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Citizen: Well, not necessarily "far stronger"... I'm thinking of an example where ???? has no special powers at all (in a setting where most of the other major characters do) but has been orchestrating everything to get 'revenge' on certain people, and no one suspects ????'s involvement at all...

Jordan: I haven't watched the series for years, but wouldn't this be like Xanatos from Gargoyles- a human who is able to manipulate magical beings.

Jisu: Strength isn't always measured in Stock Footage... of course, it never hurts, does it?

Anonymous: Does Soul Calibur Legends go on this page?

Master Ghandalf: Out of curiosity (and this seems the best place to ask it), is there a trope similar to this one, but where the real Big Bad turns out to be someone unconnected to the Fake Boss? I'm thinking specifically of Codex Alera, where the Big Bad at first looks like Lord Acquitaine but is really the Vord Queen, and Spectacular Spider Man, where it looks like Tombstone but is really Green Goblin. Or is this close enough to be just a variant on Man Behind the Man?


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