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This is discussion archived from a time before the current discussion method was installed.

alliterator: I removed this:

Because...well, that's not actually a panel from a comic. The third panel is pretty obviously photoshopped (there's too much white space, so there must have been something larger written in the word balloon) to have Peej say that. And I doubt that the writer could actually get that much crap past the radar, but still. Photoshopped.

JBK 405: Playing Devils Advocate, I've seen some very oddly shaped word bubbles over the years, and some things slipped in that were over the radar, that's not proof of photoshop. I won't re-add this, since I do not know where or when this panel is from and have no evidence or proof of authenticity, but as the quoted-to-death saying goes, "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" (Oy, did that sound as trite as I think it did?)

Nev:It is photoshopped. I've read the comic. What she actually says is: "To go kill Superman in the Fortress of Solitude." Because mind control, yo.

JBK 405: Well, there ya go, objection withdrawn. Out of curiosity, which comic is that from?


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