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* Running over the Shocker Rider with the RevolGarry.


* Running over the Shocker Rider with the RevolGarry.[=RevolGarry=].

* The Displaced gets the present Batman, Superman, Mai, Spirit and Chalice were preparing for them: A remodeled Bat Cave, [[KamenRiderDrive The Rider Cave/Pit]].


* The Displaced gets the present Batman, Superman, Mai, Spirit and Chalice were preparing for them: A remodeled Bat Cave, [[KamenRiderDrive [[Series/KamenRiderDrive The Rider Cave/Pit]].

* Wisp, Orga and Den-O taking on a [[spoiler: Rocket Wisp Dopant]] followed by Space Shocker Rider Wisemen, who’s actually GenreSavvy. Wisp manages to fight the Wizard to a mutual detransformation, causing the foe to acknowledge him as a [[WorthyOpponent Kamen Rider]].


* Wisp, Orga and Den-O taking on a [[spoiler: Rocket Wisp Dopant]] followed by Space Shocker Rider Wisemen, who’s actually GenreSavvy.Wisemen. Wisp manages to fight the Wizard to a mutual detransformation, causing the foe to acknowledge him as a [[WorthyOpponent Kamen Rider]].



**Managing to avoid both Wisp and Chase, without transforming. Then he brings out Yomotsuheguri Arms. Pushing back Idunn with the Budou Ryuhou with ease followed by catching the Signal Ax. When Chase notes the lack of reaction to the Lockseed’s supposed life drain, Ryugen-Yomi reveals the fact that he’s a Synthetic Humanoid and his internal power core’s able to supply the Lockseed’s drain. Catching the Cube Hammer, and sending Wisp flying away. Yacker he lping Wisp out by fusing with him, enabling a temporary Level 2 which lets him push back Ryugen-Yomi long enough for Chase to join in with Speed Prototype. Leon debuts with Deadheat. Wisp’s Maximum Drive, Chase’s Spider Execution and Proto Speed Full Throttle, Idunn’s OOO Charge, to no visible effect. Wisemen show up to help. Wisp pulling two Maximum Drives one after another sending the Cube Hammer towards Ryugen-Yomi, followed by the remaining 4 Riders Rider Kicking him. His answer? Tossing the Hammer aside and taking on the Kicks 4v1, knocking Chase and Mai out of transformation. Wisp pulls off an actual Twin Maximum, forcing Ryugen-Yomi to counter with a Sparking and knocking both out of transformation.
[[AC: Movie War Supernova-Shocker Greeed]]
* Birth’s reply when asked to go away: ‘Go away? No, SHOCKER hurt too many people. Broken too many homes, no, we won't go away, so one has to fight bullies like you. Charon birds that feed on the misery of others! Each time SHOCKER and it's kin rise there will always be KAMEN RIDERS to fight them!’
* The Greeed sharing information on Nova, including the stolen Rider systems (Enemy Mine), calls Birth a Kamen Rider as he leaves.

* Ichika brings up the topic of the Albino Joker while explaining the events of LLA to the Undead, while Spirit and Eagle are confused as to its existence, Chalice is a different matter. When asked to explain, it turns out that the Joker Undead was created to represent the concept of Death as a counter to the Undead. The mistakes the Overlord made with the Albino? First, not realizing that the Black Joker was already countered by the 52 Undead. Second, giving him the ability to absorb power from the other Undead. Third, giving it the ability to think, as opposed to the Black Joker’s mindless state. He was strong enough that before the Kings and Aces stopped him, he had already absorbed every other Undead. Ichika is suitably horrified at the prospect of such a creature having ever existed. The 4 Aces were able to hold off Jashin 14 long enough for the 4 Kings to create the Vanity Card and seal the Albino away.
[[AC: Movie War Supernova-Mavericks Megaman X]]
* Sandra gets chosen by a Green Lantern Ring.
[[AC: Movie War Supernova-Mavericks Megaman X2]]
* Thomas is confronted by the 3 different Flares of Eternal, Katsumi (Blue), Jun (Red) and the Eternal Dopant (White) who show him what each Flare would require of him. Red: Forgo his emotion, and never risk his friends again. Blue: Using fury, but not losing control. White: Giving into Eternal’s Flame and punishing all who deserves it. Katsumi points out that a part of Thomas wants to fall into the power, but another wants to continue without doing so. While the 3 Flares fight each other, Thomas finds reassurance in the Gaim Memory and his knowledge that Kouta didn’t stray from his path, but wasn’t perfect either and decides not to take either paths (Take A Third Option)
** Thomas: ‘This is my stage. And you're not welcome on it. I might become you one day... but I'm not going to let that stop me from being what others want to see me become.’
[[AC: Movie War Supernova-Nova's Generals]]
* Nova calls the heroes out and begins his attack on the city, the Riders responds by charging into battle against his army of Kikaiders, tearing it apart until they show their faces.
* The 2 sides exchange words, neither giving way despite their attempts to piss each other off.
* Eiji changing into Kouta’s gift to them: Type Ultra Fruits, and using both Gaim and Drive’s catchphrase: ‘This is our stage. And you're the ones coming along for the ride!’
* Followed by select few Riders powering up:
** Takahara allows himself to be sealed for this battle, letting Blade enter Jack Form.
** Leon enters DeadHeat.
** Birth goes Birthday.
** Thomas activates Eternal Gaim.
* Sandra makes use of her nature and Green Lantern Ring to aim for Nova’s Riders’ Kryptonite Rings. While it means she’s distracted enough to be a target, and her rings shatter after only taking out Gamma’s ring, it does mean that Superman’s able to join Blade, Zangetsu and Kyle.
* Yurusen brings in the backup he mentioned awhile back, from two different timelines too!
** Ghost, Specter, Accel, Drive, Ryugen, Wizard.
* Eiji steals the Helheim Fruits off of Dau, which Shift Ultra Fruits convert into the Banana and Orange Lockseed. He thens locks the latter onto the Daidaimaru Naginata Mode for an Orange Charge along with Full Throttle: Gaim, only for Ryugen to join in with his Sparking.
* Ryugen-Yomi’s orders were deleted from his memory banks due to the damage he took, granting him free will.
* Turns out Kyle’s been chasing down a Blue Lantern Ring, which choose Haruto.
[[AC: Movie War Supernova-Nova]]
* He has the ability to absorb all energy, including kinetic. Does that stop the Riders from wanting to break his face in for all that he’s done? Nope.
* None of the Riders hold back, even the veterans.
** Takeru fights with his father in Toucon Boost.
** Makoto brings out Houdini.
** Eiji changes to Type Special.
** Shinosuke enters Type Formula.
** Terui’s Trial begins. He later activates Booster.
** Chris goes [=CycloneTrigger=].
* Ganbarider, Drive Type Formula, Accel Trial, Wisp, Nazca, Lupin and his Belles wails on Nova, who takes it all without flinching, before sending them all flying away.
* While Nova’s able to accelerate quickly with his speed technique, Eiji and Shinosuke has a counter to that, with no civilians in the area, Krim reluctantly agrees.
* With the help of Slowdown, they managed to leave Nova open for everyone to hit him with their finishers to overload him.
* The attacks manages to force the Burst Memory to get free of Nova. Who partners with Chris.
* Just as Nova’s about to finish off the Riders who were knocked out of transformation, Mai appears to stop his attack. And on seeing everyone’s injuries, decides to pull a Powerswap for mostly everyone, restoring their energy and healing them.
* And while that was happening, the veteran Riders managed to injury Nova enough for his core (Weakspot) to glow.
* The plan to defeat Nova:
** Ghost and Ganbarider’s scanners picking out where the Void Memory is inside of Nova’s Dopant form.
** They link the information to Sandra who can get a clear shot with her eyes, and [=WizarSwordGun=] aided by Laura’s Drill Ring.
** To make sure they get a clear shot, Shinosuke lends Dimension Cab’s powers to Eiji and Ganbarider.
** Once they do, they fire with Rumble Dump lending its powers.

* Once the battle is over, Ganthet appears to Haruto and Sandra for several reasons.
** Praising the former for being able to teleport over to the DCAU, especially when their world, World 79, is on the other side of the multiverse.
** When Sandra asked to get a message to her world, #201991, he states that it’s all but impossible to travel to. While it does mean the girl isn’t getting back home anytime soon, she takes it as a sign that the Void Engineers are doing their job of keeping everyone and thing out.

Becoming a Superhero? Heck yeah!


Becoming * The Displaced facing off against Bujin Gaim alongside Superman in their first fight.
* Followed up by facing Metallo and Kalibak two weeks later, and by themselves this time.
* Wisp and Chalice facing off against Tornado Hawk followed by Abyss/Paradoxa Undead with Steel showing up to help.
[[AC: Riders vs Shocker: Part 1]]
* Orga, Mach, Chaser and Ghost facing off against Gaim-Yami, and making
a Superhero? Heck yeah!good show of it despite [[spoiler: Kouta having Precognition]] on his side. Both sides soon receives reinforcement in the form of Zangetsu, Den-O, Birth, and Supergirl for the heroes, and Shocker Combatmen [[spoiler: and Fifteen]] for the villains.
* Gaim-Yami pulls out the Wizard Lockseed, the Riders answers the challenge with Mach Chaser.
* Fifteen notes that Chaser and Zangetsu were almost able to defeat Gaim-Yami, and decides to stop holding back against them in future.
* The Riders meet the Dark Knight while on patrol and wisely checked for bugs after a conversation, unfortunately they forgot to check their bikes until later.
[[AC: Chalice’s tendency for spars tend to lead to some pretty impressive fights]]
* Blade and Cyclone/Metal face off against Chalice in a spar, despite their lost the Undead noted that they did pretty well. Metal also shows off Ice Age’s Maximum Drive, creating a 20 meter tall ice pillar.
* With Zangetsu, in an effort to get used to Mango Arms, nearly injure Chalice enough to drive him berserk. Chalice also changes his tune about the Displaced thanks to him.
* Facing Idunn in Ringo Jinba Dragon Fruits. Whose weakened (something to do with nerf) power is equal to a Queen Undead.
[[AC: Riders VS Shocker: Part 2]]
* The fact that Mack/Chaser had to deal with Gaim-Yami, three Kurokage Troopers, and some SHOCKER Combatmen by himself until the others arrived.
* Even Kurokage Troopers get a moment, with Ryugen, Zangetsu, Baron Arms. Gaim-Yami uses Jinba Lemon and takes on the heroes. Fifteen uses Den-O and Kabuto Arms with their respective SuperMode weapons. Indunn uses the OOO Lockseed, and managing to activate [=TaJaDor=] Arms. Chaser loading Shift Speed Prototype into the Brake Gunner and awakening Chase’s memories. [[spoiler: Also a hint towards Mack’s true nature]]. Wisp and Lupin’s use of the Rocket Cannon. [[spoiler: Oath managing to slowly wrest control over his body back from]] Fifteen, granting the Riders a few pieces of valuable information. Gaim-Yami regaining enough control to leave behind the Wizard Lockseed.
[[AC: Riders VS Shocker: Part 3]]
* Wisp, Orga and Den-O taking on a [[spoiler: Rocket Wisp Dopant]] followed by Space Shocker Rider Wisemen, who’s actually GenreSavvy. Wisp manages to fight the Wizard to a mutual detransformation, causing the foe to acknowledge him as a [[WorthyOpponent Kamen Rider]].
* Green Arrow and ‘Little John’ activating both ways of awakening an Eyecon, leading to a YinYangBomb and [[spoiler: releasing the spirit of Robin Hood]]. Who challenges the heroes to prove themselves.
[[AC: Riders vs Shocker: Part 4]]
* Points to Zangetsu for fending off Bujin Gaim, who spots a yellow belt (*gene locked), long enough to call for backup.
* Blade, the Roidmudes, Cyclone, Zangetsu, and Chaser taking on Bujin Gaim in Suika Arms.
* Running over the Shocker Rider with the RevolGarry.
* When Shocker tries to recall the Suika Lockseed, it fails due to Brain holding it at the time, though it did send him several blocks away, it shorted out the teleportation device.
[[AC: Riders vs Shocker: Part 5]]
* When Ghost and Chase get mind controlled the latter quickly regains control by loading Speed Prototype into the Brake Gunner.
* Fifteen Decade Arms, a Ganma vs Lupin, Wisp, Birth. Bat Man Kaijin and Combatmen vs Blade, Orga, Chase.
* [[spoiler: Oath]] revealing information once again and forcing Fifteen outside to face Blade and Orga.
* Batman vs Bat Man, who brought the repaired Mach Driver and [[spoiler: his own prototype Birth Driver]].
* Leon heading towards the fight despite [[BadassNormal not having his Driver]] because being a Rider isn’t just about the power.
* Fifteen bails out, but leaves Garren to handle things, who fend off Blade, Orga and Chase(r) before transforming into Jack Form, ''without'' Rouzing Fusion Peacock.
* The others rush outside to help take down the Royal Club, who manages to hold his own until [[GravityMaster Newton Damashii]] negates his Telekinesis. It took the teamwork of 9 Riders [[*Full List: Chaser, Idunn, Zangetsu, Den-O, Orga, Cyclone, Mach, Birth, Ghost]] and Green Lantern to bring Garren down to ground and he still has it in him to Rider Kick Joust with Blade before finally getting defeated.
** This bears repeating: Garren was attacked by 9 Riders, 7 finishers amongst them [[*Full List: Chaser’s Full Throttle: Midnight Shadow and Full Break: Max Flare, Idunn and Zangetsu’s Budou Sparking, Den-O’s Full Charge, Orga’s Full Throttle, Cyclone’s Maximum Drive.]] Along with Ride Crosser’s full arsenal, Birth tackling him with the Cutter Wing ''/underline got up'', pitted Burning Smash against Blade’s Lightning Sonic ''/bold then'' lost.
* Just when everyone though Shocker managed to teleport away after defeat again, Blade finds [[spoiler: Isaka’s sealed form underneath the Rouze Absorber]]. The first victory for the Riders where their foe didn’t escape.
* Meanwhile Chalice and Abyss begin round 2, with Wisp and the Roidmudes as backup.
* Turns out Shocker got Kamen Rider Tiger on their side too, who’s actually the [[OhCrap Tiger Undead]]. And the ones who brainwashed her? Abyss and Isaka. Abyss revealing that Tarantula’s the last Club Suit Royal Club Undead free, implying they got Elephant. Supergirl shows up, Axcaliber in tow. Forcing Abyss out of transformation, back into the Paradoxa Undead.
* Wisp pulling off a Rider Rocket Drill Kick (Two Memories) and a Rider Rocket Drill Blast (Three Memories) shortly after. Even if it did [[HeroicRROD cause him some injury]].
* Shocker has managed to create Roidmudes. Without Krim or Banno’s help.
* Kaen gaining access to Liner Form, after [[spoiler: receiving a message from the Taros and Owner]].
* Superman admitting that Medic send a tree flying further than he could starting out.
* Chris and Brian finds a Memory Driver from a Shocker helicopter wreckage that allows for 2 Memories in use at the same time, [=CycloneTrigger=] debuts. It can work with Gaia and Astro Memories simultaneously, as Myles found out with [=CycloneWisp=], [=HeatWisp=] and [=IceAgeWisp=].
[[AC: Movie War Supernova]]
* In the prelude, Fifteen faces an intruder who manages to steal several items from Shocker, with the Burst and Void Astro Memories and a Memory Fusion Brace amongst them.
* The thief, who now calls himself Nova, takes Fifteen, Fourze and Double Arms head on before Gaim-Yami, Bujin Gaim, Shocker Greeed and several Combatmen showed up. Nova reveals the ability to absorb energy holds off the assorted Riders, until [[RROD his body suffers the side effect of his super speed]]. Nova’s Maximum Drive is to create a Black Hole, which Fifteen closes with OOO Arms’ Strain Doom Sparking.
* Wiseman’s able to use Fire Style, and manages to teleport before Superman can reach her.
* When the heroes search through the Shocker Base’s vault, they find several items, indicative of their enemy’s progress: Shocker Rider 1’s New Cyclone, Proto 10 Lockseed, Shuffle Centipede Rouze Card, Signal Bikes Kikern, Tomarle, and Kaksarn, and a Rhino Type Roidmude.
* The Displaced gets the present Batman, Superman, Mai, Spirit and Chalice were preparing for them: A remodeled Bat Cave, [[KamenRiderDrive The Rider Cave/Pit]].
[[AC: Movie War Supernova-Gamma]]
* When he ambushes Chalice with a punch to the head, blocking it with the Chalice Arrow still gets the Undead pushed back, attacking only causes sparks before the Ace goes flying back from a punch to the gut. He stops an Omega Drive cold with just his fist. He makes Chalice bleed with an Exceed Charge, then goes to activate Accel mode. Though Ghost manages to stop him just in time with Edison’s Omega Drive. Fusion Eagle shows up to aid his old friend (Big Damn Heroes). Zangetsu Watermelon Arms and Metal show up soon after, and begins evening the odds. The battle ends as Gamma and Ghost Rider Kick each other, forcing the latter out of transformation but the former to leave behind his Gamma Shot, which the Edison Eyecon absorbed.
[[AC: Movie War Supernova-G1]]
* While he’s not the brightest bulb in the shed, he’s plenty strong as he shrugs off multiple Lupin Arrow’s finishers, along with Blade and Orga’s assault. It took Superman showing up before he bails.
[[AC: Movie War Supernova-[[spoiler:Ryugen-Yomi]] ]]

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Becoming a Superhero? Heck yeah!

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