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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

Working Title: PretentiousLatinMotto: From YKTTW

Shay Guy: D'oh. Thanks, Andyroid - don't know why I put Men at Arms there instead of Feet of Clay.

Andrew: Can someone with skillz that pay the billz move all the "This Troper's school..." examples to a Troper Tales page?

mvdwege: Aaargh. My brain hurts. I've already seen at least three examples that belong on Dog Latin. Anyone mind if I start hacking away the dog Latin? Otherwise we might as well merge the two pages. As a start, it might be a good idea to move the Discworld examples to Dog Latin and link that page from here. The fact that Pratchett mocks pretentious Latin mottoes is a good enough reason to keep the Discworld entry as a subversion.

Silver2195: The Artemis Fowl example is actually good Latin, because the Latin language isn't picky about word order.

Not sure about this (hence not changed it in the article), but I would think the Xavier motto would be mutatis mutandis - The Other Wiki has entire paragraphs explaining what this one means.


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