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* Hermione vs. Umbridge on the subject of Counter-Jinxes.
--> '''Umbridge:''' [...] Miss Granger, would you care to explain this essay?
--> '''Hermione:''' I would have thought that was obvious, Professor Umbridge. I disagreed with you.
--> '''Umbridge:''' You... disagreed?
--> '''Hermione:''' Yes. [...] I also referenced fourteen separate ''[[BeatThemAtTheirOwnGame Ministry Approved]]'' texts which agreed with '''my''' take on the matter.
--> '''Umbridge:''' I see. I'm going to have to ask you to re-write this essay, Miss Granger.
--> '''Hermione:''' No. [...] I won't rewrite it.
** Umbridge then has the audacity to say she knows Defense Against the Dark Arts better than Hermione.
--> '''Hermione:''' And do you also know better than the fourteen directly quoted sources? [...] Because really, I think we should be told whose opinions we are and are not allowed to consider in the future.

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* Umbridge tries to order Ron away.
--> '''Umbridge:''' Mister Weasley? I did not request your presence.
--> '''Ron:''' I know you didn't.
--> '''Umbridge:''' And yet you are still here?
--> '''Ron:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Well, would you look at that! So I am.]]

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* Four Gryffindors spectacularly rebel against Umbridge by charming the words "PROPERTY OF ALBUS DUMBLEDORE" to appear over Hogwarts. The resulting light show can be seen from Hogsmeade.

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