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Earnest: What's this?! Where's my delicious Cookie Dough ice cream reference?! Strawberry and Mint you say? Hmm... in the interests of science, I shall try it out myself. Mark my words though! If it is not at least as or more scrumptious than Cookie Dough, it goes!! ... this might take a while though, on a diet at the moment. -_-;

Red Shoe: I was just thinking how funny it would be if once a day, someone came in and edited the Best Ice Cream Flavor.

Citizen: I don't like nuts. >=/

Nevrmore: But if you keep messing with the time stream like that, soon enough the best flavor of ice cream will be like, octopus sucker or something. DON'T YOU SEE THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS?!

Inyssius: Actually, uh, You Can't Fight Fate is consistent with Stable Time Loops, Wayback Trips, and Beethoven Was an Alien Spy. San Dimas Time isn't consistent with anything, but it isn't particularly inconsistent with the You Can't Fight Fate model...

Earnest: Ok, switched up the example a bit to make it more contradicting. Here's the removed text.

Wayback Trip and take part in a Stable Time Loop, all while teaching Beethoven (who, by the way, was an alien spy) to rock and roll in San Dimas Time.

HeartBurn Kid: I just had to do it...

Nlpnt: Cookie dough kind of jumped the shark. Originally, there was only one place in the world that had it, the Ben & Jerry's, in downtown Burlington (which made its' ice cream on site pre-Unilever buyout). Sometime in the early '90s, they figured out how to run it through the machines at the factory and you could get it in pints everywhere; not long after, everyone else came out with a version. It's still really good, but it's just not special anymore.

Kilyle: Huh, guess it wasn't out of place for me to edit the ice cream flavor. In case you don't want to go back thru the history to find out what's been happening, here's a list. Maybe it'll cut down on the repeats? Not likely.

  1. Cookie Dough
  2. a combination of Strawberry and Mint
  3. Cherry Cheesecake
  4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  5. "and trying to list one here will lead to endless edits" (gee, this guy's a sage!)
  6. "despite that, the best" is a combination of strawberry and mint
  7. a combination of chocolate and caramel
  8. vanilla
  9. banana, especially with chocolate chunks and walnuts
  10. Cookie Dough
  11. a combination of strawberry and mint
  12. mint chocolate chip
  13. a combination of strawberry and mint
  14. pistachio
  15. raspberry
  16. a combination of strawberry and mint
  17. cookie dough
  18. chocolate
  19. a combination of strawberry and mint
  20. daiquiri ice, "but few people know this because it's not strictly speaking ice cream" (that one was me)
  21. Lemon Sorbe
  22. Just see the Discussion page for this entry. Octopus sucker is still the best kind
  23. vanilla dark chocolate swirl, especially for milkshakes
  24. cookies and cream
  25. caramel ripple
  26. neapolitan
  27. cake batter
  28. a combination of strawberry and mint
  29. sweet cream
  30. sweet cream cheesecake [Editor's note: I like this approach. — Pteryx]
  31. butter pecan
  32. fried ice cream
  33. cookies and cream
  34. a massive edit war [Editor's note: Well, you're no fun. — Pteryx]
  35. "It's a massive edit war, by the way. Unfortunately this flavor is unavailable in most stores."
  36. Much later, to the tune of 4/9/08 — peach cobbler
  37. Cake Batter
  38. chocolate chip
  39. cookie dough
  40. Cake Batter
  41. coffee
  42. Cake Batter
  43. artichoke
  44. Panda Paws
  45. Americone Dream
  46. Even laterer, to the tune of 6/21/08 — Cake Batter
  47. cheesecake
  48. cake batter
  49. octopus sucker
  50. cake batter
  51. Turkey Sandwich
  52. Squid is undeniably the best

Can't believe vanilla beat out chocolate (for speed of entry). If anyone tries to put "mocha" up there I'll glare into the computer screen for a full five minutes.

So far the only strict fruit is raspberry, although Cherry Cheesecake has shown up (and, of course, "strawberry and mint"). And it looks like Cookie Dough has the edge, because the "strawberry and mint" appears to come from the same voter several times. Then again, can we really decide a matter this vital by popular opinion??

Earnest: Nope, the best flavor ice cream is an unanswerable question. At best you can get a flavor "liked by a large minority of people" through a poll. Which is neat because it reflects that we'll never decide which/if time travel theory is true, we'll never know! ^_^ Also, Cookie Dough for life!!

<<Wax philosophical>> And really, ice cream flavors are like colors in a rainbow or notes in a song, deciding which is best is like deciding what's the best note in the symphony or color in the rainbow, when each adds to the whole and makes the totality more delicious!

Being X: i like G and Blue

Ununnilium: "It's X, by the way" is funnier, IMHO, so changing it back to that form.

As Regards the BTTF example... It was shown quite clearly in the first film that there's a time-delay in the effect of timeline changes (Though never stated how fast it propogates, etc.) It is perfectly logical to assume that everything that timetravels is similarly subjected to a delayed alteration - including the Delorian. So Old Biff could return to his own future as he'd done so quickly, but the time Marty and the Doc used in getting back to the 'present' and ascertaining the nature of the changes probably made it impossible to travel any further into their native future.
Nlpnt: Sources in Waterbury tell me that "A MASSIVE EDIT WAR" ice cream will be available in Northeastern U.S. stores by the beginning of April, with national and Canada rollout by early summer and Europe by the first quarter of 2009 (Hey, it's sooner than most PAL game releases....) Apparently all-time world record amounts of mixed nuts are involved.
  • I'll leave it to readers to decide whether I'm using "Waterbury" as a metonym for "Ben & Jerry's corporate headquarters" or "Vermont State (mental) Hospital".

Ophicius: Took out some of the quotes at the top, as it was getting slightly ridiculous:

"Most people think that time is like a river, that flows swift and sure in one direction... but I have seen the face of time, and I can tell you; they are wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm."

The Prince, Prince Of Persia: Sands of Time

"When a Tralfamadorian sees a corpse, all he thinks is that the dead person is in bad condition in the particular moment, but that the same person is just fine in plenty of other moments. Now, when I myself hear that somebody is dead, I simply shrug and say what the Tralfamadorians say about dead people, which is 'So it goes.'"

Billy Pilgrim, Slaughterhouse Five (by Kurt Vonnegut)

"2. Infest the timestream with time-beavers."

Earnest: Putting them into the Quotes Wiki namespace.

Earnest: What happened to the picture of the ball of yarn?

Cassius335: Me, because it didn't seem to have anythging to do with the trope.

movie007: I agree that the the ball of yarn didn't fit in too well with the trope. What if we use the time sphere from Futurama, instead? It essentually is a literal timey-wimey ball, so I think it'd be perfect.

movie007: I just went ahead and added that. I hope it's okay with everyone.

Circeus: Removed the Harry Potter example. Clearly not a Timey-Wimey Ball, or at least definitely less convincingly so than most other examples.

Oh, what was the movie with the guy who was a cop and his father was a firefighter, now dead, but they can communicate via magic radio? The "rules" of time travel changed several times in that movie, sometimes within a single scene. For example: Most changes to the past alter the present immediately, but when the main character as an adult, tells his older brother as a child to invest in Yahoo, his brother doesn't become rich in the present until several other edits have occured.

Fire Walk: I believe your thinkng of Frequency:, yes?

TheNinthDoctor: I think that Journeyman should be removed. The effects of time travel were the same in each and every episode: Dan jumps back, changes something, and when he returns to the present everything and everyone except himself and his memory is changed. I do not remember them varying from that once. Even when he [spoiler]met another traveler[/spoiler] it worked the same way. TheNinthDoctor: No one has voiced any objections, so I'm going to remove Journeyman from Timey Wimey Ball. Again, it seems the trope is about inconsistent use of time travel, and time travel has the same effects in every single episode of Journeyman. It never varies.

Ouroboros Removed:

  • The short story "'—All You Zombies—'" by Robert A Heinlein twists My Own Grampa into a complete knot. An awesome knot. By the end, the main character is basically everybody in the story.

As it is a Stable Time Loop(and is already listed there) and not inconsistent.

fleb: Cut for saying the exact opposite of what resembles truth.

  • However, the Terminator series is famous for not only one but two time paradoxes. One, John Connor, the savor of mankind in the future, is an offspring to a soldier from that very future that John Connor saved. Two, the origin of Skynet is that the remains of the first Terminator 101 send from the future by Skynet inspired the conpany Cyberdyne Systems to create Skynet. It was kinda fixed in the third movie...

Ulti S.: Removed for being a duplicate:

  • Deja Vu. At first, anything they do in the present to change events in the past causes said events. But for the finale, they decide to screw the rules they have already created and decide the past can be changed when the plot demands it.

Joie De Combat: Cut the example from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Makoto's own leaps never reset the number of leaps she has. It's a leap performed by Chiaki which gives Makoto back her last leap, and Makoto in turn is able to give Chiaki back a leap the same way; it's internally consistent, it just hadn't come up before because Chiaki had been saving his last jump up until that point.
Haven: Took out this from under the Marvel Universe example because that last bit is rather the point, and also, well: no? This must be the weirdest Justifying Edit I've ever seen, partly because the whole thing that makes the Marvel Universe such a great example of this trope is that it's forty years of stories, in which Time Travel is a frequent plot device, and there's no central way that time travel works beyond the needs of the individual story...but mostly because it's a very weird Justifying Edit.
  • It's timey wimey, but not that hard. Time is a river and it branches off into different sub rivers. You as a time traveler can swim up it and build a dam so it doesn't flow down your way, but the world you came from already was flowing and splitting it self. Your old time becomes an alternate universe, and nothing you do in the "past" will change it. All though if the M'Kraan Crystal or anyone related to the Grey or Magneto families are involved it just gets a bit wimeier.

R Taco: Axed this, since it's a different trope (the Stable Time Loop)

  • Final Fantasy XI has a few of these examples from the "Wings of the Goddess" expansion. Numerous quests involve you traveling back and forth between the present and past, with one major example being a quest where you deliver some food to a chef in the past that was made by his present day self... which he only knew how to make due to having been given it in the past!

Cambdoranononononono: Removing The Company Novels because the issue doesn't seem to be accurate; even late novels and knowledgeable characters still invoke the "recorded history can't be changed" rule.

Thnikkafan: So... this trope is about how fucked up time travel can get?

Lord Seth: It's more supposed to be about inconsistency. For example, you can have the kind of time travel where whatever you do already happened (Stable Time Loop), and you can have the kind of time travel where going back in time can change the past. The problem is when a series haphazardly lets characters do both, especially when they utilize the same kind of time travel each time. (at least if their method of time travel is different each time, one can claim that the rules are different for them)


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