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* In the Creator/DianeDuane-written novel ''Dark Mirror'', Counselor Troi using [[BattleInTheCenterOfTheMind telepathic judo]] to effortlessly curb stomp the [[MindRape monstrously powerful]] [[MirrorUniverse Mirror!Troi]]. Then Troi ''pistol whips the shit out of her with a phaser.'' Boo-ya.
** In this case, WeakButSkilled beat out UnskilledButStrong. Our Troi's empathic powers aren't very strong, but she has trained with them extensively for her job as a counselor and to block out the uncontrolled emotional broadcasts of the humans around her (she later develops a form of weaponized empathy in ''The Battle of Betazed''). Mirror Troi is more powerful, but has all the subtlety of a bat to the face, and never even ''bothered'' to develop the necessary defense, making her more of a GlassCannon. Sometimes a scalpel is more effective than a broadsword.

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* Q seems to get the ButtMonkey treatment by other members of the Q Continuum a fair bit, which leads to a pair of Awesome Moments near the end of the novel ''Q-in-Law''. The first is for Deanna Troi's mother Lwaxana, who goes absolutely nuts when [[spoiler: she learns Q's been playing her for a fool in a faux romance.]] When Q tries to take back the [[spoiler: Q powers]] he'd given her, it fails. An eight-page beating commences, with Lwaxana punching Q ''into the warp nacelle'', using him for a racquetball, and finally turning Q into a tree and nearly chopping him to pieces (starting ''below the belt'') before Deanna and Picard get her calmed down. Her rant after Q's apology only serves to top the whole thing off:
-->'''Lwaxana:''' You're so disdainful of humanity. Of mortals. You keep saying you're above our emotions, and hold them in such disdain. You know what I think? I think you're not worthy of them. You're not good enough to feel love.
** Shortly after that, Q2 shows up and claims an entire second Moment of Awesome when he explains that [[spoiler: he was responsible for Lwaxana keeping the powers long enough to teach Q a lesson he'd never forget (complete with taking ''pictures'' of Q's beating to show the rest of the Continuum), before hopping over to another spot and hitting Q in the face with the fact Picard was right on target with his HannibalLecture: Q is indeed behaving in a very ''human '' manner.]].
** Worf, from the same novel, is in [[DeadpanSnarker prime form]]. During the above-mentioned Q-thrashing, we get this wonderful gem:
-->'''Riker:''' She's trashing him! What should we do?\\
'''Worf:''' [[PassThePopcorn Sell tickets]].
* In the sadly non-canon novel ''Strike Zone'', we get another example of [[DrJerk Pulaski]] mistreating Data, which ends with a doozy:
--> '''Data:''' Doctor, it's been a very educational conversation.
--> '''Pulaski:''' Why, thank you, Data. I certainly hope you'll be able to store it away somewhere.
--> '''Data:''' And I hope you will as well, Doctor.
--> '''Pulaski:''' Well, Data, not being a machine, I wouldn't know where.
--> '''Data:''' I think, Doctor, you know where you can [[AssShove store it]].
** Basically anytime Dr. Pulaski is being an asshole and Data stands up to her. This one's from the show proper:
---> '''Pulaski''': "DAY-ta," "DAH-ta," what's the difference?
---> '''Data''': One is my name. The other is not.

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