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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

DomaDoma: All right, who brought pure politics into TV Tropes? This just can't end well. Cutlisted.

Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: But negative political ads are real, and they are omnipresent in election season. And it's not the first political entry we've done—just look at The War on Straw. It would be wrong to cut this entry.

Fast Eddie: This entry has been around for quite awhile and nobody has died from it, yet.

Rann: We did just have an edit where someone decided that some of the examples of Democrats doing scare campaigns needed to come out, but the Republican examples were okay to stay in.

Ninjacrat: 'Someone' was me, I'm Australian, I don't give a shit about your American civil war. The examples came out for being unsourced personal ancedotes, and for being the most aggressively dumb thing I've ever seen ('apologising to the terrorists'? Right-o.) And I knew, deep in my heart, that as soon as I did it, some guy was about to accuse me of transgressing againt the Right-Wing American Tribe.


The Defenestrator: The "apologizing to the terrorists" thing sounds like a misremembered

Rann: If you didn't care, you wouldn't have done it, sooooo you're lying. Christ.

Ninjacrat: Did you drag this up a month and half later just to insult me in a strange and confused way?

Rann: Were you waiting a month and a half to pounce on a reply?

Ninjacrat: No? I saw it on New Edits and clicked on it.

I mean, I apologise for not being the kitten-eating villain you want me to be, but I am what I am...

Rann: Strange, then, since I reverted your biased vandalism long before I made any further comment here on the discussion page, it seems more like you were hoping for a reply here so you could have yourself a nice little fight. Considering your comments in the edit reasons, and your sudden interest in something you keep insisting you don't care at all about, what you are would appear to be a troll and vandal.

Ninacrat: I do not give two shits for your horrendous little political slapfight. If you post stupid shit onto the wiki I (or the next guy to come along) will delete it. That is not code for anything.

See also the Rule Of Cautious Editing Judgment.

Rann: You know, I love how it's you constantly raging that you don't care, that you're just removing unsourced material (even though you only removed it favoring one side), that it's "stupid shit" and you're not a villain, and then fling around "cautious editing judgment" when you've constantly used blatant insults and the most sensational and insulting language possible all throughout. So, sorry. You can keep whining, and insisting all the live-long day you don't care, but frankly at this point I'd keep putting it back in there just to see how pissed off you can get over not being able to push your own viewpoint.

Some Guy: Contrary to popular belief, the complainer is not always wrong. Now, time for cooler-headedness. Yes, this page has the potential to be a political clusterfunk. No, whether we like it or not, this is a trope and must stay that way. Yes, there is a way to remove the nonsense that doesn't step on anyone's political toes, and here it is.

Some Guy: After giving this idea enough time to sink in, I plan on removing all entries that do not feature either a direct quote or a firsthand source (i.e. documentation or a video) showing that the party in question is trying to scare people (no pun intended). This is the You Tube era, people. If Whoopi Goldberg is actually on tape saying John Mc Cain wants to re-enslave Black people, let's see it. Otherwise I'm calling shenanigans. Yes, most of the examples that would be effected by this move would be ones that deal with Democrats. Well, tough cookies. If you want it to stay on the site, provide documentation. Don't throw a temper tantrum or start an Edit War.

Rann: YouTube of Whoopi Goldberg asking John McCain if she needs to worry about being "re-enslaved" if he's elected. I'll accept your apology, now.

Some Guy: Fabulous- I see you approve of my removing all examples which do not make use of firsthand sources. And so, it has been done. If you have any objections to the cuts I just made, feel free to either restore them with a firsthand source or discuss them specifically here- but no more Edit War nonsense.

Rann: Hm. None of that looks like "I'm sorry I called you a liar".

Davies: Maybe then you shouldn't be a liar and a hypocrite.


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