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* In the second half of the book, Illidan leads an attack on Nathreza, homeworld of the Dreadlords. The attack goes exactly as planned; they catch them while most of the Burning Legion is off-world, the demon hunters that he had trained rip through what forces were there, and Illidan sneaked into their archives to grab a file showing the location of Argus, Kil'jaeden and Archimonde's home world. He then leaves, getting all of his forces able to move or be moved out before slamming the portal shut, allowing the backlash of energy to shatter Nathreza in much the same way that Draenor had been. The entire plan went off without a hitch, the Legion was handed an unambiguous defeat where it hurted most (because any demons slain there are KilledOffForReal instead of their souls being cast into the Twisting Nether where they can be revived), and it was ''awesome''.

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