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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

  • k9feline: removed the "she became the first known bisexual First Lady" line. Like the effectiveness of the New Deal, that's still being debated.

Lord Seth: Okay, I'm confused. Observe the first paragraph: (bolding mine)

  • FDR was the longest serving President in US History. The Republican-controlled Congress changed the Constitution after he left, so no one else can serve for more than eight years (or up to ten if they take over for less than two years of another president's term). This turned out to backfire, as only one Democratic incumbent (LBJ) before Bill Clinton served more than one term in office after FDR while three Republican candidates served twice.
How the heck is that backfiring?

bluepenguin: I think what's meant is: The Republicans changed the laws to limit the amount of time any one president can stay in office, hoping to keep any other Democrat from serving as long as he did. However, most Democratic presidents after FDR didn't even get elected for a second term, let alone more, while a number of Republicans served two terms and could ostensibly have served more had the Republicans not changed the laws in order to keep the Democrats from hanging around in office too long. ... uh, did that make sense?


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