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Tertiary Sexual Characteristics launched as Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: From YKTTW

Working Title: Bow on Head equals Female: From YKTTW

Fluffyskunk: Has anyone ever seen this averted with non-anthro cartoon animals (whether realistic or toonish)?

Freezair For A Limited Time: I think it's already mentioned on this page, but — Blues Clues. It was pretty much impossible to determine the given gender of an animal character on that show without another character directly mentioning it. Actually, a number of Nick Jr. shows. Linny the guinea pig on Wonder Pets! wears a baseball cap and cape, but is actually female.

Nate The Great: Is the Donald Duck towel example really applicable to this trope?

TTD: It's somewhat related, and anyway it takes up all of one line.

TTD: Uh... WTF is this doing here? Does it belong in Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism?

  • Colorful males and dull females are common in species of Salticid spiders (jumping spiders). And, like birds, colorful males often do courtship dances. There are a couple of reasons:
    • First, female birds and spiders usually can't be raped. In nature female birds can usually escape unwanted attentions, and mature female spiders are larger and stronger than males. This promotes runaway sexual selection for characteristics that promotes male sexual success rather than male survival — if female peacocks like blue feathers, males with blue feathers pass on their genes even if they get eaten right afterward.
    • Second, eggs are less common and harder to produce than sperm. This produces pressure for all females to get pregnant while not all males will necessarily sire offspring, which fosters male competition and (to some extent) female choice. This is true across other species as well; while female lions may not be able to choose not to mate, they can choose to mate only with the strongest available male.

Did someone want to mention, under "live TV", the Cyberwoman in BBC's Torchwood that is the only cyberman in history ever to come with High Heels (all others have heavy Doc Marten or Wellington type boots)

Removed this example and discussion from the main trope - the reason is as the discussion explains, the example is (IMO) an invalid one.
  • Raising Heart of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, the first Intelligent Device introduced in the series, comes with a pink frame that matches its female AI.
    • Other female AIs such as Schwarzkreuz and Mach Caliber lack feminine features and avert this; Raising Heart's color scheme exists mainly to go with Nanoha's traditional, frilly motif.


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