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* Dante's entrance and action scene in the opening. He just bursts through the skylight, shoots Sanctus right through the head, and ''[[OneManArmy slaughters]]'' his way through the congregation.
* Dante's casual slaughter of each of the game's bosses. The world ending plot of Sanctus and the Order are a joke to him. For Nero, it's the most important day of his life. For Dante, [[ButForMeItWasTuesday it's Tuesday]].
* Let's not forget [[ the Lucifer cutscene]], which also counts as a SugarWiki/{{Funny Moment|s}} (and for some, a Crowning Moment Of ''Fanservice'').
* Dante's final mission consists of an epic boss battle against the gargantuan Savior at its most powerful.
* Vergil's opening in ''Devil May Cry 4''. He slaughters a legion of demons far more easily than Nero does. He doesn't even seem to put in any effort before he kills them. Highlights include a massive showdown in the air, him throwing his sword to take out several at once, and killing multiple with his ''scabbard''.
* It is arguable that Nero was RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap entirely on [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome Crowning Moments Of Awesome]]. Nailing Dante with a slow-seeming, should-have-been-easily-dodged dropkick? Pummelling Dante in the head, [[TheWorfBarrage even if later shown ineffectual]], and impaling him to a statue of his father using his own sword? Lifting and smacking around the giant fire demon Berial? Spitting blood in Agnus's face? Giving Dante the finger even as he falls victim to the villains' trap? Finally showing the true power of the Devil Bringer as he battles the BigBad for the final time? Taking out the BigBad with a combo of throwing your sword, a hookshot grab with the Devil Bringer and an OffhandBackhand? Crushing the head of the giant Savior? All brilliant.
* Hell, the ''opening scene'' of ''Devil May Cry 4'' counts as one for Nero. He takes on a massive horde of [[{{Mooks}} demons]], just to try and make it to see [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments see Kyrie sing.]]
* Every time Nero uses a Devil Triggered Buster on a boss, with the pinnacle the one in the first battle with Sanctus, where a seriously ''pissed'' Nero pummels the Big Bad in the stomach so hard that the sequence ends with the villain ''begging Nero to stop!''
** You gotta love the line he delivers, too. "I've had enough of your bullshit!" indeed.
*** Or the alternate line he delivers: "'''YOU'RE''' the demon! Not me!"
*** "Pray for Hell to save you, cause you're gonna need it!"
*** And the ultimate nod to the fandom right as he delivers the final blow: "'''''JACKPOT!!'''''" [[ Check it out here]], but be warned... spoilers accompany the awesome.
** And then after the battle, before the face-smashing CurbStompBattle against Savior-Sanctus, Nero walks away from the carnage not only with Kyrie safe and sound in his arms, but '''''Sparda''''' lashed to his back. Let's face it, having that weapon in tow makes ''anyone'' a badass, but for Nero, it just cranks his Badass quotient [[UpToEleven beyond measurable amounts]].
*** What really made that part poignant was the fact that after coming out Nero just hands the Sparda off to to Dante. The big bad relied on that thing for all his powers and Nero just went "Nah, don't need to use that sword, I got enough badass in this Devil Bringer."
* [[ShoutOut Final.]] [[Franchise/StreetFighter ATOMIC!]] '''[[ BUSTAAH!!!]]'''
* Let's not forget... "[[ Anything to protect her.]]"
* The rescue of Kyrie/defeat of Sanctus is a genuinely emotionally powerful scene, all the more awesome because ''4'' is sometimes of an over-the-top, comedic action game rather than a drama.
* The fight against Dante in Mission 10 of [=DMC4=], particularly on higher difficulties. You will feel like the biggest badass in the world once you manage to defeat him.
* After 11 missions of Nero in ''Devil May Cry 4'', the moment [[ this music]] starts playing as you realize you are finally being given control of everyone's favorite demon slayer and the above-mentioned ThatOneBoss.
-->''"Mission 12: Come to grips with the power of the legendary Devil Hunter!"''

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