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* Lincon beating Lisa in chess, despite her being the smartest kid on the family
-->'''Lisa:''' "Are you cheating or something?! How is it possible that you're this good?!"

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'''Chapter 51'''
* The fact that their friends decided to set up a carnival for the Louds.
* Everyone makes up and pairs up with who they think works with them the best.

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'''Chapter 49'''
* The sheer amount of stuff that happens in this.
** [[spoiler: Ronnie takes the Ghoul Serum]].
** [[spoiler: Ronnie and Lori fight Cristina together]].
** [[spoiler: Then Mrs. Johnson gives the sisters HardLight setups to help Lincoln and the others fight Cristina]].
** [[spoiler: Cristina going full OneWingedAngel on them all]].
** [[spoiler: Lincoln standing up to Cristina. (Remember, he's [[BadassNormal relatively unchanged]] to boot)]].
** [[spoiler: Lincoln dodging Cristina's final attack]].

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'''Chapter 48'''
* Lori and leni standing up to Cristina
** [[spoiler: Then Leni fighting Lori and freeing her from control.]]



'''Chapter39''''''Chapter 39'''

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!! In General
* Meta example: The surprising consistency of when the chapters get posted. They're always uploaded in Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with very few exceptions. Taking into account how sometimes authors have difficulty uploading chapters on a consistent schedule, it's definitely surprising.

!! The Story

[[folder: First Half]]
'''Chapter 11'''
* Lola saving Lana from being [[spoiler: molested by Lynn]]. How does she save her? By ''decking [[spoiler: Lynn]] hard enough to send her flying''.

[[folder: Second Half]]
* The fact that Lisa survived her encounter with [[spoiler: Cristina]] is amazing in and of itself.
** Not only that, she actually managed to wound [[spoiler: Cristina]]. While it lead into quite a brutal beatdown, keep in mind that, up to that point, [[spoiler: Cristina]] was basically invincible: She had broken the Louds, she was in the process of recovery after her latest failure, and the only reason she even did as Lisa requested and fought her was to break her even further. Yet not only does she fail to kill Lisa thanks to [[spoiler: Lori and Leni interfering]], but Lisa managed to ''hurt her''.

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