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* Caged Heat were a CatchphraseSpoutingDuo:


* Caged Heat Wrestling/{{Caged Heat|Wrestling}} were a CatchphraseSpoutingDuo:


* '''Jane Blonde'''
-->"I'll leave you shaken ''and'' stirred!"

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* '''The Disciplinarian'''
-->"Class dismissed!"

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During WOW's original run, the ladies were given a lot of personality and expressed themselves well.

* '''Danger'''
-->"You're on the highway to {{Hell}}!"
-->"This is my house, where I rule!"
* '''Ice Cold''':
-->"You're going to feel a little cold, you're going to feel a little ICE COLD! Can you feel the chill?"
* '''"The Heavy Metal Maniac" Riot''':
-->"I am unbreakable, I am unbeatable, and nothing can stop the RIOT!"
* '''Lana Star'''
-->"This is now The Lana Star Show"
* Caged Heat were a CatchphraseSpoutingDuo:
-->'''LOCA''': "Whazzup!!"
-->'''DELTA LOTTA PAIN''': "Whazzup!!"
-->'''LOCA''': "Hey, Delta! What time is it?"
-->'''DLP''': "It's Hard Time!"
-->'''LOCA''': "That's right. Caged Heat is about to lay a beatdown on somebody!"
* '''Harley's Angels''':
-->"You'd rather kiss a rattlesnake than to mess with Harley's Angels! And we just made roadkill out of you!"

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