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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Greenygal: "Sara Pezzini, the current owner or the Witchblade, and Danielle Baptiste, the most recent owner of the weapon." I'm pretty sure these can't both be true, but I'm not familiar enough with the canon to change it.

arromdee: They're both true since its power has been split up, though it could be worded better.

Greenygal: Yeah, the wording definitely doesn't get that across. I edited it slightly.

T Beholder: maybe, it's better to split anime from main (comics) ? Even some games are split by sequel-by-sequel, and here we have in fact genre shifted adaptation of separated continuity.

Chappy: I've only watched the TV series, but I've noticed there are three things she's good at.

1: Her job. 2: Not dying. 3: Hiding the body.


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