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* For most of "Rupert and Little Yum", Constable Growler appears to be deceived by Sir Jasper and Scrogg's lies about not being guilty of any misconduct and blaming Rupert for troubling them, but the very end reveals that Growler was actually ObfuscatingStupidity and has a whole bunch of cops ready to turn Sir Jasper and Scrogg in while Rupert and Pong Ping return Yum to China.
* In "Rupert and the Crocodiles", Podgy uses his knowledge of the culinary arts to his advantage by distracting the crocodile preparing the stew he, Rupert, the captain, and the first mate are to be cooked in so that he can cut himself free of his bonds and do the same to the other three captives. He ends up caught, but he is fortunately helped out by the Serpent King and a bunch of other snakes, who save the lives of Rupert and friends as gratitude for Rupert freeing the Serpent King from being trapped under a log earlier.

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