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* [[ The Good Ending Theme]]. A heartwarming soundtrack for a heartwarming ending. [[spoiler: Sadly, this ending isn't the canon one for this game, as ''Last Light'' shows]].
* [[ The Tower]] sums up Metro's bleak, oppressive setting perfectly. It's also playing during the [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome game's prologue]]. And in ''Redux'', it even plays during the final approach to the titular Tower.
* [[ Market]]. Probably the most awesome music from the first game's entire soundtrack. So much, that it plays repeatedly throughout the game on various levels.
* [[ Riga]]. A comfy jazzy little tune that plays in Riga's bar where Artyom and his travel companions drink to celebrate their survival. It's a perfect contrast to the bleak existence that is life in the Metro.

* [[ Chase]]. An awesome piece that plays during the climax of the game's story, where Khan and Artyom fight Red Line soldiers on railcars and a moving train, all while trying to secure the Baby Dark One and preventing him from falling into General Korbut's hands.
* [[ Bunker Blues]], like Market before it, is a rather catchy rock tune that plays several times throughout the game.
* [[ Redemption]], the good ending theme. Like the good ending theme of ''2033'', it's a soundtrack that perfectly captures the heartwarming and tearjerking parting between Artyom and the Baby Dark One. [[spoiler: And unlike the former, this one is the canonical ending of the game.]]
* [[ Into Sunset]], the bad ending theme. An absolutely tearjerking ending theme that plays when the Baby Dark One says farewell to [[spoiler: Anna, as Artyom blows up D6 in this ending.]]
* [[ Enter The Metro]], the main menu music captures the atmosphere of the plot (and setting) perfectly with a quiet and mysterious start, continues with a melancholy guitar part that transforms slowly into a electric guitar crescendo only to fall back to the melancholy guitar.

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