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* ''WebVideo/Formula1'': The fact that the drivers are concentrating on making sure they can react to everything at the high speeds they're traveling and many are not native English speakers can lead to some people forgetting the names of things in the moment and other odd sentences over team radio:
** ''"OK, there's that animal running around the track. Before turn 6. In the middle of the track. I don't know what they're called."''—Kimi Raikkonen, 2019 Canadian Grand Prix ([=FP3=])
** ''"Did I send it‽ Or did I.. [[ConfusingMultipleNegatives don't didn't]] send it?"''—Carlos Sainz Jr., 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


* In one of ''[[LetsPlay/{{Dream}} Dream's]]'' Minecraft Manhunts, Bad calls the Striders (the animals in the Nether that can ride on lava) "things."

* Lindsay Ellis describes ''Disney/BrotherBear'' as "taking the concept of spirit animal to a very literal...literal...ness".


* Lindsay Ellis describes ''Disney/BrotherBear'' ''WesternAnimation/BrotherBear'' as "taking the concept of spirit animal to a very literal...literal...ness".

* TB Skyen, while playing ''VideoGame/DarkSoulsI'', having encountered a suspicious-seeming character in a cell in [[ this video]]:


* TB Skyen, WebVideo/TBSkyen, while playing ''VideoGame/DarkSoulsI'', having encountered a suspicious-seeming character in a cell in [[ this video]]:

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* ''WebVideo/DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog'' features this prominently, unsurprisingly since it's a Creator/JossWhedon production.
** Dr. Horrible:
---> "Moist! My evil... moisture... buddy!"
---> "I would never turn my back on a fellow... laundry-person..."
** Captain Hammer does it too, though he's not exactly intelligent:
---> "She turned me on to this whole homeless... thing..."
---> (quoted on the news) "I hope to set an example, for, you know, children and stuff."
---> "Oh, momma! Someone maternal!"
* ''WebVideo/{{Kickassia}}: "WELL I'M SCIENCIER!"''
* {{Website/Cracked}}'s video "If Nature Documentaries Didn't Let Science Get in the Way":
---> This treestump is a perfect example of our universe. It's covered in bits and stuff, just like all the other bits and stuff covered in bits and stuff in our universe... What is this part that's not those things I just said?
** From [[ 4 Things Nobody Tells You About Food Allergies]]:
--> Over the last few decades, food allergies and intolerance have been skyrocketing like a rocket that's going up into the sky really really fast.
* Very often done by the [[LetsPlay Let's Player]] LetsPlay/{{Raocow}}, who will often say "Well, that was a thing" or any of a million similar sentences. Some of it {{Justified|Trope}} by him being French Canadian and French in Quebec having many different ways to say "thing" (see the Real Life section of this page) that just don't translate well into English. The rest is him just playing up his TalkativeLoon nature.
** Another LetsPlay, for ''VideoGame/BaldursGateII'', had Minsc proclaim that the [[TurnUndead Mace of Disruption]] was "very disrupty". Minsc isn't too good at the thing with the wordy things at the best of times (unless they involve hilariously over-the-top descriptions of what he's going to do to the bad guys), so it fits.
* In the web cartoon [[ Irving, the Socially Awkward Bee]], the bees that Irving attempts to hang around with want to leave his presence by saying they have to do "the thing with the thing".
* Most of the main cast of ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'' falls into this at one point or another, but Caboose seems particularly prone due to his status as TheDitz.
--> '''Tucker:''' ''"My sword? Fuck yeah, I know how to use that! What's to understand about "swish, swish, stab"!?"''
* Ray William Johnson does this from time to time on =3, mainly because he tries to come up with a joke against your mom but fails.
--> '''Ray''': ... in a... mom... throwing-contest. Shut up!
* In one WebVideo/{{Vlogbrothers}} video:
--> '''Music/HankGreen''': I shot down that like a... like a...
--> '''Creator/JohnGreen''': Like a shooter down a shoot thing!
--> (Caption: I'm a writer.)
* A significant portion of the hilarity of [[ My Drunk Kitchen]] is thanks to this trope.
* In ''WebVideo/EchoChamber'''s Trope Of The Week ''DumbassHasAPoint'' Zack trying to explain "After Effects".
-->'''Zack''': It's... the thing with the things!
* Happens in a couple of ''WebVideo/TwoBestFriendsPlay'' videos; [[Franchise/AssassinsCreed "Sneaky-stab mode"]] and [[VideoGame/{{Portal2}} "You're science-ing right now!"]]
* The ''VideoGame/DeusExHumanRevolution''-inspired ''Unreal Revolution'' [[GameMod modification]] for the first ''VideoGame/DeusEx'' (re-read the sentence if you need, we swear it makes sense) makes large use of this trope. "Use this to turn off the sparky hurt light", indeed.
* [[ This episode of]] [[Website/TheAgonyBooth Mr. Mendo's Hack Attack]]: "But really, [[Film/JohnnyEnglish that]] was a good movie, and [[Film/NeverSayNeverAgain this film]] and a good one are as dissimilar as two completely dissimilar things... in a bag."
* The name of the website
* ''WebVideo/StuffYouLike'''s Sursum Ursa does this in her Moriarty episode:
-->'''Sursum Ursa''': ... and he has mood swings like... a very... swingy... thing!
* From ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries'':
-->'''Kaiba''': Duel me, you... uh, weird, cyborg, kind of... burn victim... person.
* ''WebVideo/FriendshipIsWitchcraft''
-->'''Rarity:''' Why would I spend my afternoon with a bunch of war criminals and their... war... crimes?
* ''Literature/SkippysList'' has examples:
--> 177. I am not to refer to a formation as "the boxy rectangle thingie".
* Most of the Literature/WhateleyUniverse stories are centered around teens at the SuperheroSchool Whateley Academy, so it's inevitable. Solange has a tendency to slip into this whenever she's upset. Aquerna sometimes does when she's busy being a MotorMouth.
* Kube from ''Roleplay/{{AJCO}}'' is a repeat offender. As they're also SirSwearsALot it can make their speech rather hard to listen to--for example, when explaining a date to their girlfriend, who has never been on one:
--> '''<Kube>''' You just do stuff… but it’s like. Special stuff. Like holding hands and junk.
* In the Opinionated Reviews of one Website/SFDebris, Chuck will often point out when something is on the list of things that are as bad as a very bad thing. God help you if you pull something from the list of things that are worse than a very bad thing.
* [[Blog/RainbowDashReadsHomestuck Rainbow Dash]] often resorts to this when new Homestuck stuff comes up.
* Creator/DougWalker, while discussing the worst movies he watched for WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic, describes ''Film/InspectorGadget'' like so:
-->...this was trying to mimic a cartoon world that was already a cartoon world but make it more cartoony because it's in reality, and...I don't...this movie has made me not make word senses that I can complete formally in this period.
** After giving a negative review of the toy Teddy Ruxpin, the toy somehow comes to life and, in a plot out of ''Franchise/TheTwilightZone'', goes on the warpath against the Critic for the review. When the Critic sees that Teddy has somehow come alive, he exclaims disbelievingly, "You're not real! You're just... a thing... that's not very real!"
* ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall'': Linkara proclaims, after something ''very'' stupid in ''Battle for Bludhaven'', that he broke something in his "thinking thing".
* Mitch and Mary Morpotzner from ''WebVideo/DatabaseRangersPowerReviews'' tend to speak this way at times. While watching a choreographed fight scene during the review episode of "The Wild Wipeout" from Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Mitch describes the Rangers doing "punchy flippy kicky things."
* ''Website/NotAlwaysRight'': [[ Problem: Thing is blue and blue on the thing.]]
* ''[[NotAlwaysRight/SisterSites Not Always Friendly]]'': [[ This story]] has a missionary in El Salvador trying and failing to convince a local plumber that she is from the area. He's finally convinced when she loses a ring in the drainpipe and resorts to the Salvadorian word for "thingamajig" to explain it to him.
* ''WebVideo/PBSIdeaChannel'' combines this with TakeThat while the host [[ briefly makes a comparison]] between ''Series/BreakingBad'' and ''Series/{{Lost}}''.
-->"Breaking Bad is up there with Lost on the list of shows encouraging fan theory about what will happen next, the major difference being that on Breaking Bad, unlike Lost, there is actually a return on your thinking investment since stuff...actually...MEANS...things."
* ''WebVideo/ThirdRateGamer'' says that in the old commercials, Cool Spot "would walk around and stuff."
* [=MrBtongue=] of ''WebVideo/TastefulUnderstatedNerdrage'' combines this trope with SophisticatedAsHell, especially when he coins the terms "reverse complaining" and "talky and techy sci-fi".
* "WebVideo/EndTimes" uses this a lot, since most of the characters are college-aged kids way out of their realm of experience.
** In season two, the Assembly is chiefly referred to as "the Thing" (sure, it's technically a reference to Viking culture, but [[PopCulturalOsmosisFailure the Archivist sure doesn't know that]]).
* LetsPlay/LewisBrindley frequently indulges in this, to the point that [[ his fandom has devoted an entire subreddit to it]].
* LetsPlay/ChristopherOdd does this a lot, as he frequently forgets the actual names of enemies in games and just calls them by their physical description.
* ''LetsPlay/HoboBros'': In "Squidella gears up for SPLATOON 2", Luke [[WritingByTheSeatOfYourPants decides]] to make the protagonist Squidella a very popular fighter, but he can't think of the right words, leading him to describe her as "one of the most championship people".
* Andrew Rea, the host of ''WebVideo/BingingWithBabish'', occasionally forgets the names of ingredients or utensils, and refers to them by their description instead.
* Lindsay Ellis describes ''Disney/BrotherBear'' as "taking the concept of spirit animal to a very literal...literal...ness".
* TB Skyen, while playing ''VideoGame/DarkSoulsI'', having encountered a suspicious-seeming character in a cell in [[ this video]]:
-->'''Skyen:''' I'm just gonna...I'm just gonna ''not'' with him.
* Luke Westaway of ''WebVideo/OutsideXbox'', being confronted with a picture of [[Series/AmericanNinjaWarrior Isaac Caldiero]]:
-->'''Luke:''' Is this a wrestling?


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