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* ''Theatre/WesterosAnAmericanMusical'': The entire idea of the play is to retell ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' with parodies of songs from ''Theatre/{{Hamilton}}''. That concept alone, along with the fact that emphasis it put on awesome moments as well, makes it clear that any fun poked at the plot or any changes made by ''Series/GameOfThrones'' is in good spirits.

* ''The Seussification of RomeoAndJuliet'' is an affectionate parody of RomeoAndJuliet / Shakespeare as well as Dr. Seuss.


* ''The Seussification of RomeoAndJuliet'' Romeo and Juliet'' is an affectionate parody of RomeoAndJuliet Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet / Shakespeare as well as Dr. Seuss.

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Theatrical {{Affectionate Parod|y}}ies.

* ''Theatre/AvenueQ'' is an AffectionateParody of the Muppets and ''Series/SesameStreet''. Of course, some of the puppeteers of Avenue Q were once ''Sesame Street'' workers themselves.
* Blue Man Group is, in part, an Affectionate Parody of the [[TrueArtIsIncomprehensible modern art scene]] that ironically has become far more successful than most serious examples of performance art.
* ''Theatre/{{Spamalot}}'' and ''Film/TheProducers'' both mock musical theater conventions while simultaneously celebrating them.
** As does ''Something Rotten!'', which also parodies the works of William Shakespeare (portrayed here like a rock star).
* ''Theatre/TheMusicalOfMusicalsTheMusical'' parodies (in order): Creator/RodgersAndHammerstein, Music/StephenSondheim, Jerry Herman, Creator/AndrewLloydWebber, Kander And Ebb and "One" from ''Theatre/AChorusLine''.
* "What Am I To Do?", the ridiculously purple love song sung by a Creator/NoelCoward-like character in ''Theatre/TheManWhoCameToDinner'', was written by Noel Coward's long-time friend Music/ColePorter (who even signed his name on the song's manuscript as "Noel Porter").
* Much of the musical ''Theatre/ByeByeBirdie'' revolves around AffectionateParody of 1950s rock 'n' roll.
* While ''Literature/DonQuixote'' is a TakeThat of its subject matter, ''Theatre/ManOfLaMancha'' is more of an affectionate parody.
* ''The Seussification of RomeoAndJuliet'' is an affectionate parody of RomeoAndJuliet / Shakespeare as well as Dr. Seuss.
* ''Theatre/ArsenicAndOldLace'' affectionately parodied murder plays, with a GenreSavvy protagonist and nowhere-near-sinister killers.
* ''Theatre/TwoGentlemenOfLebowski'' is a loving tribute to both ''Film/TheBigLebowski'' and the works of Creator/WilliamShakespeare. The affection for ''Lebowski'' is clear, but the affection for the bard really shines through in the print version, which features "annotations" explaining the then-current references Shakespeare was making as he wrote the play.
* ''Theatre/DoneToDeath'' parodies all sorts of the MysteryFiction genre. However it is also very much an IndecisiveParody.
* From Creator/TeamStarKid:
** ''Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical'' and its sequels are full-length musical parodies of the ''Literature/HarryPotter'' [[Literature/HarryPotter books]] and [[Film/HarryPotter movies]]. The sheer amount of effort that must have gone into its production, the very obscure references, and WordOfGod guarantees that the writers, cast, and crew are all huge fans.
** ''Theatre/HolyMusicalBatman'' is an affectionate parody of Franchise/{{Batman}} and superheroes in general.


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