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* Is [[ObfuscatingDisability Nova]] a slacker who isn't aware of just how horrible her actions truly are, or is she actually [[TheSociopath a sociopathic jerk]] willing to do whatever she can in order to avoid work of any kind?

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It's certainly saying something when just about all of your characters can be seen in quite a few different ways in terms of motivations and reasoning behind their personalities.
* Is [[BigBadWannabe Ace]] actually a JerkWithAHeartOfGold who just will need a lot of help in showing a better side to people, or is he actually truly a {{Jerkass}} who pushes people away due to a lack of trust in them?
* Is [[TheQuincyPunk Alia]] a kindhearted but ultimately flawed girl going through a phase who is trying her hardest to improve, or is she just a spoiled brat who's unappreciative of her parents enough to constantly push them away?
* Was [[MasterActor Benson's]] personality truly all an act during '''FMTDI''', or is he actually a {{Jerkass}} and was just trying to gain some of his teammates' pity at his elimination?
* Is [[DeadpanSnarker Brooke]] a socially awkward but well-meaning girl with a HiddenHeartOfGold, or is she just a sarcastic {{Jerkass}} who mostly looks down on others despite not being particularly remarkable herself?
* Is [[LovableJock Chad]] actually an idiot, or is he just naive and actually capable of potentially high levels of intelligence and emotional stability?
* Does [[AntiHero Cynthia]] truly act like such a perfectionist who demands victory in order to live up to the very things her father has always raised her to do, or is it actually a result of her growing frustrations of not being as good of a leader or competitor as she'd like? Or is it both?
* Are [[{{Troll}} Doc's]] trollish tendencies and lack of maturity a result of his personality, or is it just a coping mechanism of his to push people away due to being so used to being alone, or a third option, is he just so emotionally broken by the fact he has lived most of his life in solitude that he doesn't know how to actually talk to people?
* Is [[NobleDemon Droog's]] lack of self-respect and low opinion of himself a result of constant neglect and abuse over the years from others, or is it genuinely just how he sees himself due to his actions to try and win '''FMTDA''' being so underhanded?
* Is [[TheQuietOne Freya's]] developing issues in '''FMTDA''' due to being so sick and tired of being ignored by everyone in the cast, or is it due to her simply wanting a little power in her life for once and deciding violence is one of the best options to obtain it?
* Is [[KindheartedSimpleton Gareth]] a friendly but ultimately flawed boy who just wanted to have a life due to being born into basically nothing, or is he secretly someone who lacks enough morality to willingly put [[spoiler:[[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Gein]]]] into what is essentially hell?
* Is [[BrattyHalfPint Hazel]] emotionally attached to his magic wand because it's a part of his favorite hobby and its existence constantly puts him in a good mood due to this, or is it essentially the closest thing he's ever had to a real friend?
* Are all of [[KnightOfCerebus Izaya's]] actions during '''FMTDA''' actually a result of petty revenge against the people who didn't help Juvia, or is it actually just all of his concentrated anger flaring up due to believing she was treated unfairly during '''FMTDI''' to a point where he just needs someone to blame for it?
* Is [[ConMan Jiao]] as heartless and morally cruel as she seems, or is she actually just a girl who ran away from home and is willing to try anything to make a living so she can avoid returning to it?
* Is [[CuteGhostGirl Juvia's]] lack of confidence and seeming self-hatred actually a result of her believing herself to not be a good friend, but simply her pent-up emotions all coming out at once due to hiding them for such a long time behind a facade of happiness?
* Is [[DepravedHomosexual Kaden]] actually a bad person at heart, or does he have a HiddenHeartOfGold that he has hidden behind a series of lies and aggressive behavior?
* Is [[ShipperOnDeck Kanaya]] a troubled but still ultimately sane girl who just likes seeing people happy, or is it far deeper in that she feels so unhappy that she needs to see others in a good state of mind to feel much of anything?
* Is [[TheAloner Mimi]] a hypocritical loner who just wants to spend her time alone due to believing herself to not be good enough to deserve friends, or is she a sympathetic and hopelessly depressed girl who has been pushed away and put through emotional hell all her life?
* Is [[ObfuscatingDisability Nova]] a slacker who isn't aware of just how horrible her actions truly are, or is she actually [[TheSociopath a sociopathic jerk]] willing to do whatever she can in order to avoid work of any kind?
* Is [[FriendToAllLivingThings Quincy]] actually completely unaware of how poorly his mother and others treat him, or is he completely aware and is just ignoring it as a type of unhealthy coping mechanism?
* Are [[{{Jerkass}} Sage's]] a result of her personality and lack of friends, or are they due to the ParentalNeglect of her parents causing her mind to alter itself to simply push others away?
* Is [[HeroWorshipper Sylvia]] actually so hopelessly devoted to Droog during '''FMTDA''' due to what she perceives as heroic actions on his front, or just because he's the closest thing she's ever had to a friend/romantic interest in her life?
* Is [[PintsizedPowerhouse Tempest's]] point of view on the world a result of Roy guiding her into believing such things on her own, or is it just her little way of ignoring how broken her life is and that living in a world of fantasy is far better than reality?
* Is [[LethalChef Tyson]] truly sorry about what he did to [[spoiler:Bari]] during '''FMTDA''', or is it more so the consequences of the actions that affected him?
* Has [[EmotionlessGirl Violet]] grown less and less emotional overtime due to her evolution, or has she just become so broken up by how poorly she believes she treats [[KindheartedSimpleton Gareth]] that the only way she can talk to others is to just push emotions aside entirely?
* Is [[UnluckyEverydude Zetsu's]] complete lack of confidence a result of his abusive father constantly pushing him to be more than he is, or is it a result of a lack of respect and horrible treatment by some of his coworkers?

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