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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Ununnilium: Re-Wiki-Word-ing Star Wars, since we have the Film category now.

Seven Seals: Yay! I can't count the number of times I've reflexively Wiki-Worded franchise titles, only to remember I shouldn't. :-)

32_Footsteps: What about Earthbound? Not only is The Very Definitely Final Dungeon in the ancient past, going there requires having your soul removed from your body and put inside a robot capable of handling the rigors of time travel. In fact, it's directly stated that even if you succeed, the odds are you won't be able to return.

Kizor: Yeppers, that should go in. (It's in the future, though.) Want to add it yourself?

Does [[Halo Halo 1]] count, when you know it's the last level because you're returning to the place where the game began? (You also know it's the end because there are only ten slots on the "select level" screen, but that's beside the point.) —Document N

Bob: We have another trope for when that happens: Where It All Began.

puritybrown: Not sure it's necessary to spoiler-space the Torment example — for one thing, the game is nine years old, and for another, knowing the name of the dungeon is hardly going to spoil the plot for you. The crucial issue is who is in the dungeon and how you get there, not what it's called.
  • Arakhor: I disagree entirely, particularly considering what said spoiler contains. Revealing anything about the plot is liable to ruin part of the grand story in the game.

Inyssius: Rewording the Half-Life 2 example and pulling: "Subverted ... no boss battle ... (unless you count blasting away at a Dark Energy reactor while getting shot at and racing against the clock)", because I do.
Kerrah: If the quote I added doesn't fit, please move it to a trope where it does. It's too funny to be wasted.
Henke37: We need a picture here and I know exactly what it should be of, good old Bowser's castle from super Mario world.
Turrican: Removed the final boss examples from the Sonic entry on that awful Sonic 06. Only one of the four examples was an actual dungeon.
Raekuul: Adding this here for now.
  • Shadow Corridor in Vomage: Genesis, which leads from the ruins of Castle Gellart to the Still Doomed Hometown. If you defeated Brigit way back in Ice Tower, as well as Ishtar, Marduk, Rhea, and Amora while in Castle Gellart, you're forced to take a detour while in the Shadow Corridor, which leads to the Bonus Boss Rush from Hell.


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