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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

From You Know That Thing Where:

Dark Sasami: Full-Name Ultimatum got me to thinking. It's one of those rare tropes that actually happens in real life. (I know my mom employed that trope all the time!) Looking through the catalog, there's not a whole lot out there that actually reflects what life is like, probably because real life is boring. Any suggestions on what narrative devices out there could pass for reality?

Ununnilium: Looking through "General Tropes" alphabetically, I see Air Hug, Alien Lunch, and especially But We Used a Condom. Oooh, and Double Take, though that may be an instance of TV influencing real life.

(later): The European Carry-All (just check out this "one leg pant", or as most people would call it, a skirt). Pretty much everybody has a Fatal Flaw, often a phobia as in Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?. And wether or not you give any weight to Freudian psychology, the Freudian Slip happens.

(later still): I Know Kung-Fu, It's Not You, It's Me, Loving a Shadow, Maam, Oba-san.

Seth This needs to be an Index page
Ununnilium: Isn't Politically Correct History by definition not true?

Seth:Your right *Removes*

Looney Toons: Ahem. I put it in because it happens in contexts outside of TV shows and video games, not because its results are true.

Ununnilium: That's not the same thing, though. This is only for stuff in reality that's reflected in the TV show.

Lale: Took out Older Than They Think because it's not an example of truth within tv; as Fan Speak, it's something tv-related from real life, not real life replicated on tv.
HeartBurn Kid: Considering the broadening scope of the wiki, should we rename this page to something more media-neutral? I propose Art Imitates Life.

Lale: No. Truth in Television has alliteration.

Ununnilium: I get what you mean, HBK, but yeah, Truth In Television works really well as a trope name.

Next Door To Alice: Could The Straight Will And Grace find a home here? I know it's unlikely to help the world actually understand that coed platonic-ness really does happen, but...

Lale: C.S. Lewis, who wrote the book on the subject, actually argued it doesn't, but I disagree.

Big T: If you know what book that is, you might want to add Lewis to Straight Will And Grace under examples. "C. S. Lewis literally wrote the book on this. It was called ______.

Lale: Almost took out the line about the V-Tech shooter before realizing, the fact that someone added it proves the point.
Lale: Took out Golden Snitch because, to include that, wouldn't all Video game Tropes qualify?
Big T: Rule OF Cautious Editing Judgment wants to be added to this index. What say y'all?


* Wretched Hive: [...] Everywhere in the United States. [...]

I'm calling shenanigans. I live in Oakland, one of the States' worst cities overall for crime, and only two or three neighborhoods within fifty miles come close: the inner Tenderloin district of San Francisco (shading down to Skid Row), the worst parts of South Oakland, and a few blocks of Richmond. And even those feel a good deal safer than, say, Tijuana.

Wouldn't Truth in Tropes be a better title, seeing as this Trope is applied to plenty of different Media?

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: By that logic, we need to change the name of this very wiki. (That has been proposed, but it hasn't been done yet.) Since this trope is named in example lists of works in plenty of different media, I think most tropers understand that this trope generalizes.

Removed the strikethroughs from Capital City. As anyone who reads the trope would know, it's about so-called Global Cities i.e. huge cities that have a global presence, not the actual capital city (could we get a rename on that, btw?).

Also, what's up with tropers who strike through instead of actually editing? Are they afraid that nobody will be able to revert what they've [[stroke:wrote]] written?


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