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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Kendra Kirai: The only thing anthro about Val (At least where I am in the show) is that he can talk, so I removed that.

Kendra Kirai: "(But is cosplay really that rare in japan?)" doesn't really need to be, even if they were regarded as cosplayers, there would logically be a crowd of fanboys following them around. But everybody...everybody...just ignores their (C'mon, admit it, they're pretty, but rather ridiculous) outfits.

Red Shoe: You should try living in Baltimore the week of Otakon. You'll be driving to work, goign about your business, and you'll have to yield for a bunch of ninja crossing the street and no one seems to notice. It's fun.

Looney Toons: Of course no one notices! They're ninja!

Kendra Kirai: Neehehehehehe. :) *ahem* Anyhow, I know I'm the one who made it, but I'm not sure about the name...I'm thinking it might make more sense as "Uninterestingly Unusual Sight"...

Ununnilium: IMHO, this version flows better, and makes about an equal amount of sense.

Thausgt: This trope is based on a strange bit of human sociology that is also the source of most Strangely Effective Disguises. The starting point is the notion that the person being discussed is probably well aware of their outlandish clothing or blemishes, thank you very much, and would really rather just get on with their day without having to explain themselves to every passing stranger with every step they take. Using this trope then becomes a matter of establishing what separates 'us' from 'them' in the context of a story, and then socially downplaying it to highlight circumstances when it actually matters. For example, a crime drama might include a mixture of human characters, obviously metallic androids, and bipedal amphibians. If the victim was electrocuted, the species of the victim would only come into play if evidence suggested that an unusually high amount of energy was involved, which might suggest that the murderer was specifically targeting an android. On the other hand, a human corpse with electrical burns received before a completely different actual cause of death might imply that the murderer thought that the victim was an amphibian (which would have been more vulnerable to electrocution) and had to switch to something else when the human survived the attack.

Robert: Deleted some natter, condensed some examples. 'Gintama: Elizabeth. Just... Elizabeth'' means nothing. The comment on RPGS is generic, and covered by another trope. Aversions don't need mentioning. If normal people react normally in S Luggy Freelance, it's not an example.

Digressing, the Bleach example is actually a pretty widespread problem. Blame the monster attack on a car accident, and the insurance people will want to know who the driver was. Repeat a dozen times, and alarm bells will ring. Make the deception more elaborate, and more loose ends appear. It's never as simple as it's made to sound.

ralphmerridew: I suggest removing or splitting the "Thing would be unusual to us, but the characters in this series are used to it". (Higurashi: Mion's gun, Mamotte Shugogetten)

DMaster: Would Meowth from Pokemon count? It's a bit of in-world example, but I think it's valid. I mean, all over the place, countless species and members of said species of these enigmatic wild animals are to be found, and there's ONE that can talk normally...and no one so much as does a double-take. Even when in areas nobody's heard of Team Rocket, and when the show just started in this area. So. Strange.


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