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Drakstern: I was looking at Multiple Endings, and saw this... "a widely accepted theory is: Shadow Hearts bad ending -> Shadow Hearts: Covenant good ending (loss of memory, return to beginning of the first game for the protagonist) -> Shadow Hearts good ending." It doesn't seem to fit. If the good end of Shadow Hearts is gotten, then there's a good chance Yuri will never meet Karin, she'll never go back in time, Yuri will never be born, and we'll have a TIME PARADOX on our hands. Also, several points where the world would have ended due to him not being there. It fits well, yes... but maybe it should be taken out due to not making any sense.

  • Spiral Knights Light: Nonsense in the purest form.
    • 1. The lifeform called "Yuri" does not neccessarily have to be born by 'Karin'. The signifgant part is his Harmonixer bloodline, which is given by his father. There's no reason why "Yuri" could not be born through a different mother.
    • 2. Yuri's love is Alice...who is an EXORCIST. Why would she give this profession up? Alice would in all likelyhood continue on as an exorcist, and would without a doubt be drawn into the same series of events that transpired in the 2nd game, albeit with slight variations. Yuri would NOT abandon her during this, and therefore would be with her, and therefore there to save the world at each turn.
    • 3. The ending simply fits too well. There's no reason other then straw grasping that that popular sequence isn't correct or "doesn't make sense".

Darth Howie: I agree with Drakstern. I've always believed the post-credits scene is Yuri's afterlife, just as he wanted it in the train sequence.

Shale: How is Albert Simon in the first game an example of We Could Have Avoided All This? He started out trying to fight Rasputin, but by the time he actually meets Yuri, Amon has driven him completely batshit.

Redkun: Eh, it made The Reveal of his true intentions (in Covenant) feel like an Ass Pull to me. The obvious question I asked at that moment was, "If that was all true, then WHY didn't you say anything instead of having us believe that you were some crazy Nietzsche Wannabe? Or better yet, risking the complete destruction of the Earth?"

Shale: Because by the time Shadow Hearts began he was actually insane and trying to destroy the world, thanks to the demon living in his head. He bet that he could control Amon and use his powers to stop Rasputin. He couldn't, any more than Nicholai could control Astaroth.

Redkun: Okay, I think someone was really stretching to find examples for the Game-Breaker entry. Cut-and-pasted here to avoid natter in the entry.

  • Quite a lot. Yuri's "Seraphic Radiance/Dark Seraphim" fusion. In From the New World, Johnny's Malice Awaker form and Shania's Tirawa fusion.
    • Seraphic Radiance/Dark Seraphim is Yuri's ultimate fusion and takes a lot of effort to get; if anything, by that point in the game it's a Bragging Rights Reward, not a Game-Breaker. Johnny's Malice Awaker gives him minor stat boosts and one new attack; hardly a Game-Breaker, especially with the rapid Sanity cost. I also found Tirawa to be no more powerful than Shania's other fusions. To be honest, if you consider "ultimate forms" to be Game Breakers then I have to conclude that you're a Scrub of some kind.

  • There's also the accessory "Coral Pendant", which can be bought extremely early in the games, and it cuts the speed of the Judgement Ring's indicator by 25%. With this equipped, hitting the Red/Critical area of the Ring is drastically easier, thus getting the maximum effect out of your attacks and items. Coupled with status buffs, things get psychotic.
    • Personally, I find the slower speed to be a handicap as it throws me off my timing. Later on you get much better equipment and the Coral Pendant turns into a waste of an accessory slot, especially since by that time you'll have had plenty of practice in hitting the critical areas anyway.

  • Hilda's "Slim" form in From the New World has been called by many players broken, as this form causes her magical power to go through the roof. In a series that puts more emphasis on magic than physical feats...So Yeah.
    • Um, what? Are we arguing now that all primary spellcasters are broken because they happen to have high magical stats? Also, did you forget that Curvy Hilda has a very effective Instant Death attack?

Dalantia: I'd not really object to calling Tirawa a Game-Breaker due to its drains and stat buffs. I had Shania benched until I finally got it.. then she instantly went back into the active party. I could be wrong, it's been a while.. but it's what happened.

The Tambourine Man: Here's a game breaker from 3: The ability to alter the properties of spell slots. For a comparatively small amount of money, you can make a spell do a lot more damage for half the MP cost. Combine that with Melt Crest and you can wipe out any enemy group for 60 MP. And it hits bosses pretty hard, too.

The Tambourine Man: I'll be honest, I really don't think Killer and Lady were sympathetic or woobies. Yeah, Killer's dedicated to her, but it's pretty obvious he's a psychopath. And Lady's trying to destroy the world. Why do people sympathise with them?

Jack-Of-Some-Trades: In Lady's case, it's because she's not actively malicious, or at least doesn't appear to be. She acts more like a force of nature: she kills things that get in her way, but doesn't seek them out. As for Killer, his devotion to Lady is endearing. If Lady hadn't been the omnicidal Cosmic Horror she was, he probably would have made a Heel–Face Turn for her. As it was, he was just her knight in bloody armor.


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