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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.


Sci Vo: Tragically, the original thread mysteriously disappeared from YKTTW without turning into an entry. So, this one might be even more dependent on Wiki Magic than usual.

Etrangere: I've always heard Leguin coined the term as an anagram of 'Lesbian'... why say it's Ender's Game that popularized it? Seems to me it was already popular before that.

Sci Vo: Because I was winging it without the lost YKTTW to back me up. That left me with just my personal experience to go by, and despite being well-read in fantasy and sci-fi (including some Le Guin), Ender's Game was the first place that I read "ansible". Also, Ender's Game has become even more widely-read since then — it actually has a scholastic binding and is read in (some) high school English classes now. I'm a sample size of one — so I could be waaaay off base here without any way of knowing it — but I would argue that before Ender's Game, "ansible" didn't even get out of the hardest of the hardcore sci-fi fandom, let alone reach anything approaching mainstream awareness.

Silent Hunter: Why was the Traveller example yanked?

Sci Vo: It's a mystery. Anyway, people seem to find the exceptions where only FTL Travel is possible almost as interesting as the actual examples of FTL Radio, so I made a section for that and copied the Traveller example into it from the page history.

Khathi: There IS FTL travel in Hoshi no Koe, but no FTL Radio. Lyssitea just was damaged in battle and her engines were down, so they had to wait 8 years for info to reach Earth so rescue expedition could be sent. Moving the example to With FTL travel.


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