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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Xander77: Removed the bit about Russian fashions "staying frozen since 1930-1940's". Whoever wrote that - did you even bother re-reading what you wrote? Even if you have no idea whatsoever about Russia, fashion, etc... no fashions stay frozen for 40 years. Particularly when the standard of living rises sharply.

Silent Hunter: What's the name of the black shirt with white tie that people associate with the Russian Mafia?

Dr Dedman: Given that this page was writen by Russians, I'm wondering if they would mind or even "get" this quote.

"Is next, evening vere. Very nice."

Go to Youtube and type in "Wendy's Russian Fashion Show". Very famous comercial, but about 20 years old.

Silent Hunter: I'm not Russian. I'm British.

Dr Dedman: My bad. But that's still the first thing that comes to mind from "Russian Fashion".


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