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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Mr Etaoin Shrdlu: While the current page image is funny, I think having a picture that isn't an actual snake might help people avoid confusing this with Reptiles Are Abhorrent.

Rasalas: I've removed the "I hate snakes" Indiana Jones quote I had put at the top of the page. This should help a bit; the remaining quote is about spiders.

Ununnilium: I dunno if Tommy Pickles and Ron Stoppable count, since they're not the nearly-invulnerable type.

Red Shoe: For what it's worth, many psychologists consider three particular phobias to be "naturally occurring" — genetic predispositions arising from the conditions over which our kind developed: fear of the dark, fear of closed spaces, and, of all things, fear of snakes.

Seth: May i suggest an index Tropes Not Used By Buffy The Vampire Slayer :p

Lale: I second that, with the fear it would quickly be added to Tropes Needing Examples.

Eric DVH: A couple of things about the word "hydrophobia":
  • The most commonly recognized meaning refers not to an abnormal fear of water, but to rabies.
  • Since "hydro-" is Greek and "-phobia" is Latin, the word itself is a barbarism.

Lale: "Aqua" is Spanish for "water." It's Latin, too?

Scooter007: Hmph. I googled "fear of water", found a website with a big list of fears, and "hydrophobia" was what I got. No mention of rabies. Oh Well, good catch anyhoo.

Cassy: "Phobia" is Greek, it derives from "phobos" (fear)... Phobos is even the name of one of the god Ares's sons. "Aqua" is indeed Latin.

Seanette: Corrected the term for fear of fire from "arsonphobia" (not a real word, AFAICT), to "pyrophobia" (correct term per That Other Wiki).
Kilyle: Why does everyone seem to think that Bart referred to clowns (plural) in his quote? He was afraid of a bed (singular), and I have always understood his quote to be distinct from the reference (It) by virtue of being in the singular ("Can't sleep, clown'll eat me"). Am I completely misremembering the quote?
Cassy: I removed:

  • It's a known fact that Elephants are scared of mice.
It's an urban legend with no basis in facts.
Seanette: Does this one HAVE to have an image? I'm sure I'm not the only ophidiophobic troper who's really bothered by having that image show up, to the point that the page is only usable in either page history or edit mode.
Madrugada: Image removed until folder-default question is resolved. Pasting the code here for history with outer square brackets changed and URL munged to prevent accidental opening. Please do not restore this photo, or any other image.

((folder:You just won the Ophidian Sweepstakes! Click on me to claim your prize!]] [[/folder))

Warning: Only open folder to see the image if the titular animals in this trope do not terrify you.

fleb: Making the URL incomplete here on the discussion page, forcing people to guess it seems overboard. Just make it not a link. *Like so.* I'm not sure I see the danger of accidentally opening it being any worse than for a random NSFW link...

Madrugada If you do not have a phobia, you have no idea how much worse stumbling across a picture of your phobia-trigger is than "a random NSFW link". Please do not add an image to this page.

Rebochan: Should we strip the site of any image that can trigger a phobia then? This is ridiculous. If you have a phobia that severe, you'd think not clicking on a page with snakes in the title would be a better idea than demanding other people strip the page of a snake image that is relevant to its content.

With that said, would an image of the scene with this line uttered from Indiana Jones be a better image? I think just an image of a snake isn't nearly as good for the trope as a scene illustrating the concept of the hero having an odd phobia. Such as this one?

Seanette: Did you manage to completely fail reading comprehension on the subject of the page? It's not exclusively about snakes and does have material worth reading, since I'm quite sure all you perfect and phobia-free types would not agree to a rename that actually reflects all the page content. Tell me, if the page were correctly named something like "Odd Phobias", would you still have the compassion-free attitude that "getting my picture is more important than whether others can use the page"? Would you still be requiring phobics to be barred from parts of this site just so you can have a picture?

Rebochan: Nobody is "barring" anyone from the site. You are attempting to impose that this page have no image and even obscure the link to one lest a phobic accidentally click on it. It's like forcing a supermarket to stop carrying peanuts because someone suffering Anaphylaxis might accidentally touch one. As opposed to warning said sufferer of peanuts and making extra accommodations to keep food made specifically for them free of potentially lethal peanut oil and contamination. I mean seriously, we've got images all over the site that could trigger anyone's phobias. We still display them. I mean, by this logic, we need to strip the Monster Clown page of an image lest the Coulrophobics flip out (and I've known people with this problem).

Madrugada: {Rebochan}}, we are trying to make a reasonable accommodation: it's not a hardship to not have a page image. You are the one who is saying "It must be the way I want it, screw you."

Felius: This is too much you know. Come, on, I can understand posting it in a folder, but not even letting the normal link? And don't come over saying that I don't know how is to have a phobia, that I know it very well... And I can bet that mine is much more frequently triggered than yours (unless you are Mr. Monk). Yes, it is a big deal to ask that these images were removed completely. An image makes the page more complete, as it's the entire purpose of the TV Tropes page. And also, why not remove all images already? Any image might be the potential phobia of SOMEONE... We should remove them all to be safe. On a sidenote, the snakes on the picture are cute. =p ^^

Umbee: I have a phobia of something frequently mentioned on this site and in fact has its own trope. I'm not requesting removal of that. I just do my best to avoid it and any pages that may be associated. Basically, this "remove anything that may trigger a phobia" stuff is silly. We don't need to go overboard to protect people with phobias; they can do that on their own. But I'm not saying that makes it okay to keep the picture. Maybe we could change it to someone reacting to their phobia? Sorry if this makes little sense.

Insanity Prelude: Okay, I don't know what's wrong with the markup now. It looked right to me...

St Fan: Removing this until some kind of confirmation:

  • Reportedly, Michael Shanks had to be blindfolded in Stargate SG-1 while his character Dr. Daniel Jackson fought spider-form Replicators, due to his arachnaphobia.

... because it doesn't make sense. Spider-form replicators are CGI effects added in post-production. And how could they film with Micheal Shanks wearing a blindfold? Plus it's more real-life than Live-action TV example.


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