* MultiMeleeMaster: Noctis uses a variety of melee weapons, including his signature [[CoolSword Engine Blade]], a [[BladeOnAStick spear]], a [[{{BFS}} greatsword]] and a [[DualWielding pair]] of [[KnifeNut daggers]].
* MythologyGag:
** Noctis' summoning animation gives him [[RedEyesTakeWarning glowing red eyes]], the same as in FFXV.
** His use of four different weapons, but none of his game's magic, reflects the limits of his loadout in ''XV''; both common [[FireIceLightning Fire/Blizzard/Thunder]] magic and his exclusive Ring of the Lucii took up a slot, of which Noctis only had four.
** During the final battle, Noctis grabs Lightning's fallen Crimson Blitz and uses it as a warping beacon. This isn't the first time he's done so with one of Light's weapons; her Blazefire Saber is DLC in ''XV'', and was one of the few weapons that would be shown for point-warping before the 1.23 patch.
* NoRespectGuy: Noctis' first cutscene has him getting completely lost by Lightning and the Warrior talking about the war, and when he asks what they're talking about, the Warrior insists on explaining ''later''.
* OddlyShapedSword: Most of Noctis's greatswords have square tips, but the Blade of Brennaere from his third weapon set is probably his oddest, having two blades surrounding a large spike in between.
* ReverseGrip: Noctis wields one of his daggers in this manner for his Bird of Prey DashAttack.
* SlideAttack: Reckless Abandon and Noble Charge have Noctis open with a sliding lunge with his spear, allowing him to cover a fair distance for a melee attack.
* {{Teleportation}}: He uses his ability to Warp using his weapons as a homing beacon, by doing this he can catch enemies off guard as well as move quickly around the battlefield. Bleeds into TeleportSpam in the hands of a skilled player, as his Assassin inclinations mean quick movements are key.
* ThreeStrikeCombo: Both Triple Slice and Aerial Assault are three hit combos with Noctis's swords.
* ThrowingYourSwordAlwaysWorks: Noctis can throw his swords and [[JavelinThrower spear]] as a beacon for his teleportation power as well as his knives for a dash attack.
* TurnsRed: When his HP is below a certain threshold, Noctis's Armiger will activate and all his attacks become more powerful.
* WeaponizedTeleportation: Noct's specialty. his Warp Strike, Shooting Star, Steel Piroutte and Plunge HP Attacks use his teleportation to attack and his Warp EX skill can be used to enter and escape combat.

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