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* The new boss battles introduced in ''Legacy'' are quite the sight to behold, all of them being unique and challenging in their own way:
** The mission ''Easy Money'' plays out just like in the original game. That is, until [[MissionControl Keynote]] interrupts the end by warning you of an incoming squadron. What follows is a duel against Lancer Squadron, who despite being a WarmUpBoss, teaches you how to combat different squadron tactics like those from ''Zero.'' It's also pretty satisfying to see [[ArrogantKungFuGuy their leader, Albert Wahlberg]] get shot down for his hubris.
** ''Hunting Season'' begins with a massive aerial dogfight against many enemy aircraft. Pretty standard stuff, until they bring out [[BloodKnight Beast Squadron]], [[WakeUpCallBoss who pretty much surround your ass]] like a pack of... well, [[MeaningfulName beasts]]. You could take Keynote's advice and pick them off one-by-one, but it is [[CatharsisFactor much more satisfying]] to beat them in their own game.
** Then there's ''[[BestLevelEver Seagull]]'', which isn't just a faithful remake of the original, but the setting takes place in Skully Islands, the setting of [[VideoGame/AirCombat the very first game]]. Then there's the hellish gauntlet against Cocoon Squadron, USEA's best naval squadron. [[RecurringBoss Z.O.E.]] shows up yet again in the mission to pester Phoenix, but it is easily driven off despite Cocoon Squadron taking potshots at you. And then, the final phase, which is nothing but pure adrenaline from start to finish, all topped off by... a rap song? And it's somehow [[ one of the best songs in the game]].
** The mission ''Toy Box'' has Phoenix destroy a satellite weapon meant to take out the [[VideoGame/AceCombat04ShatteredSkies incoming Ulysses asteroid]]. All seems well after it ends, until '''Beast Squadron''' comes back even after being shot down in the previous fight. This time, [[ThatOneBoss he's not messing around;]] He's not only packing his [[WolfpackBoss usual tactics]], but decides to take it [[UpToEleven up a few notches]] by dishing out the [[InterfaceScrew Electronic Warfare System to jam your HUD]]. And Phoenix '''[[CurbstompBattle STILL]]''' [[CurbstompBattle utterly annihilates him]] despite the odds being stacked up against him.
** The mission ''Final Countdown'' is pretty much [[ThatOneLevel the most difficult mission]] in the game barring the Extra Missions; The first part is a gauntlet against the rebellion's LastStand, sending out their entire naval fleet to [[BulletHell pepper the sky with bullets]]. Then it all goes south when the [[SuperPrototype XB-10]] gets involved in the fray, but luckily all three of them are shot down. And yet it '''STILL''' isn't over, as now Phoenix has to contend with the last Ace Squadron of the game: [[TheChessmaster Albireo]]. Unlike Beast and Cocoon Squadrons' leaders ([[CombatPragmatist who play dirty]] in their attempts to bring you down and are [[JerkAss colossal douchefaces]]), Albireo's flight lead... is [[NiceGuy a genuinely nice person]] who just wants to [[{{Retirony}} retire after this mission]]. He also genuinely sees Phoenix as a WorthyOpponent and even [[TheMentor teaches him a few tactics during their battle]]. Make no mistake, however: Albireo is [[ThatOneBoss easily the most difficult boss in the main story]] and is considered as [[WorldsBestWarrior the most powerful]] AcePilot [[WorldsBestWarrior in all of USEA]]. Sadly, unlike the other squadrons who are faced with UncertainDoom, Albireo is the [[TearJerker only one]] KilledOffForReal.
* [[PlayerCharacter Scarface One/Phoenix]] himself is a MemeticBadass comparable to the likes of Mobius 1 and the Demon Lord of the Round Table himself. A rather impressive feat for the first protagonist of the series.
** Phoenix has already gained notoriety for stopping the Skully Islands Insurrection during the events of ''[[VideoGame/AirCombat Air Combat]]'' and destroying the [[FinalBoss Sky Fortress]]. Now he's hired once again to take down the Usean Rebel Forces, making him one of the two Aces in the series to be playable in multiple games.
** He quickly becomes TheDreaded later in the game, to the point where you could hear the [[VillainousBreakdown enemy forces panic]] at the mere mention of his [[RedBaron callsign]]. Like Cipher before him, the Rebel Forces send in their top aces to dispose of the dreaded Firebird. [[OneManArmy None survive]].
** Phoenix has quite the list of superweapon kills in the series; He's taken down the Sky Fortress from ''Air Combat'', the Anti-Ulysses Satellite Cannon, Fortress Intolerance and every Zone of Endless-integrated aircraft, including the [[InfinityPlusOneSword ADF-01 FALKEN]].
** Immediately after [[ClimaxBoss the liberation of St. Ark]], Phoenix chases down and destroys a guided nuclear missile aimed for St. Ark. That's right! [[MemeticBadass The Phoenix]] [[CurbStompBattle beat the Rebels' asses down so hard]] they had to resort to [[NuclearOption nuking him]]. [[UpToEleven And even]] ''[[UpToEleven that]]'' [[UpToEleven failed!]]
** According to the wiki, the Z.O.E-integrated ADF-01 FALKEN Phoenix fought contained records of both [[VideoGame/AceCombatZeroTheBelkanWar Cipher and Pixy's flight data]], which means he's fought an AI version of two legends of the Belkan War piloting an even stronger version of [[FinalBoss the ADFX-02 Morgan]]. Imagine that, [[UpToEleven multiplied by four]].
* The Extra Mission before the afforementioned [[TrueFinalBoss Z.O.E gauntlet]] has the Phoenix fighting against '''100 ENEMY FIGHTERS!''' [[OneManArmy And winning!]]
--> '''Keynote:''' "100 enemy aircraft down! You did it Phoenix! [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments You are the pride of the Allied Forces!]]"\\

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