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* The shorts have been much more well received than the original movie, with fans saying they have more of the stuff they liked about the show in them.
* Pretty much anytime the characters play so awesomely that they transform into their anthro forms (even if it doesn't make sense), Dash and Trixie's shred-off especially. (The film does actually explain why this happens due to bits of Equestrian magic still floating around in the human world.)

[[AC:Music to My Ears]]
* Vinyl Scratch makes walking down a street to a café MundaneMadeAwesome. Everything around her is in synch to the beat of her music and the Walk-signal break dances.

[[AC:Guitar Centered]]
* Rainbow Dash and Trixie battling each other with their guitar playing in a miniature BattleOfTheBands.

%%[[AC:Hamstocalypse Now]]

[[AC:Pinkie on the One]]
* Pinkie Pie is ambidextrous. She stirs the two bowels Granny Smith gives her with equal strength and sends them flying.

[[AC:Player Piano]]
* Three high school boys somehow being able to carry a grand piano into a school with a girl sitting on top of it.

[[AC:A Case for the Bass]]
* Applejack's friends standing up for her against the Flim Flam Brothers, even implying that they are willing to ''physically beat them up''. One might expect that from Rainbow Dash, but the fact that Rarity, Pinkie Pie (who cracks her knuckles), and Fluttershy have the same immediate reaction makes the moment incredible.

%%[[AC:Shake Your Tail!]]

[[AC:Perfect Day for Fun!]]
* Applejack and Rainbow Dash try a high-striker game. Who succeeds in ringing the bell? [[spoiler:''Spike''!]]
* A series of photos show Twilight and Applejack having to drag Fluttershy into visiting a haunted house attraction, but it's Fluttershy who walks out nonchalantly when they come back out.
* Fluttershy prevents Rainbow Dash from falling offstage ''with her tambourine''.

[[AC:Life Is a Runway]]
* Rarity is still running Carousel Boutique in the human world. That comes off as far more impressive since in EQG she's explicably a teenager still in high school.

%%[[AC:Friendship Through the Ages]]

[[AC:My Past Is Not Today]]
* Sunset Shimmer reveals a new {{super mode}} with [[HotWings wings made of fire]]!
* The entire song itself is one for Sunset Shimmer. She denounces the monster she once was, confidently deciding to abandon her checkered past and look to the future as a better person than she once was.
-->'''Sunset:''' ''I may not know what the future holds\\
But hear me when I say\\
That my past does not define me\\
'Cause [[TitleDrop my past is not today!]]''

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