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Morgan Wick: Cool name. ^^^ Would T. O. Morrow count, or is that just a Meaningful Name?

Ununnilium: Thanks! ^-^ And he'd definitely count - was one of the examples I was thinking of while writing up the entry. I just don't know enough about him to put him in.

NES Astyanax, named after the protagonist. What kind of parent would do that to a child?

Harpie Siren: Umm... I don't get this example... This doesn't seem to be a Steven Ulysses Perhero to me.

Kizor: The link is weaker than in most - and I admit to sleep-deprived editing - but the name essentially designates him for adventure. Indeed, he ends up being pulled to another world with swords and fireballs and all that. I've removed it on re-read, though: calling someone Astyanax is tantamount to screaming "Mythical savior protagonist in the making!" but doesn't have much of a connection to his powers.

Harpie Siren: It could be a Prophetic Name ,though, you just said so your self.

Kizor: Cool!

Yoshi348: I'd just like to ask... how the HELL do you accidentally turn someone into a living light bulb through plastic surgery? Just... how?!?

Looney Toons: You're asking for a coherent explanation for something in a Richie Rich comic book?!?

Semiapies: "Hiro Protagonist" wasn't the character's birth name, IIRC. He changed it to that because "you'll never forget it".

Duckluck: Also, he was half-Korean, not half-japanese. I'm pretty sure it says at one point that the "Hiro" part is short for "Hiroake," but it's been a while since I've read it so I could be wrong.


Strangely enough, this sort of thing happens all the time in real life . . .


Looney Toons: Yeah, my reaction, too.

Seth: Steve Tenwick, with the power to... light ten candle wicks at once?

Morgan Wick: Or my power to turn into one? I think "Guesss Who" was trying to imply it applied to himself, or in other words, he was trying to be funny and bombed horribly because it was only funny to himself.

Looney Toons: Nuked it.

Daibhid C: Althought there is a real thing called nominative determanism, but it's not usually as specific as the fictional version, which generally involves a name that almost no-one else has, a unique ability, or both.

Egak: Is the Trope name from anything, or did whoever made the page come up with it on his own?

Ununnilium: I made it up myself, yeah. I don't think any series has been that blatant yet.

A Carlssin: Unfortunately, that makes it kind of obscure. I had no idea what the title meant before I came here. Actually, I was on the Meaningful Name page wondering what the trope was for E Nygma, and I even got so far as starting to write it up on the YKTTW page before deciding to come back and snoop around a bit.

"Guy named Otto Octavius winds up with eight limbs. What are the odds?"
Looney Toons: Approximately 8 to 1, I'd say. <grin>

Anonymous: Naoki Maeda is a psuedonym. The guy's name is actually Steve, and he lives in California. I know this because my copy of DDRMAX had an interview with him in the manual.

Ununnilium: Thus, pulling out:


  • Of course, Ice T's real name is Tracey Morrow, so perhaps his parents were giving him the chance to be a superhero/supervillain.
  • Ice-T's name is Tracey Lauren Morrow. That sound like a Bad Ass to you?
  • "Magnus" is also a Latin word meaning "the Great One/greatest"," references in English etymologies such as "magnify" and "magnificent."
    • Actually "Magnus" means great, and "Maximus" means greatest. But hey, at least it's the right gender.

Conversation In The Main Page.

  • Two-Face was Harvey Dent... Half...Ident... Geddit?, no I don't. What?

(The name is typically mispronounced "EX-zavier".)

This is a real, if rare, real-life prouniciation.

Quite the looker in her mermaid outfit, too.

This one's just mildly creepy. ``v I mean, she's, what, eleven? Twelve? (Granted, this didn't stop the manga artist...)

That's not what a Lampshade Hanging is. >>

  • Subverted by Judas Priest.!?

Ununnilium: Removed the J. Jonah Jameson page quote, since it's down with the relevant character already and we had too many quotes.

  • Averted and Lampshaded by Jean Grey, whose real name IS her code name and has no connection to her vast psychic powers. At multiple points, when introducing herself, she's noted that it's a "lousy code name" or the like.

An example of Secret Public Identity.

Would Sally Ride be an example? You know, with the old song and all?

Ununnilium De-demotivatored the pic.


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